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Zenithar Dragon portrait doodle thing

I actually did this a week or two or so ago, this is my character Zenithar, but as a dragon! Went to the stylized sketchy type look again. I have a ref-sheet of him that I am slooowly working on, but commissions take priority so I'll finish it eventually, and I'm so indecisive with ref sheets! By the way he is a black dragon but it's just stylized and looks blue-ish XD I haven't had much time to draw these past few weeks, been so busy
and deviantart's comment box thing has been so broken! the cursor thing keeps jumping around and it's driving me insane and now I can't type any fullstops or symbols. I had to go back and edit and now it's working again. Anyone else had this problem? I also had issues the other day typing comments  on other deviations -.-
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This is pretty epic. Great job!

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