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Alchemist Weapons Set Commission part 2

The second part of these weapons commissions for PhilipDraco
First batch -…

Same concept as the last batch, 2-in-1 weapons where the swords are inside long range weapons and they slide and screw in. 
The left side is from a set called Mhealladh and the ones on the right are from Amity - you can see the other amity weapons I did here -…

You know that now I've completed over 100 weapons this year! and that's just weapons there's all of those dragons too. that's a fair bit, especially now that I'm working full time, and I have commitments like cooking/cleaning/general life stuff and a boyfriend who wants to watch lots of anime with me, haha. Although this is why I never post any other art-related stuff, simply no time =P
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*slaps another bag on the table* i want them all!
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Love the style of the metal! Gives me something to aspire to :) 
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Thank you so much! I'm quite happy with how the metal turned out myself :)
It also makes me very happy to hear that you think it's worth aspiring to :happybounce: 
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no idea what these are for but they look awesome
the handles seem to look the same on some, and since its ALCHEMY and i right in thinking thta that is the same weapon just changed to suit a different fighting style?
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Thank you :)
Yeah these weapons are 2-in-1. That is why they have matching handles. The blades are for shorter range combat and slide and screw inside of the longer range weapons. 
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your welcome :)
oh cool so they are similar to bloodborne's switch weapons (kirk hammer and ludwig sword in particular)
super cool to learn this thanks for explaining, it's an awesome idea
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quite brilliantly neat! ><
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Another nice quartet of weapons, and once again whilst I think this concept is a great idea my preference would be for the swords within the ranged weapons.
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Thank you very much :D
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Wow these are so pretty and dangerous looking at the same time. 
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You are welcome :3 ;3
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Cool weapons,  I'd be afraid of getting all those hoops on the middle spear snagged by something, but it reminds me of an Indian (asia, not native american) spear and I love the embossed sigils on the war hammers. Did you do this in photoshop?
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Thank you very much!
Yes these were all created in Photoshop, and using a Wacom Cintiq tablet :) 
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How did you get started doing commissions, if you don't mind my asking?
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:XD: :heart:  Very cool...
gymnosophist's avatar

:D :hug: :heart: You're dearly welcome...  

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