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PMDU: Errand 5



Client: Cassidy
Errand no: 5
Date Issued: 20th May 2014
Date Due: 24th May 2014

Sparkz & Lucas: Team Psychic Thunder

Blu & Soul: Team Dark Glamour

Alexander & Vannessa: Team Gifted Hearts

I seem to keep jumping in and out here don't I? Sorry. Gotta wait till school's over I guess. It's been a busy year.

So yay, I got all of my teams into this. Kinda wanted to have Blu act like a border to the pic, but stretching him out any more would make him look disproportional. So the caution line was added to the other half. And then Vannessa is on the side with a bag of sand ^^ Sparkz is for there for support~!

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