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Dragon of the Red Glowies

I've submitted something that is not a commission for once! This is actually for myself :D I've missed drawing dragons and that's why this came into existence, I had fun with this and adding the glowing bits. Hopefully I can squeeze in more personal works in the near future :) 
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Beautiful dragon! :)

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Awesome dragon. :fire: :fire: :fire:  
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yeeee this one caches my eyes OwO

thats so inspiring and bootyfull AAAAAA 

TOO SMOOTH FOR MA EYESArtimist - Puppy Eyes / teary eyes 
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You’re welcome! ^^
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Now this is what I’d call beautiful and dangerous! The glow really is beautiful and gives a nice contrast to the pitch black. Also, red and blue really fit together in this one. I must admit that I’m not a fan of the neck, though. I usually don’t like that it’s first thicker and then thinner and then thicker again. But then again I don’t want everyhting to be pretty (especially dragons look better when there’s something rough or not so polished about them) ’cause something too perfect isn’t perfect at all.
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Thanks a lot for the lovely comment! :D
Now that I have another look at the neck it does bug me a bit, so I see what you mean XD There's always little things I don't notice until pointed out. 
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Don't mention it, I know the feeling myself as well!
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That glow is beautiful! :D
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