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June 12, 2005
Beautiful colours, excellent design. Star Wars E3 Design 4 T-Shirt is fanart at its finest. The force is definitely strong in shadowcatv10
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Star Wars E3 Design 4 T-Shirt

I have a tradition: I design for myself (and some special friends --my boyfriend, actually) an exclusive t-shirt for every Star Wars premiere I go to.

This is the ilustration I have created for Episode III. Hope you like it.

It was all Digitally Painted, except the acrylic texture effect, of course. It has took me 7 seven --more or less--, 6 hours every day.

I must say this is not a design for a comercial purpouse, ok? I don't sell any t-shirt or anything similar. This is only for a personal use.

Enjoy it and may the Force be with you all, always.
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It's verrrrrrrrrrrrrrrry goooooood!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Obi-Wan my favorite character, he is the biggest master :D :D :D
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oh wow, this is fantastic!
One of my first thoughts was "LOL! Palpatine is Anakin's butt,"
But my weird observation aside, this is cool.
One of my first thoughts was "LOL! Palpatine is Anakin's butt,"
But my weird observation aside, this is cool.
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I run a non-profit silkscreening corporation called Adult Transition Printing Corp. in California that provides vocational training for 18-22 year old adults with disabilities. We used this graphic as a lesson in 4 color process prints and I would like to send you one. Our website is I WILL NOT SELL OR DISTRIBUTE THIS TEE AND RECOGNIZE IT AS YOUR INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY. If you would like to email me your size and a mailing address I will send it. YOUR TALENT IS UNBELIEVABLE!!!
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This is spectacular! I would adore a shirt like this. You are very talented!
I am completely in love with this. Such an amazing job!
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Are you seeing episode 1 in 3D?
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hi! just letting you know that I am featuring your art piece here at my blog :D
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waaa so awesome I want a t-shirt with these art. =D
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awesome work (:
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Just B E A U T I F U L!!
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I just thought you should know this is my favorite Star Wars art ever. I'm so glad you drew this
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. A-MAZ-ING. Really love this piece..
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But you DO sell some of your art right? Things like these? Because your art is AMAZING and you'd make a lot of money with such a talent! This looks like an official movie poster!
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I sell some of my works, but this one not, of course. Because the idea is not original! ;)
Btw, I haven't sold any of my prints here, at DA :(
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Because this place is full of cheap people. :P
I'm the kind that would love to buy a bunch of art from so many awesome artists around but I have no income and the few money I get from family or anything else goes to things I already need...and a few unimportant cravings for myself every so often. >>

But I think the right people just haven't found you. Your works are worth paying for. they're great quality. :]
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