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Vertigo vs Banases
I got this idea from watching my favorite DBZ artist on YouTube. This is Vertigo battling against Tolg Art's original character, who he calls Banases. This shot is based on the shot in Dragon Ball Super of Goku and Goku Black punching each other in the face at the same time.
Spider-Man Split
I've been meaning to do this one for a while. It's a split view of Spider-Man. The left side is Spider-Man in the tech suit Tony first designed for him and the right side is him in the second suit Tony made. The Iron Spider-Man suit.
Randy's TMNT-U Memories
For the competition in the TMNT-U group, we need to show or tell our student character remembering fun times they had during the school year. I'm not sure how many memories the leader of the group was expecting, so I decided to go with a solid five. Randy is walking down the sidewalk or street with his backpack, looking back on memories from this year.

In case they're a bit difficult to see, let me explain them. The one on the bottom left is Randy at a dance, a school-hosted party. He's huddled in the corner of the room, tugging at the collar of his shirt. He doesn't like stuff like this.

The one above it is Randy waking up and looking into the mirror to find that someone drew on his face and neck while he's asleep. They drew a handlebar mustache, a beard, a star, a heart necklace, gems around his eye, and a message saying "Hit here" with an arrow pointing to a spot on the front of his head.

The very top one is Randy in weapons class with, I assume the teacher of said class, Leonardo. I feel like Leo would be best suited for weapons training.

The one below it to the right is Randy in science class with, I assume the other teacher, Donatello. Maybe he shares his class with Leatherhead or they have two different levels of science learning or I dunno. Anyway, Randy's supposed to be making something Don told the class to make. Instead, what he made ended up exploding in his face. You can't see it very well, but behind the smoke, you can see Don's hand trying to clean the soot off his face.

And the last one is Randy at a party in the dorms. You know, one of those student-hosted college parties that last until three in the morning. He's got a cup of fruit punch (NOT beer) and his friend (yes, his friend is Gamera) is holding a slice of pizza.
Hulk, Mikey, and Bane
Ok, so this needs explaining. In my role play with a friend of mine, we did a TMNT and Bane crossover. In this, Mikey manages to make friends with Bane, partly by discussing Hulk from the comics, who Bane assumes is a real person. This is a hypothetical scenario in which the three of them hang out somewhere.


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