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Grayv by ShadowedFate Grayv by ShadowedFate
For a mythology role play.

Short description
For centuries the massive godly wolf guarded the gates to the underworld kingdom of Helsin for Grahm, the god of taker of souls and gatekeeper to Helsin. One fateful day though, Grayv broke loose of his chains as a result from some rocks from a rockslide he created from howling too loud that came crashing down on his metal chains and broke them, allowing him to escape to the living realm. Under the protective eye of Lunahkis, god of wildlife, he made it to the Barren Lands where he fit right at home with many other giant god-like beings. Grayv though was mischievous and troublesome and would often pick fights with and snack on other divine creatures, so Lunahkis decided that he should intervene and purposely had Nemphus the animal trainer find Grayv on one of his expeditions to the Barren Lands. Nemphus saw his opportunity and, with a bit of guidance from Lunahkis, eventually tamed the wild beast. Grayv is all white and even has white eyes and so he is often referred to as the ghost hound. Being raised in Helsin and being accustomed to the dead, it is common to spot him wandering around cemeteries which only adds to his ghastly reputation. He stands at a whopping seventeen feet high, towering over most of his prey and is also able to speak, though he is a wolf of few words.

Long description and untold story into Grayv's past
Centuries ago, a man named Gabe lived. He was a righteous man who lived by his beliefs – three simple rules: live like you have a life, play by the rules of the gods, and protect those in need. These laws were all he needed to know and which he followed every single day for his entire life.

He was born in a small settlement in Upper Kraleseus near the mountains called Rokset and appeared to be your average mortal up until his twenties – suffered hangovers every morning, made bets on the fighters in the coliseum, and chased all the pretty ladies he could find. All of that changed in the blink of an eye though one night when his life was turned upside down. He had been returning home after another night drinking his teenage years away at the pub when he saw it – a young girl, only about ten or so, being thrown around by a couple of low-down, drunken men who were about to stoop so low as to rape the poor thing. She was scared out of her mind and crying but too afraid to scream. Even in his intoxicated state, Gabe knew this was wrong and he would not stand idly by and watch as this girl’s life was thrown out the window just so these guys could satisfy themselves for one night. Taking out a small blade carefully that he had always kept in a leather strap around his ankle, Gabe approached the men and warned them to let her go. When they refused, he grabbed them both and slugged them good. Instead of getting off easy though, they attempted to fight back. It was one big drunken man fight with blood and sweat flying everywhere. In the end, Gabe had sliced both their necks and watched as their lifeless bodies fell steadily to the ground. He had saved that girl yet it had done more to him than any sort of therapy or lecture could have to turn his life around. He realized how bad of shape his life was in at that very moment as he looked into her almost unnatural teary blue eyes and decided to change. Since that day, he has never tasted the intoxicating and luring nectar of sin again.

That little girl did not simply vanish from his life after that night though. She told him her name was Evelyn and gave him a hug before running off back home in a hurry. Evelyn. The sweetest word he could ever know. It wasn’t until a few years later that he would actually see her again. He was twenty six and she, eighteen. Not a day went by though that he wasn’t reminded of her and how she helped him in ways that he could never repay. The day the two met again though was under just as rotten circumstances as before however. Since their first meet, he had been come to be known as the Archangel, traveling from town to town, ridding them of their night-stalkers, low-lives, crooks, thieves, criminals, and anyone else who would deserve to be put in a prison. He wore, just as his new name might have suggested, all white and had a signature long cape that trailed behind him and always seemed to blow just right when the wind caught it. That fateful day he had been trailing a notorious gang of skilled thieves who had broken into the town’s museum and stolen a priceless artifact said to be the staff of the gods that held inside its finely crafted wooden and metal rod magical properties. Gabe had followed the burglars to the edge of town when suddenly something quite unexpected happened. The god Revius appeared, god of torture, and before Gabe could even blink he was being thrown across the town single handedly. Seizing the staff from the thieves, Revius was about to depart when Gabe realized that these crooks were no ordinary men but were working for a god. Determined to stop them even if it meant his life, he foolishly rushed after them all when he recklessly collided with a passer-by, a local girl, Evelyn, knocking her down along with him. For split second, time ceased to exist as the two openly gazed at each other, in disbelief at who they were looking at. Gabe apologetically looked into her blue eyes, making sure she was okay and then drew the same blade he had been carrying the last time they had run into each other and hurled it at the men, killing two in one shot. Witnessing this, Revius’ temper quickly grew short and he neared the fallen man, about to smite him down when, surprisingly enough, Evelyn flung herself on top of Gabe, shielding him from the angry god. Disturbed by this, Revius threatened to kill them both but at that moment, as if things couldn’t get any more exciting, the god Lunahkis appeared. He had foreseen what Gabe would become and felt it was his duty to prevent his death and the death of others. Lunahkis lied to Revius and told him that Solus himself did not wish Revius to bring about any harm to the man. Revius refused to let the young man go though, furious that he even thought about killing a god, let alone himself and so he ordered Lunahkis to change him into an animal, since although he himself could not harm Gabe, Lunahkis could. With a sly and clever grin, Lunahkis obeyed and began to change the young hero into an animal. Just then, Revius realized his mistake and knew that he had been too vague and had not specified what type of animal. The skies turned dark and the sound of thunder boomed in the distance. All fell silent and then a thunderous clap echoed through the town, ringing in everyone’s ears and temporarily knocking them all unconscious. Moments later, Revius was staring up at a monstrous wolf the size of a building, and not just any wolf, but a god-created creature – a divine being. Fearing for his life, Revius retreated but vowed to someday have his revenge. Bowing, Lunahkis took his leave too. Horrified by what he had become, Gabe fled the land, wandering nowhere and roaming only where the wind took him, leaving behind the dazed and confused Evelyn who had not witnessed the outcome.

It was only a few weeks later when Revius would have his revenge. Speaking with his good friend Grahm, the gatekeeper to the underworld realm of Helsin, he made a pact with him and offered him the wolf Gabe to guard the entrance to the fiery underworld for all eternity. Gabe was taken and chained and led down into the blackness of the rotten Helsin where he was fed the bare minimum and suffered a lifetime of drinking only once a week from a small, dirty pond. The only thing that kept him going was the name Evelyn. After a time, it began to loose its meaning but he clung to it like a baby animal would cling to its mother for dear life. It was all he ever knew. Eventually, after years of doing nothing but lying around and wasting away day after day staring at the passing souls of the dead, he began to forget things. He forgot the smell of the open air, the taste of fresh bread from the local bakeries, the cool feeling of icy water going down his throat on a hot summer’s day. And soon, he forgot his very own name. After a time, he began to call himself Grayv. It was all he could think of in a place of death such as the one he was doomed to wallow in. Fortunately though, fate was not through with him yet.

After three long centuries of sorrow, despair, and torture, the most miraculous of things happened. He had been howling in the most irritating of ways, hoping to get Grahm’s attention, or at least bug him to the point where he’d want to rip off his own ears. It was then that the rocky hills he lay by gave way, the sound from his cries echoing off them, rattling them loose. The rockslide nearly smashed him yet it ended up smashing his chains instead. Now free and in much disbelief, the creature hastily and quietly made his way out, escaping to the living world unnoticed and for the first time in three hundred years, breathing in the fresh air that he so long ago had forgotten.

Still very dazed, he awkwardly made his way nowhere and anywhere, leaving behind the place he so desperately longed to forget just as he did everything else. Confused about his identity and about much of his life before then, Grayv had little idea about where he was going. Eventually, he wound up in the Barren Lands, hungrily snacking on an assortment of other creatures, a meat he had not ever remembered tasting, and drinking from the clear lakes of the mountains. Somehow though, not very long after arriving, he felt the urge to move on, almost by divine inspiration, and soon left the Barren Lands and found himself in the Grey Forest. It was there that he encountered the first human he had seen for centuries – a man who called himself Nemphus. This man almost seemed as if he wanted to fight which, in turn, angered Grayv and so he attacked, clawing and snapping every which way. He was still clumsy though from all those years of malnutrition and eventually gave up. Nemphus though explained that he wanted to help Grayv which he could not understand but was at the same time happy to hear. Grayv in turn followed this man back into the city where life was busy and humans crowded the streets. It almost looked familiar. Very familiar. He had not forgotten the name Evelyn and though he had no clue as to what or who it referred to, all he knew was that it was very dear to him and was the only thing he had left to care about. As fate would have it, as he and Nemphus were passing through town, all eyes gawking at the large wolf at the man’s side, suddenly two eyes in particular stood out amongst the crowd. Two bright, blue, warm eyes that, for a split second, met with Grayv’s. He had to stop and stare; looking into those eyes was like taking a peek into his past. The woman who they belonged to, a thirty-something-year-old by the looks of her yet still beautiful and full of life, slowed down, having to take a double-take. The wolf she watched filled her godly blue eyes with fear and terror familiar to her and it was then that Grayv realized who she was – the goddess Evelyn. True, she was only half goddess, she had lived all these years just as long as he had and still looked just as she did the last time he laid eyes on her. Unable to stop himself, tears filled his pure white eyes as he watched her go past, unknowing as to who he really was. Nemphus urged him on yet he sounded so far away. Grayv’s whole life returned to him in that brief moment and the anger he had once felt for Revius had returned to him. Not wanting to explain though, knowing it wouldn’t change anything, Grayv went on alongside Nemphus and followed him to his home where he would live from now on.

Fate, destiny, the will of the gods. Call it what you may, but to Grayv, it is the essence of life and what gives him hope. He has not forgotten Evelyn and one day he will meet her again and let her hear his voice and maybe, just maybe, after all these centuries she too will remember him and the two will be reunited at last. What a foolish hope. Grayv is a wolf now, not human. Though he still may be the same person on the inside and may still be able to speak, he is no longer worthy of such a goddess as pure as Evelyn. She deserves better and he knows it. That is what keeps him from returning to her day after day. All he can do now is watch in silent agony and longing, dreaming of a day when it will all be over and he will get to sleep an eternal, peaceful sleep at last.
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