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PMDU Errand #10: Cart Racing [Placeholder]



Client: Cuffin
Errand: #10
Date Issued: August 25, 2014
Date Due: August 29, 2014

[EDIT: 08/29/14]: I was running out of time and just merged my last two teams together. And since I was doing that, I decided to just put them all in one submission cuz, why not? I put a line between the two drawings because I don't have time right now to pretty them all up together. Soooo yeah. This has temporarily been changed into a placeholder rather than the official- official thing... Just give me a couple days cuz I'll be really busy this weekend.

Two teams down, two more to go~ Wanna get these out of the way before getting back to work on my comic.

Pfft! Monty looks a little weird though, probably cuz I don't know how to draw running characters. But I do like how Cosme came out (When I saw that furfrou, I just knew I HAD to draw him >w<). Thought it'd be harder to draw someone with four legs running, but it turned out better than I thought~! ^^

XD And Lucas doesn't seem to be having any fun~ ;P


-:iconshadowfan996: Lucas: Team Psychic Thunder

-:iconshadowfan996: Soul and Blu: Team Dark Glamour

-:iconshadowfan996: Alexander and Vannessa: Team Gifted Hearts

-:iconshadowfan996: Monty: Furry Venturer

-:icongracefiremage98: Grace: Team TrickyFoxy

-:iconcocoaakeelahkitten: Cosme and Kidd Team Howling Days

-:iconneoumbreon: Sprx: Team Short Circuit

-:iconneoumbreon: Ginger: Team New Centennial

-:iconneoumbreon: Ren: Team Shock and Burn
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Lucas poor bby <XD

good job~ ;w;