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My first drawing of a dragon for years! It has been way too long.
It's nice to have some motivation to draw coming back to me, let's see if I can keep it up!

Aprox 3-4 hours of work? Painted in Photoshop CC.
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Hi, I'm new to deviantart, and want to check with you - I love this dragon you have created, and would like to use it.  Can I have your permission to use it on my Twitch channel?  I'm a very small streamer, just starting out again after a long gap, and am working to create a 'Stream Starting Soon' image.  As well as the watermark you have, I can acknowledge it is your work in my channel bio.
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Encectral dragon 😏love it
Umukzus's avatar
so majestic...
ICEFYRE9781's avatar
Absolutely Amazing! ^^
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a dragon being a hero
RaWolFlame73's avatar
really cool i wish i could do something even remotely close to that
megabloks-dragons's avatar
amazing how you do this Nod 
i can barely draw a straight line Sweating a little... 
faved it +fav 
and, as i give to any great dragon artist i will give you a lama badge!Clap 
RaWolFlame73's avatar
i hear u i can only do really simple things on the computer
ShadowDragon22's avatar
Aww, thank you so much! :D 
Have a Llama in return :happybounce: 
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I like how he looks. Nice.
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It's so pretty! :love:
Awesome work!Colors are stunning
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Thankyou very much! :happybounce: 
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Yeah it has been awhile! :)
I like that you did the xy displacement with the alphas. The blur on the wing adds a nice focal point though I would
recommend to keep the horn in the front sharp and the one slightly blurred in the back is good. 
The textures on the plating and lighting on them look great. :D
Yep, keep it up! :3
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Thank you so much! <3
Now that I look at it again I realize I may have gone a bit overboard with the blurring on the horns, adding effects like that is so much fun though. I love depth of field :3
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I would agree. Its hard not to go crazy with it. xD Blur/DoF is fun.
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This makes me want to jump valiantly off a cliff, cause it's so amazing that it's no use even living because I'll never become as good as you.
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Aww thankyou so much! ;v;
Sparkling-Skies's avatar
No, thank YOU for making this image. It's beautiful.
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I have placed this image (with links back to here and your page) on my article here:…
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Love how you did the colors. Great lighting!
You also did an amazing job with the details with all the spikes and ridges.
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