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Stamp - The World

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A Map of the World! Without any borders. :star:

Because I love the world! :earth: :love:

And because I could never find a "World/Earth/Globe/Planet" stamp that didn't have flashing words all over it proclaiming, "L0v3 teh Earff!!1"... :paranoid:
Woo! :slow:

:bulletblue: World Map Image from Simple World Map PSD by ~madmaxpayne
:bulletgreen: Stamp Template by $zilla774

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I love this stamp I'm using this!!!!
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thanks for the stamp, it's wonderful! as an avid traveller i'm going to be using this on my profile. Heart 
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Yaaaay!  Glad I could help a fellow world explorer!  :w00t: 

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Thank you for the stamp I hope it's okay I used it ^.^'
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yah, great stamp!
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When I was a curios kid, I couldn't even imagine how big this planet is, but I notice it's (basically) a good world for me: how many places to travel, how many cultures to know, how many delicious foods to taste, how many people to talk to... I wish I had more time to travel around nowadays, but at the moment I must wait for Okinawa, Hawaii and NY.

I love this world.
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:w00t::earth: Travel on! I hope you get to see lots of places, meet lots of people, taste lots of food, and take lots of pictures. The world is awesome. I agree -- I think it's a good place. =D

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Am I the only Hetalia fangirl here who doesn't see... whatever the heck the other Hetalia fangirls see? Seriously, it's an unlabelled map; what's so amusing?
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Lol, who knows. :XD::heart: I'd never even heard of Hetalia until people started talking about it here --- and I made the stamp!

I still don't know what it is. :slow:

So your guess is as good as mine! :ahoy:

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Just so you know for future comments, Hetalia is a Japanese cartoon where all the characters are personified countries. Basically, they're all really bad stereotypes ;) It's very funny, if you're into satire~

Still, love the stamp~! :heart:
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Lol, I see! :slow::heart: Thanks for the explanation! That makes more sense at least. xD

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You're welcome~!
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No, you're not. To be honest, I sometimes find it ridiculous how fans will sexualize a world map. :|
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Sexualize...? Do I really want to know how one would do that...?
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Oh believe me I've seen Hetalia fans do that kinda shit. :|
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*goes and cries in her emo corner* WHYYYYY?!

By the way, I love your signature
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Lol, we live in a strange world my friend. xD

Thank you! :la: Chocolate is awesome!
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You're welcome! :dummy:
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"Sexualize" a world map??? :lmao::heart:

When I made this stamp, I didn't anyone would *sexualize* it! How do you even do that??

"Oooh, South America... you're so long and... uh, tapered at the end...?"

LOL. I don't even know. I mean, it's a 99x56 pixeled map for goodness sake! xD

...that said, the Earth *IS* pretty sexy --- all on its own! :love:

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