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Play time.

The three you can see clearly in front are Teddy, Shamrock & Tiny (how ironic)
Tiny is about the size of a cockatiel, the biggest English budgie we own. He sort of looks like a massive pineapple. He's a crested English, we just can't identify exactly what he is markings wise because he's so weird!
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Aug 2, 2013, 11:30:23 AM
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oh god, I want him! lol
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Haha, he is pretty cool. Trying to find a blue one just as weird...proving difficult!
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I have to say, hes got a pretty bitchin Mohawk going on.  
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I wish I had a hair do as awesome~
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:D what a guy !!!!!
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What the heck happened to his head?! My birds can fluff up to 3x their size but none of them can do that!! Tiny is one incredible (and ironic) bird!
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He's a crested English :)
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Question: Is there a difference between crested, English and regular budgies from Australia? I'm new the bird business and am trying to get as much info as possible. :)
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Crested is to do with the "fluffy" bit on their head.
English are bigger birds, Australian are just regular budgies & there's also Australian Bush budgies, they're tiny as! We have one, but they're so timid you have to be careful around them.
I want a Japanese helicopter budgie :(
Also, look up feather duster budgies, they're just plain...odd...
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Holy cow! I thought budgies were just budgies! apparently I was wrong!
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English budgies are bred for show competition. They are bigger, with fluffy heads, big beards and big dots.
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oh. I didn't know that people bred parakeets for show too!
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Yes, there is show competition for all the parrots. I have won my share of trophies in local events over the years.
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Haha, the big one :lol:
I would almost say he has crazy hairstyle :XD:
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Pineapple head ;)
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Hahaha :laughing: Indeed :lol:
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