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The Corruption of AoM by ShadowedArcher The Corruption of AoM :iconshadowedarcher:ShadowedArcher 1 7
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The Last Room :iconshadowedarcher:ShadowedArcher 0 0
Kayou and Friends by ShadowedArcher Kayou and Friends :iconshadowedarcher:ShadowedArcher 0 5 DOMO - Shin by ShadowedArcher DOMO - Shin :iconshadowedarcher:ShadowedArcher 0 6
Episode One: In Rain They Come
Fushigi Yuugi: Tenkyoku Heiden
She jolted awake. Even in her warm bed, she shivered. The last visages of the dream danced in her mind as she struggled to reorient herself in reality. She caught her breath and the lump in her throat slid down. What had visited her was no dream but rather a vision of things to come. Something was about to happen, something that not even her prophetic knowledge could prevent. It was greater than any other threat that had happened to their world before. "No," she whispered as her fingers tightened around the blankets. "No, I can't let that happen!"
She started to slide out of bed, but faltered. What if it really was a dream? But no, she knew the difference between dreams and actual visions. Trying to act on it though had the potential of creating just as big of a catastrophe. If she did nothing though… It was going to happen whether or not she could try, but by the Gods, she would try her best.
Resolved, she got out of bed and went through the se
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Ling - black and white by ShadowedArcher Ling - black and white :iconshadowedarcher:ShadowedArcher 2 4
A Clown at a Funeral
He was at a funeral. Why was he at a funeral? Why was he at probably the most depressing event a human could imagine for others to go to? For one thing, he was a clown. Even though he wanted to be serious, it just wasn't bred in him to be gloomy and glum. He was the kind of person who always liked to make other people laugh, but at a funeral, that would be taboo. Funerals were supposed to be places to mourn for the beloved deceased, and the clown wondered why he had even been invited. It had never been his way to weep or cry or drown himself in tears, but here he was, at a funeral, where that was to be expected.
So what was he going to do now? If he started laughing in the middle of the service, people would think him insensitive, and he was anything but insensitive.
Well, not cold or mean either.
Or any of those other negative terms.
He was a clown.
Simple as that.
Meaning.. he was always happy. Cheerful. Pleasant. Gleeful, maybe to an extreme extent.
He was not at all the kind o
:iconshadowedarcher:ShadowedArcher 1 4
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Growing Up
True story, you know. True story.
Pain drips out of her eyes....drip, drip, drip. The strain shows. She clenches her hands into fists.
Acknowledging the dark, she curls into a ball and faces the corner. She always faces the corner. Is always put into the corner, baby, she is always put into the corner.
Ignored like the stars in a fog-covered city. She waits, she's a beautiful star, hidden by smog. Covered in smog. Choking in every pollution society throws at her.
Baby's in the corner, but baby doesn't stay quiet. She paces, inches between, she yells at them for their noninfluential existence. Baby won't stay quiet--finally, she pricks the superficial wax covering off one familiar mask. He listens.
Now she shoots from the sky, full shine glaring, blinding those who did not see her for what she truly was: a gem. Priceless, endless, continuous, blessed...
The pain that was leaking evaporates. Tears of joy escape her eyes. Surprise forms on her lips--a smile, something not felt in years.
:iconsporkingitup:sporkingitup 1 8
Dragone Homunculus by tansiufei Dragone Homunculus :icontansiufei:tansiufei 6 6
Thousands of liquid bullets pelted the windshield as if fired by a massive array of gattling guns concealed in the clouds. For a brief instant, the thought of slowing down crossed Trevor's mind.
Driving a little bit fast for conditions, aren't we buddy? Haha. The quicker I'm out of this town, the better! Can't wait to  get away from here…
His foot pushed the gas peddle ever so slightly lower.
Away from her…
The peddle went lower…
I hate this place so much! I hate HER so much! I'm so glad to finally be done with it all—rid of it all. Yeah, I'm finally rid of her…
Peddle to the metal.
The silver Lexus raced the wind down the long country road. He knew these roads like the back of his hand; he knew just when to expect each turn and each hill. Monsoon or not, he was invincible on these roads.
Lightning arced ominously through the torrential downpour. In the brief flash of light, something caught Trevor's eye—something that caused memories to flood his mind. U
:iconductapecrazy:ductapecrazy 1 8


It's been more than two years since I've last updated my journal, it seems, and actually been active here. I still drop by occasionally to check on art (don't always comment though), but eh. Don't really do much else. Been.. an interesting two years, and it seems that for the most part, I've moved on from deviantArt. Mostly it's because I haven't been uploading most of my art (pretty much only give it to the person), so there hasn't been much to post here. I have however been working on my stories still, and since I stopped posting on and for the most part, been trying to put all my work together all in one place. Link below~ if you would like to check it out. ^^

Hope this finds everyone doing well. ^^ I threw one last dA on here, so.. check it out if you want? It's about a serial killer and the warden watching over him during his last hours~.
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United States
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MP3 player of choice: Creative ZEN Nano Plus
Favourite cartoon character: Envy (Full Metal Alchemist)
Personal Quote: You don't realize how much you miss the water in the well until it's gone.


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