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I am adding this to my previous journal entry because Firefox will not let me cut and paste anything.  It doesn't happen with all sites, but most of them.  Firefox just recently updated and it seems to have affected the connection to my clipboard.  There is no way I can change the coding on my journal or do another feature because I can't transfer thumbnails without a hassle thumbnails.  I've done an online search without much success, so I was wondering if anyone had a similar problem?  

This is so annoying! I can't even cut and paste fractal params, quickly thank anyone, add links.  You name it.  I'm ready to tear my hair out. I couldn't even rearrange what I just typed without completely retyping.

Please help this technology challenged gal.  There is a journal feature in it for anyone who can direct me how to fix this problem. :hug:     

Happy Valentine's Day friends!  


I am sort of lonesome today :(  My hubby had to be out of town, but we celebrated on Thursday instead. He brought me a dozen on the most beautiful unusually colored roses (almost a deep coral) and took me out to dinner.  He'll be back tomorrow, and my daughter is also coming for a visit.

This feature was one of the hardest for me to put together.  I did a search of several key words and had to wade through a lot of deviations I did not care for.  There were plenty of images in the fractal gallery I loved, so much so I had trouble deciding with ones I wanted to include.  But when I got to some of the other galleries... many of the images disturbed me.    There seemed to be far more that spoke of pain, and even torture.  Yes I know broken hearts can be terrible, but I got a sense that many people have no real idea of the meaning of love.

Love is not as much of an emotion as it is an action... a verb.  I believe in lust at first sight rather than love.  True love is a choice and takes time to grow, but it also stands the test of time.  And it isn't just romance.  There is love of family and love of country.  We love our pets as well.  However, many of us forget the origin of all love, the one who gave us the capacity to love, and HE loves us more than we could ever comprehend.  

I know some see the difficulties we are going through right now and ask how could God care?  Like a good parent, he often has to discipline us, and sometimes we bring troubles on ourselves.  We learn and grow from hardship, and we usually come out of it stronger.  Infants don't know why mother allows them to get vaccinations.  All they understand is the pain.  My college-age daughter still holds us at arm's length emotionally because she isn't mature enough to understand the decisions we as parents had to make in order that she could grow up strong and independent.  I pray the realization will come eventually. And if you are suffering right now, ask yourself when was the last time you talked to God. If God seems far away, it wasn't him who moved.   

No matter how old you are, thank your parents for their love and the sacrifices they made for you, and while you're at it, don't forget to thank your Creator.

Please visit the galleries of these talented folks.

:thumb112729580: Valentine by Ellinglich:thumb47472688::thumb110482308: Valentine birds by dinosaurcookies Romance Elsewhere by urbanbushido Love by darknatasha Valentine's kitty by vampir16 love by kaneda99 Blossoming Love by SelinaFenech:thumb80635234: love.. by MrEdgar
:thumb29039068: Design Heart by DigitalDean
heart. by muslii The Love of God by tatertot101010 i call it LOVE by kutuubocah:thumb83466232: Love is... by Sandy515:thumb24218287: Love by jpdean broken heart by nox-moonLover love by singsang Love Is by RetaeaNicole Valentine kitty by narabia My Valentine by webworm Love is Patient, Love is Kind by jessicarock LoVe by Bubazinha Love in Bloom by rocamiadesign Heart of Flame by DWALKER1047 :thumb111645775: Fallen From Grace by Kabuchan GA For Luffs by DWALKER1047 A Maze of Hearts and Pearls by faded-ink Be My Valentine by HarleyBliss Corazon dormido by johnnybg Valentine Heart by Munch12 Forgotten Love by HauntedVisions:thumb112534363: Cherry Cordial by Actionjack52 GA Sweet-Blessings by DWALKER1047 Love at first sight by Yasny-chan:thumb112422865: Hearts and Horseshoes by bumpyduey THIS HEART CAN BREAK by 1arcticfox Tiny Spaces by SuicideBySafetyPin Spiralicious XII by psion005 Intense Touch by Yenkoff Be Mine Valentine by Alterren My Heart in Your Heart by johnnybg 09 02 10 A by penny5775 Innocence by Kabuchan LOVES DAWNING by GeaAusten Patchwork Heart by terrye634 Two in One by Brigitte-Fredensborg Deep Love by AmorinaAshton Soft Hearts by SuicideBySafetyPin Hearts Vortex by MoonlitWitch Hearts by Rhiannon104:thumb112285583: Happy Birthday, Dee by Brigitte-Fredensborg For The Boys by Brigitte-Fredensborg Vine-Ripened by LaPurr Larrys Heart by Colliemom Will U B My Valentine by MzKitty45601 8 Days Till Valentine's Day by baba49 Until The End Of Time by BlackLady999:thumb111553016::thumb109463228::thumb112075891: My Valentine by Luthyen valentine by phlezk:thumb64166720: :thumb112831823: chains of love... by mmebuterfly 09 Valentine by Hallonnie Love by Vuelo Love by ahermin This is love.. by Mermaid-Marilyn

And because LOVE originates from God himself:

God is love II by Momo-san True Love by Xngvr Love Spreads by missyrica The Passage on Love by JieNing For the love of God by Corsico God is Love. by SoliloquyOfaStranger God is Love by fabyd

Dear friends, let us love one another, for love comes from God. Everyone who loves has been born of God and knows God. Whoever does not love does not know God, because God is love. This is how God showed his love among us: He sent his one and only Son into the world that we might live through him. This is love: not that we loved God, but that he loved us and sent his Son as an atoning sacrifice for our sins. 1 John 4:7-10

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I used to have that problem until I remembered there were also keyboard combinations for those actions. :D It's actually very easy. Or at least it works for me. Just select what you want to cut and use Ctrl + X. Then to paste it, use Ctrl + V. Use Ctrl + C if you just want to copy. Hope that helps :D