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Pictures in the Sand

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Made with Mandel Machine. 

Just letting my friends and watchers know I am enjoying a few last days of my beloved DA.  I hate working in Eclipse so much that I won't be around a lot after the forced change.  It's very uncomfortable for me to look at and ridiculously hard to work in.  I'm not rewarding DA for treating us like they did by giving them much web traffic. I am putting most of my work in storage for such time that DA makes the site more usable (I'm sorry, but I have no faith that they will). I will not be letting my art up for thieves who think they can just use it for free because my account is not very active, and also cutting off my share of DA's web traffic.   

I may be more active in future times, but if ArtSpacious is launched and I like it, I probably won't be back much at all.  I'm actually crying while I am writing this because this more than any other place was my hangout for more than 15 years.  It's not a pleasure to use under Eclipse and being housebound because of COVID19, right now I don't need to be somewhere that creates so much frustration.

Love you all and I will miss you more than words can say!  Cyd  HeartHeartHeartHeart    

I would like to thank anyone who faves my work ahead of time.  Your comments and favorites are very important to me, and I cherish them all Here's a kiss for you, my love!.  I will try to respond to comments, but I can no longer keep up with individual thanks.    



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it really reminds of a beach and shells and dawn

love the pastel colors

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Delicate and lovely forms Cyd Hug 
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Thanks Kevin, I appreciate your kind words.  :hug:

Thank-you by KmyGraphic
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Most welcome Cyd :hug:

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Are you leaving Da Cyd?

Not much is going to change with this Eclipse, or am I getting it wrong?

Stay save and stay here :D :hug: :heart:

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I'm not leaving completely, but I'm not going to be very active.  They say that they have to get rid of the old to finish the new, but I don't really believe that awful platform will change much either. 

I dislike using Eclipse so much I can't stand to be on it very long.  I am waiting for this new group to open up ArtSpacious, and I may just move to them.  I will come back and leave messages if I do. 
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Okay, good to see you stay Cyd! I am looking forward to tomorrow, hopefully it will be easy ... so that all members can stay on DA, that site ArtSpacious is always a solution!

So we lost everything from our photos and fractals friends etc etc ??? Ooo my gosh, what a misery

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I have already lost all my customizations that took me days to set up, that went when I didn't renew my Core account, but it would have gone tomorrow anyway.

We are also losing being able to put params in, birthday notifications, getting points for giving llamas, easy use of groups (Our groups are not tied to our accounts, you have to go to the group page to do anything as an admin), the use of any html or CSS whatsoever.  It's not even easy to put faves in folders.  It's hard to find anything in folders, even your own work, because there is no pages, only infinite scroll.  There is so much missing it makes me want to cry.  

I am not deleting my account but I will not be active much unless they fix lots of things that are broken, but I honestly don't think they will.

I has been great having you as a friend.  I won't be gone but I won't probably be uploading anymore art.  I am going to migrate to this group - ArtSpacious once it is up and running.  I am also slowly uploading my fractals to other art sale sites.  I will put links on my profile page as soon as I can. 
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Your story doesn't make me happy at all Cyd If I don't like the eclipse, then I'm also away from DA Too bad that so much will change and become complicated for many members I shiver now for the eclipse, I thought it was not so bad ... :(

Thank you for the other art link

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You're welcome dear friend.  If the new Art Spacious is good, I will make sure everyone knows about it. 

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news. That's why so many people are upset about Eclipse.  DA says they have to get rid of the old site to improve the new, but they have been ignoring people's concerns for well over a year now, so I'm not confident much will change.  
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Yes I understand, but I don't blame you dear friend !

Too bad DA doesn't want to listen to the concerns of its members .

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Yes, it's very very sad DA is going extinct .. I'm only a member since 1 year and found such a nice community here .. and such beautiful artwork .. I just can't help to love all these people here even I don't know them .. and that is a happy feeling ..
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It's hard for me not to cry, but I'm also not rewarding DA for wrecking the community.  So many people have already deleted or abandoned their accounts.  It's so sad. 
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:( I do not blame you for not wanting to be here cause of this horrible Eclipse. I wish I didnt have to be here, I hate what they are doing, but I only stay here because of friends. But I will tell you something, they wont see a cent from me for a membership. 
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I have hopes for ArtSpacious as an alternative, but it's going to take a while until it's up and running. 

In the meantime I've already lost a lot of friends.  I used to sell my art on this site but I just put most of my art in storage and deleted all the prints because I am not going to make any money for them.  I will pop in now and then for my friends but DA isn't getting anything from me.  I am uploading my art onto Redbubble and Fine Art America for sales. 
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I hope it all works out for you Cyd. Sorry you lost so many of
your friends, they are going to lose as well. Its going to hit 
where they will feel it most..there pockets, they wont get a cent
from me. So I have to agree with you. Good luck with your artwork
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Thanks so much Marije, I appreciate your kind words.

Thanks by KmyGraphic
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