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Makai SD Disgaea



This... was supposed to be done a month ago. XDD

I wanted to have this finished before I played Disgaea 4, but then I actually GOT Disgaea 4 and there went a month of my time. I decided to do seven characters from each game plus a row of common cameos just for the hell of it. And... I definitely think I improved throughout this whole thing. I mean, hell, look at the D1 row compared to the cameos down there. XDD I even had to redo Laharl because he just looked THAT BAD compared to everyone else.

The cameos were really fun to do, though. And in case anyone's wondering, I went with Nippon Ichi-chan/Nisa instead of someone else because I have the feeling she's going to be showing up a lot more. I mean, she's supposed to be the company's -tan and all, lol. Also I have Nemo in there instead of, like, Archangel Flonne because I didn't want to reuse characters. Flonne seems to be more well-known in her Fallen Angel outfit anyway.

Ah, this was a lot of fun to do, even if it did take a long time. I encourage you guys to download this one! :D There isn't too much detail to be missed, but it'll look a lot better, lol.
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Everyone looks so cute. Except Nemo, he looks like he's watching Naruto.