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The Full Pack
Here is all of Haben's pack and basically his family as well. I got lazy in some, and reused what I could of the old wolf poses I had done previously. But many of them I had to redraw, and Update their fur patterns to make them look better. Like Owen and Mabelle and Vince from back in the 2016/early 2017 drawings I had done of them. I also added Haben's mate who doesn't belong to me as a character, but is a big part of the pack, seeing as he's the Prince of werewolves.

Any how's here they all are, finally which means  I can move on to the other Wolf chars I have still that isn't apart of Haben's group.

Wolf's names from Left to Right are : 

Mabelle(Orange), Owen (Brown), Anubis (White Prince), Haben (Light grey Leader), Velma (female pup), Wallace (laid down pup), Avery (standing pup), Chad (Grey/white), James (White Vampire), Eli (Dark Grey/White/Brow), and finally Vince (Black/white).

I see a lot of improvement in the redrawn wolves. 

P.S. I can't do backgrounds to save my life. TvT

Old Links :………

All chars belong to : Me shadowdriver3
One belongs to my friend
Dim and Noah
A long time coming need to redraw Dim, one of my old ocs form the IZ days. Whom is no longer related to that shit, and is his own stand alone char. -ripped off the PAK and the Antenna though. Lol- Dim is in the Manti Alien species, though he is a hybrid of Manti and human. He's a good man, with technological advances he's made and sold to the government and is very rich now.Pretty much everything he's wear can do something tech wise. His son is Zeek Shamus and his grandson is Tobie Shamus, Dim ages slowly and will live up to at lest 260 years before dying. Well that's what he estimates.

Noah is kind of a prick, but a fashion lover with a very clean look to him always.  He is a Medical Surgeon, as well as having a pretty good grasp with using tech stuff. Noah actually  looks up to Dim, wishing to meet the great world renown genius, and may get that chance someday. How ever he works for the CORP, and is very happy to cut open a creature to see what makes them tick with out remorse. He's not one to actually going out of his labs to do work, because normally that winds up getting himself dirty with his nice clothing as stake. This man is twisted with his thoughts, and hardly vaules others lives but his own and Dim's to an extinct. 

Have a non-werewolf update. lol.

Dim and Noah both belong to me - shadowdriver3 

I Adopted Noah from - Ex-Noah
This is the pack's leader. Haben didn't plan on ever being a leader, especially to being at the side with Anubis. He still believes, Anubis should be the rightful leader, but the other simply didn't want the job. Anubis's dad happens to be the over all 'king' of all the werewolves. Thus why Haben was surprised to be giving leadership by Anubis's dad. Which, he stresses about making sure he's doing a good job and literally sends the king paper work and reports of how his pack is doing and that his son is well.

Haben : He is a big time Workaholic, and has been known to stay up for days on end to do things. Very stern and strong willed, 
He is smart, loyal, and calculated with important decisions. He has a stubborn side to him, and never strays to having fun(normally),
Some times he gets frustrated with some things but doesn't show it in front of others. Very Serious. Dose care a lot for others,
and has a softer side he doesn't expose very often. He's brave, and a noblest, He' doesn't have many fears. and shows his pride with a half trot when he's feeling a little over confidant. Enjoys coffee in the morning, in the afternoon, in the evening, and at night.

I have other wolves I'll be working on that isn't in Haben's pack and kind of their own thing. Before that though, I am making Haben's whole pack within one shot (as wolves).

Haben belongs to me - shadowdriver3

Anubis and his dad belongs to my friend. 
How to start this? Okay, first I'd like to say. This is James, this guy isn't actually a werewolf. He is a Vampire, if you have viewed my other art with him in it, you can tell that. Now before you ask what's going on here let me explain. hopefully without making a huge story.

James is a vampire, how with his two brothers and one sister making them quadruplets. James had the powers of ice, while his one brother had Fire and the other had earth, his sister had a spiritual type of power. Normal species of this Vampire are known to develop two powers as a common thing. James developed his second one when he reached the age of 100, it being Shape Shifting. Long story short ; James knew Anubis threw Andrew, who watch over Max and himself. James built a strong connection towards Anubis and saw him as a father like figure. Time passed and He hung with the pack some times more then with Andrew. As since they grew up, he didn't need to be looked after and was well trained by Andrew. Now, James likes to spin his time with the pack and a lot of the times when they go on hunts he joins them, but as a wolf that he shape shifted into. Haben and Anubis as well as the others see him as a pack mate and he's free to stay around them as long as he wants.

James : He is Smart and clever, Fun loving, Sweet but has a bit of a prankster side to him, Mostly calm, Can be shy which sometimes makes him use his powers without meaning to, Book worm, Adventurous, Brave and has a golden heart, caring and loving, sometimes he can be Carefree but normally thinks before doing, Inquisitive, and over all just good natured about a lot of things.

James belongs to me - shadowdriver3
The Pups
Here are those pups, Chad doesn't like Babysitting. They aren't normal wolves. They are African Wild Dog werewolves, their story is they were saved by Andrew who found a pack of them slaughtered while in Africa, looking for a massive group of Vampires who didn't stop killing they they had been warn to. Any how's Andrew two the three back, who all bit at him and growled the whole way, and gave them to Haben's pack. Haben took them in as his won kids, with Anubis' approval. Now they are being raised by him and the rest of the pack.

They are named,
Avery who is the oldest of the three and very calm
Then Velma is in the middle being a roughhouse type of gal
and then in last place is sweet young Wallabee.

they are fraternal triplets.

Avery : He is a thoughtful thinker, Observant, patient most of the time, playful, a little harsh to his siblings, Snippy,
A fighter at heart, friendly, smart, protective, Complains first, big eater, clean, born leader, a little bold, mild tempered, and has a curious streak in him.

Velma : She is very Brave, Carefree, Dare Devil, Bold, Hero, Rough, Playful, Excited, Dirty(always scraped up),
Rash, Headstrong, Doesn't like giving up easy, Likes to play pranks, self-centered slightly, Quirky,
A little wild, Friendly, Outgoing, Trouble maker, Bite first ask question's later, Adventurous, Can be Sweet, Hyper all the time,
Strong and Proud, Hardy.

Wallabee : He is the Soft spoken kind, Very shy, Quite, Easily startled, Careful, A little bit of a cry baby, Calm, Sweet and gentle, Hard working,
Tries to be helpful, Dislikes conflict, Wears his heart on his sleeve, Does the best sad puppy eyes ever, likes to take peaceful walks in the forest unless a grasshopper scares him half to death.

Avery, Velma, and Wallabee belong to me - shadowdriver3 
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Let's Go, Try me. 

Got from, RieNamkrow 


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Oh, thank you. I had forgotten that part! I should have also asked if it was alright. I use a ton of refs form different pictures real, no real, or posing to try and get a better concept for it all. Thank you for noting me. I'll  go threw and try and remember everything better when i'm not slammed with work. Maybe tomorrow when I get time, thanks again. I had forgotten all about crediting. skjgthsst Sorry about that,Soda! You're art as been very helpful in aiding me with how to better my facial structures and even bodies. I actually had searched on google and found you threw that originally. I;m hardly on here much anymore even to make newer posts. A lot of this is outdated and really needs a look over on my part so I can credit rightful people of any kinds of refs i had used in the past.
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I appreciate it very much, thank you for letting me know and again for saving my tail on this as well. I again apologize for not giving proper credits where they should be. I'll hopefully start fixing this tonight. Thanks again for being kind and also understanding as well.
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