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Ring Around the Rainbow

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Made with Mandel Machine.  I needed something nice and colorful because it's dreary and rainy here and I am very sad :cry:

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Just letting my friends and watchers know I am enjoying a few last days of my beloved DA.  I hate working in Eclipse so much that I won't be around a lot after the forced change.  It's very uncomfortable for me to look at and ridiculously hard to work in.  I'm not rewarding DA for treating us like they did by giving them much web traffic. I am putting most of my work in storage for such time that DA makes the site more usable (I'm sorry, but I have no faith that they will). I will not be letting my art up for thieves who think they can just use it for free because my account is not very active, and also cutting off my share of DA's web traffic.  If anyone is leaving but not deleting I suggest you do the same.  

I may be more active in the future, but if ArtSpacious is launched and I like it, I probably won't be back much at all.  I'm actually crying while I am writing this because this more than any other place was my hangout for more than 15 years.  It's not a pleasure to use Eclipse and being housebound because of COVID19, right now I don't need to be somewhere that creates so much frustration.

Love you all and I will miss you more than words can say.  Cyd  :heart::heart::heart::heart:   

I would like to thank anyone who faves my work ahead of time.  Your comments and favorites are very important to me, and I cherish them all Here's a kiss for you, my love!.  I will try to respond to comments, but I can no longer keep up with individual thanks.    


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Many thanks my friend, I'm so glad you liked it!  You're support means so much to me. :hug:

Free To Use - Kitten Thank You by recycledrelatives :
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Sunny  truly mesmerizing and beautiful, I am not sure how things will go after the switch myself, but I hope to see you around Cyd, I just got back fairly recently and have not fully grasped what the change entails, I need to look into more in depth, thanks and be well my friend.
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Thanks Kevin, this was a fun one to work on.  I greatly appreciate your kind words.  I won't be deleting my account, but I am so uncomfortable with the crammed and irrational way Eclipse is designed that I can't spend hours in it like I am right now.  If it improves I might be back, but so many friends have already gone it makes me so sad. 
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Most welcome Cyd, I have to say I was very much not prepared for how drastic a change it would actually be, that is on me of course we had enough warning, but still I have been here over 7 years and you kind of get used to things you know, I am having some difficulty making my way around, I would just leave if I had other options but for me, well it is a long story which I will not bore you with but I have X amount of time to try and finish a project of mine that I have been dreaming of for awhile now and all this just throws a wrench in the works, it will be sad to see some good friend leave for sure. I wish you all the best and sorry for the long ramble.

have a great weekend, be well and stay safe!


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I feel like I should crochet this...

We will miss you terribly, Cyd, but certainly understand. I may well be doing the same; I have not tried Eclipse yet but I am not anticipating success.

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I'm glad you liked it.  My sister who crochets has said that about a couple of my fractals :)

Yeah, I don't want to leave, that's why I'm not going to delete my account, but I just can't visually take Eclipse as it is now.  Best of luck with it. 
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This is so beautiful Cyd,  I wish I could make you smile and feel happy :( I think we are all feeling pretty sad, in this world right now. 
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Thanks so much Lucy.  Friends like you always do make me smile :D

I know, it's a very trying time.  I've been hardly anywhere since the second week of March.  It's getting to me.  I'm just happy that I haven't lost anyone to the virus so far.  My siblings and I were raised by a nurse, we are all being very cautious.  DA deciding to force us to use Eclipse at this time in history is just a big slap in the face none of us needed.   
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Your very welcome Cyd, and I appreciate you saying that. I just
want us all to be okay and go back to our normal lives. Its getting
to me as well and I am not on lock down, I just want this to go away.
With all this going on the least these people with that garbage Eclipse 
would please people even if its for the moment until this passes. I agree
with you. 
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Beautifully done! :D
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Thanks so much Jim!  

Purple butterfly TH by bast4cats
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