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This is my first journal since 2016, I've been veeery slack, haha. Just thought it's about time to have some kind of update because that journal on my page is so outdated and also just in case anyone is interested in the happenings of my life.

So I'm still working full time, same job as my last journal so it's still in the call centre, and then as many of you may know I've been doing on-going commissions for a while for a game. It's majority of my gallery lately, haha. Whenever I do have the time and energy to draw commissions will always come first. Which is why I've barely done any kind of personal work. I have a few WiPs but they are really going at a snails pace. I am still willing to take on new commissions but nothing too large or complex because I have so little spare time. Things like portraits or weapons are fine. 

Besides posting my work I haven't been too active. I haven't really had the time or energy to go and comment on other work and everything piles up so fast. 

I've also been doing some 3D modeling in my spare time as I also really enjoy doing it, but I don't really post anything on here because I figured no one on here would really be interested in seeing random 3D models of vending machines and air conditioners. It's all for an environment that's very slowly being worked on together as a collaborative project with the bf. If anyone is interested you can see some examples of what I'm working on here………
Would anyone actually like me to upload this sort of thing into my gallery?

If anyone is reading this post a comment if you're up to it. Let me know how you're going. I'd like to get to know my watchers more :)
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Aluxander01 Featured By Owner Mar 24, 2018  Student
Your 3d models are phenomenal. I agree with the comment below, artstation would be a good place to publish your models. Do you use blender?
ShadowDragon22 Featured By Owner Mar 26, 2018   Digital Artist
Aww thanks a lot! :D
I will look at posting some work on there soon. I'm working on way too many at once though and most are unfinished, haha.
I use Autodesk Maya for my modeling :)
Porecomesis Featured By Owner Mar 23, 2018  Student Writer
I think artstation might actually be your place for your renders! They're more about the professional side of things.
ShadowDragon22 Featured By Owner Mar 23, 2018   Digital Artist
Yeah I do have an Artstation. I only want to put my absolute best work on there so it is pretty empty at the moment. 
I'm hoping to upload the completed environment once it is done because that will make a good portfolio piece :)
It just may be a while still because I'm making each asset way too detailed and spending so much time on everything haha 
Porecomesis Featured By Owner Mar 23, 2018  Student Writer
You could always put what you have now as teasers. Not like there aren't a lot of WIPs on there already.
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