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Makai SD Disgaea

This... was supposed to be done a month ago. XDD

I wanted to have this finished before I played Disgaea 4, but then I actually GOT Disgaea 4 and there went a month of my time. I decided to do seven characters from each game plus a row of common cameos just for the hell of it. And... I definitely think I improved throughout this whole thing. I mean, hell, look at the D1 row compared to the cameos down there. XDD I even had to redo Laharl because he just looked THAT BAD compared to everyone else.

The cameos were really fun to do, though. And in case anyone's wondering, I went with Nippon Ichi-chan/Nisa instead of someone else because I have the feeling she's going to be showing up a lot more. I mean, she's supposed to be the company's -tan and all, lol. Also I have Nemo in there instead of, like, Archangel Flonne because I didn't want to reuse characters. Flonne seems to be more well-known in her Fallen Angel outfit anyway.

Ah, this was a lot of fun to do, even if it did take a long time. I encourage you guys to download this one! :D There isn't too much detail to be missed, but it'll look a lot better, lol.
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Everyone looks so cute. Except Nemo, he looks like he's watching Naruto.
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Totally awesome, especially that Salvatore pose. b^_^

I don't just want to download this... I want a POSTER of this, lol. No joke, dood.
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Ahhhhh, thank you!  I have been debating doing prints sometime eventually.  Maybe if I ever make some more print-worthy pieces to sell.
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Please, let me know when you do! I would definitely ask for this, among others! :]
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So cute~! Love the chibis~ :iconsqueeeeplz: :love:
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A princess never reveals her secrets.
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Secret? I'm questioning why she has the thing in the first place!

(She would actually seem like the person to wield something like that.)
shadowdancer09's avatar
Would YOU take it away from her if you found her with it?  Lol
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Only ONE person is missing: Baal.
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Love it! Awesome work!
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This is amazing..Go Adell and Rozalin <3
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As soon as I saw NISA this is wat happened to me ---> :iconexplodelaplz: I LOVE HER! SHE'S AWESOME!

Although, the chibis in the picture were a bit small for my tastes ^^;
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This is really cool, and I don't usually like chibi artwork.
Is it okay to think Marona's the cutest thing on the planet? She's like the epitome of sunshine and rainbows. =p
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awe kawaiii ^-^
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It's really awesome all of them!
Very nice work, good job!
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