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The Final Frontier

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Enchanting oddness

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Girl portrait


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Young oak

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[Xieyi] Irisis

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Sunset Lighthouse


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Today ... my love sailed away ...

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Duckys and Surfs

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Mandelbrot #182 Visionary light


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Leopards ...

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DIFS Flower

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A old tree

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UF Chain Pong 1351 - Don Quixote LD

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Phoenix Experiments

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Electrical Substation ...

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Saul The Sad Shrimp

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Secret World of Spirals

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Promise of Peace

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Sumie painting process

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Cactus dragon


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Same old, same old.

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New York Underwater

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Lasts forever.


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#2736. Seaunicorn - Illustration

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I wish you were here!


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Jesus Loves You (Stamp)


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Going Under


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Happy Mother's Day................

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Wreath For Christmas


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16 Butterflies .psd Stock


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Amada lluvia(Beloved rain)

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Still Tea


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May You Enjoy May


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[F2U] Snowy Custom Box BG


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Flower Heart Wallpaper


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Iceberg -WIP-


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thank you for being you

My dear friends, I sincerely love you And thank you for being you > > Dear All my friends I made this journal as the last journal using this version of Deviant Art before Eclipse. Because I can not use skins I made in Eclipse. To show my love and respect to all my amazing artist friends whose works are in this journal and those who I forgot to add because I am in a rush to make this before the Eclipse happens. I wish you all happiness and health and I am sure that god always is with you all and keeps you safe.

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Within The Silence

Within The Silence Sometimes I find myself quite caught up in a web of silence. When this happens, the sound of such silence surrounds me too securely. And it is DEAFENING. In this brutally deafening silence, my now-meek mind wanders. And it does not wander well. Where does it go, but to the farthest reaches, And parts unknown. I feel off-kilter, slightly sickened in such a state, since I sense I'm lost. Think.  Think!  THINK! I bring myself back slightly, with one word, To conceive of a different sound. What is missing from this meager mind? What do I need to proceed to a different route? Like a light switch, I hear a click ; It


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Crystal Amethyst Gown

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Lace Edged Valentine

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Deco Macarons

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Valley of the shadow

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Happy Birthday DeviantArt

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Snail steampunk


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PE: A Guide to Gallery CSS

A Guide to Gallery CSS Learn the basics of Gallery CSS with this easy-to-follow guide! :dummy: In this tutorial, we'll cover: Adding gallery CSSCoding gallery skinsSome useful resources Adding Gallery CSS First of all, some important facts about Gallery Skins: Only Premium Members are allowed to add CSS to their galleriesSkins can be added to both the Gallery and the FavoritesSkins can only be added to the Gallery folders and Favorites collections (shown in the sidebar) but not the main page itself Step 1: Click on one of your Gallery or Favorites folders in the sidebar. Step 2: Click the button called "Folder Options" or "Collection Op

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Redrosedivider Sort Of

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happy birthday

Happy Birthday

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