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Day 27: clutch powers


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Day 27: clutch powers


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A Soft Triumph: Chp 5

A Soft triumph Chapter 17 Must stay The old keeper leaned over to help Eve off the floor. She knew this 'keeper' was Percy, so she didn't want to give him away. "Here lets get you in bed then hum?" He said and went to help her up. "Don't..." She said her head was still spinning. She felt a soft hand under her chin turn her to look at him as he was facing away from the door. Her eyes looked into his bright blue ones. "Hang on for me." He whispered almost so low she couldn't hear him. She acted like she didn't understand so just pushed him away and Percy stood up walking toward the door. "Here lets get you some more stew hum? That'll wa

A Soft Triumph

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Into the Fire: Chp 12

Into the Fire Chapter 12 Intensity  Eve looked out over the crowd as she limped toward her mother who was standing by a few people. She slowly limped over and took the ladies hand and looked up at the reasonably short man with a white wig on. "Oh is this the new Blakeney I've been hearing so much about." The man asked looking down at her. "Good Evening. My name is Lady Eve Blakeney." Eve announced and did a short curtsy and looked up at the man who took her hand and kissed it. "This is his royal highness the Prince of Wales." Lady Blakeney said. Eves eyes grew wide and looked up at him. "Oh its that look. I love that look on children

Into the Fire

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Hope Chp 6

Hope Chapter 6 Not all My brain felt like cotton. I just really really wish I could hear what was going on. Well I could hear something, just not a lot. I could make out my fathers voice but it was so low that I couldn't hear it properly. There was also a high pitched voice. Perhaps a womans. I slowly opened my eyes to see my father sitting in a chair beside the bed. He had on a white shirt, the sleeves were rolled up to show that he had borrowed it from someone with a thicker build. "Oh so your little Dovey is awake." I slowly turned to see a thick set woman who smiled down at me. I felt fathers soft hand on my forehead. "Your still bu


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Faith: Chp 6

Faith Chapter 6 Please...for me Mute sat in a chair in front of the President who looked down at her. His eyes narrowed and looked at the bloody clothing. He reached out pulling her face up to look at him. Her busted lip was now swollen, and her nose even had a bit of blood on it. "Why did you come to our dimension?" He asked. The question was simple, but it echoed throughout the large stone room nonetheless. "To live..." Mute whispered not looking at him. "Liar." The President whispered and slapped her. "How dare you lie to me little girl. Do you have any idea who you are dealing with?" He growled. Mute shook her head. "I've never se


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Doctor Who: Trust

Trust Chapter 1 Impenetrable I wasn't sure just how long I was flying around through space, nor the reason why. It was all gone from my mind. It was all so long ago. The only thing I remember was the bliss I felt, and the beauty he showed me. My father and and the Doctor. How I came to be is still a mystery to both of us, and the reasoning behind my creation is only known to the TARDIS. She is the most beautiful of things my father possessed and I'm sure he believes so too. Even though I look on from where I sit thinking back, way back to the time when he first found me...or rather...where I crash landed after my wondering throug


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Learning Drabble It was hot, and boring...and boring and hot. The air conditioning on the TARDIS has gone out and the Doctor was as usual up under the council trying to figure out just what went wrong. They had been drifting in space for a week now and Mute had read every book in the TARDIS at least sixteen times since the time machine blew a fuse...or coil...or whatever it was that it blew. Mute lay on the floor of the TARDIS her arms sprawled out, her jacket forgotten on the banister, her shoes and socks had been left in her bedroom. Her hair was pulled up into a high bun again and she just stared up at the ceiling. She wondered if sh

DW drabbles

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Dark Tavern Inn 3 chp 12

Dark Tavern Inn 3: Final Bout Chapter 12 Leaving the Nest Nora thought it was the hardest thing to do watch her children leave. Tilla going north, and Kurt going south. Maus held Nora tightly to him as he watched them disappear into the dead of the night. Gaurdians watching them both although Jins fire could still be seen several miles away Diaska disappeared almost instantly being the keeper of the night. Life had gone back to normal, as normal as life could be for Nora. She had seperated from Maus who still stood by her, but only in spirit back in his usual form planted on her shoulder blades as her white wings once again. Nora had

Dark Tavern Inn

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Christmas 3

Author's Notes: Yes another year has passed and here is yet another short for you on Ironhide finding out about Santa. Also thank you for your support and demands for another chapter. I'm sure their will be yet another one next year just in time for the holidays. Also for those of you who requested me to change the a Christmas tree...not a holiday tree...bite me :p O' Christmas Tree Chapter Three Santa's comin to town. She was five now, a complete vision of playfullness, beauty, and love. Something Major Lennox was glad to see since he was on leave for the holiday. He sat down in the kitchen putting together a little bike

Oh Xmas tree

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Tick Chp 26

Tick Chapter 26 Unknown Fate "Nothing was ever really meant to be. Your purpose wasn't to be a Decepticon or Autobot. You were meant to remain in between. Create Transformers. I wasn't even sure you would survive the transfer as you lay there half alive from the minimal touch Decepticon Frenzy had done upon falling back down to the ground after touching me." The Allsparks voice flowed through her head as she hung on the brink of death. So weak, and unsure. "What now then? You said the Allspark power is so low that I may not even help the Autobots...what then?" She asked. "Find a spark mate...and you will reward them with a new Allspark.


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Dark Tavern Inn 2 Return

Dark Tavern Inn: Return Chapter 3 Fire of the Soul "Another ale!" A already drunk red headed werewolf yelped from one of the many tables lining the floors of the inn. Nora turned to look up from the table she was scrubbing down. "Alright." She said and took his original glass and threw it to Valaska who was behind the counter. Valaska caught it without even looking up. She was filling three other glasses at the moment and added the fourth into her porings. "Last call!" She yelled "Bars closing in an hour!" She finished as she passed out the glasses to the waiting people. Four werewolves, six vampires, a catian (Victors kittens. Drake

Dark Tavern Inn 2

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Zoe again

Personal Pictures

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Bonding Takes place a little after 'Hope' The Doctor held open the door for her as she looked inside. Her eyes wondered the walls within and stopped on the console in the middle. It looked just about the same as it did the last time she stepped foot within the great beast of a machine. She looked around at the Doctor who smiled down at her encouraging her to continue on. This was her first time being welcomed into the craft. Last time she fell through it. Mute walked forward and slowly walked around the console and passed it. She knew she wasn't going to operate it so why try.  She walked along the corridors being followed by the Doctor


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Far From Paradise

Far From Paradise: Still to close One Shot 2    Tia opened her eyes the sunlight shown through the skylight above them onto there bed. She turned her head to look at JJ, the scarring on his bare back. The messed up brown hair. Even the dried blood on his hands lightly placed on his side. His other hand tucked under his head. She sat up to look over him a little more. A peaceful nature of it all. Even just for a little while. He rolled over on his pillow his lips lightly parted letting out tiny breathing noises. It made Tia’s heart flip flop in her chest. She leaned down putting her head on his chest. She felt his hand subconsciously

Devious Folder

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Thunderbirds Series


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