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Earth Dragon

Full View please~

This is actually a very old piece.. well it was lying on my computer about 70% finished for quite a while... some of you may have seen an unfinished version of this a long time ago XD. I was unable to complete it because my computer before was terribly slow and this picture was a real pain to work on, since it froze every time i tried to do something to it. and now that my computer is upgraded there is no lag at all =3.

So yeah, I had to finish this, i put way too much time in it to just leave it unfinished and rotting away on my computer XD, even though i see so many errors in this ._. but fixing some of them would require me to redraw heaps, though i did fix some things. and i hate the BG >.> i would redraw it but I'm too lazy xD

I am thinking I might also do dragons for Water, Air, Fire etc, as a kinda project thing, but i have no idea when i will draw those, I already have sooo many things to draw XD.

anyways, i hope you like, let me know what you think ^^
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This is beautiful!😄
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Oh, the eyes of a sad one. Fits perfectly into my fiction. May I use it?
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im planning on getting a tattoo of a dragon on my upper-back and i would like something like this do u have any other dragon pictures like this i could maybe use as a concept art?
by asking that im also asking i'm at all allowed to use your art as a concept for my tattoo
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Love how it blends with the nature around it so its name is very fitting.
Oh yeah ! It's exaclty the dragon of my story ! Thank you soo much !
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may i use your dragon? i am very stunned and well amazed by your art work. such beautiful creature ^_^ :D
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he looks so sad and lonely
Is it ok if I use your dragon design as an idea for my dragon tattoo?
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Awesome! You are very good on drawing Hug 
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Love this dragon. I am working on a fantasy novel that has dragons of each element so you should continue with them! I have earth, wind, fire, water, ice, crystal, sun/moon/stars, darkness, and then a love dragon and a record-keeping dragon. It will be a series of 4-6 books and I will need pictures of dragons for the covers of each one. May I have permission to use this picture at some point?
Thank you for your time.
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Love it! I think it would be really cool if you did do more for the remaining Elements! or have you already? :-)
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This is so beautiful! I love your design
Viol-Dove-Teshire's avatar
This is amazing, absolutely amazing. Love the blending.
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The earth dragon is one of the dragons of elements it creates boulders by rolling alot of rocks together then breathing rocks at the rocks and turning them into a boulder
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It is a very nice piece. I love how the dragon is blending in with its habitat. I like it a lot
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I like the colors. And will the background is simple, you shouldn't get rid of it. It fits the theme perfectly.
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I set it as the background on my laptop :)
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