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Coral Sea

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Constructed entirely using Ultra Fractal 5.04.   Just a little sharpening post work and signature added in PS

This is the most complicated fractal I have ever done.  It has well over one hundred layers (I lost count).  Many thanks to :iconraysheaf: for his Realistic objects in UltraFractal which helped with two of the fish.  

This work has been entered in the Oceans Contest at :iconfractal-love:  mentioned here: Annissina's July Feature + New Contest 

I would like to thank anyone who faves my work ahead of time.  Your comments and favorites are very important to me, and I cherish them all Here's a kiss for you, my love!.  I will try to respond to comments, but I can no longer keep up with individual thanks.

.: Read the comments :. Stamp by Beti-Kot  

                                                                                            All Rights Reserved Notice by Kezzi-Rose


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Know Hope Stamp by NinthTaboo Please Don't Share My Art by Doublecrash  

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beautifull artwork dear like it very much
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Thank you so much!

Thanks by KmyGraphic
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my pleasure my friend
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Thanks so much Jenny, I'm very happy you enjoyed the piece! :heart:
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Oh my this is just completely awesome! I love how you can create an authentic looking setting with fractal art. It's just amazing to me, and YOU do it so well, I just absolutely LOVE your work! :love:
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Wow, thanks Tea.  I really appreciate your lovely comments and your support. Right now my job is very busy and I'm not feeling particularly creative so your heart felt words really mean a lot.  :hug:

Once in a while, because I am a biologist by trade, I try to see how realistic I can make things.  It's not always easy to do with fractals. I was particularly happy with the nautilus.  Fish shapes are very difficult.  I have to make a whole bunch of little shapes fit together in layers to make a fish shape.  Butterflies and flowers, ferns and leaves are much easier because some fractal formulas naturally make those shapes.   
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First of all, you are absolutely welcome, and deserve any wonderful, or simply positive comments that you ever get!

I also sort of know that feeling of being bogged down by work/responsibilities, and well... for me feeling more agitated and anxious, because my creative outlet is getting bogged down or stuffed up. :hmm:

I have to be doing something, ANYthing creative on some regular basis, to create my inner happiness...

I was extremely interested in your personal info. that you shared. My best science in college was Biology, (but I always was assigned other projects, because I could not or would not dissect anything. :giggle: which I would gladly do, as they were very interesting. Living in a coastal state, we had option to do various "Focus's"  in Biology and I chose Marine Biology. I adore it. I adore the ocean, and finally achieved my only dream, of living in a town that's ON the ocean... and getting involved in a group called "Washed Ashore" and the website is:

I am so happy you explained your interest in challenging yourself to see how realistic you can make things. I love fractal art so much... just ask Annissina - she knows this the most of any fractalist on dA! :lol:  But it's one art I've not ever created before, but I am so into them, that I've learned a few of the terms, and like... what a "Mandelbrot" looks like by now. I didn't know it would be more difficult to create fish shapes over the others in the list, and how they are easier because the fractal formulas more naturally take on those shapes.

To me, that whole paragraph was absolutely fascinating, and I was grateful for the info. and education! :clap:

F2U :: Chibi Moon Heart by NicholiDeSchidor
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Oh wow, I can't believe you included me in this conversation! No, scratch that, I'm actually not really surprised :rofl: Well what can I say, I'm just really happy you enjoy fractals, and my fractals in particular, so much! :hug: You know I've been trying to get back to making them... It's a slow process, and I'm actually FAR from being able to do the things people like Shadoweddancer or Velvet--Glove or coby01 do (just to name a few)! I still think it's bonkers when people say they love my fractals out of all the amazing stuff out there! I'm like, "Haven't you seen magnusti78's work?!" :XD: (my most favourite ever, by the way, and the reason I got into fractals in the first place) :D
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magnusti78 does sound very familiar, so I am thinking i have, but it's been a while!

The thing about fractals, is there may be similar equations, and then ways to tweak them, and what not, but it just seems that no matter how seemingly simple or complex, everyone's end up looking different from each others- there's so many ways yet still, to be unique! It's endless! I love loving YOUR fractals...  :heart:

It's difficult not to compare ourselves, in whatever art media we work in; it happens to all of us.  But if you want to compare, just keep comparing yourself to yourself. :XD:
I hope that makes sense. :D

One day, if I ever do personal journals again, - it's been like a couple years or so, I would LOVE to do just a fractal journal- I've done that a couple times. *sigh I miss being about to do what I want to do on my own journals. Oh well..

'Nuff said about that..

I do know that Shadoweddancer is a new favourite of mine!
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Thank you Annissina ,I very honored :D
Annissina's avatar
You're very welcome :hug:
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:clap: congrats! you came second in our Fractal-Love ocean contest :airborne:
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Again, thanks so much Martina.  I'm very happy for the support. :love:
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I voted for this one :D
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Thank you!  I very much appreciate your support. :heart:
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Thank you for your kind words and the fave Blow them a kiss. by kaza-dum
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Wonderful, good luck ;)
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Thanks so much, I appreciate it! :hug:
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Such a cute and endearing piece Sid and l can see that lots of work has gone into it.
Finding fish shapes is not easy and from one  landscape artist to another, I applaud your effort.
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Thanks so much Maureen.  :heart:

There is a lot of masking in this one.  Fish shapes really aren't easy.  It's a matter of putting an number of shapes and masks together.  I also had some difficulty getting stripes on the nautilus shell.  Every single one of the stripes is a separate layer with a mask. 
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