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Weapon design of a bow, that is made of magic, for :iconrosereveries: ^^

Edit: Wow this nearly has 200 favourites o.o and made it to the front page too! first deviation of mine to ever get on the front page! =]
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nice job & keep going!!

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This is mind melding beautiful. It is a primal instinct of most Caucasians to love bows. Especially if there are some mythical aspect to its design.

Great Art!
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So beautiful~! I could look at this for hours. Love Thank you for this art, and have a very happy birthday!
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That is quite a beauty, there. :D
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That is so shining! :silentkitty: Absb:star:r
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I've been looking through your things and I'm just amazed at the work you do.
This piece especially! :dalove:
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This is very pretty, I love the different shades of blue and the glowing effects C:
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Well it is a very gorgeous design of a bow, so I'm not surprised it went to the front page ;D
It looks so angelic, I really would love to have one of these at home! I'm so in love with the all the details :heart:
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Wow, this bow look really amazing, well done! :clap:
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coolio :3 something like a mana-bow
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it reminds me of the bow ashe from league of legends wields :)
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Beautiful work!
This design would make an excellent el wire/panel project for clothing.
Use EL panels or wire ( to cut out the pattern and sew it into clothing.
Then add a power source such as an inverter, and presto! You got a beautifully lit up
bow of your own design.
Just an idea anyway. Good job!
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So often I wish weaponry like this actually existed. It's so much cooler than your average bow. :3
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It would be pretty epic to have real weapons like this, especially if they were made of magic =D
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