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I like how you did this. The colors are perfect, most of the jewelry is good, you forgot the necklaces and the hair pieces. Other than ...

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Morgan Holley
I decided to hand draw her with pencils and color pencils.

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Ancient Moth
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General Info

⦁ Civilian Name: Canalie Kari
⦁ Name Meaning: Pure Villain
⦁ Other Aliases: Ancient Moth
⦁ Titles: Seer of Darkness
⦁ Birthday: 4/19
⦁ Zodiac: Aries
⦁ Age: 23(?)
⦁ Species: Child of Darkness
⦁ Nationality: Asian(Present day)
⦁ Ethnicity:  White
⦁ Gender Identity:  Female
⦁ Sexual Orientation: Lesbian

Physical Traits

⦁ Body Type: Ectomorph
⦁ Height: 5" 0'
⦁ Weight: 150 lbs
⦁ Skin Color: Pale
⦁ Hair Color: Black
⦁ Hair Length: Long
⦁ Hair Style: Long Bangs and waist length
⦁ Eye Color: Purple
⦁ Disabilities / Injuries: Blind
⦁ Casual Clothing: Usually wears gypsy style. Unless she is at a party, then she wears strapless black dress with yellow stars on it.
⦁ General Physical Description: A pale seer that is blind, but uses auras to read people. Her hearing is very very sharp.

Psychological Traits

⦁ Ethical Alignment: Half-Neutral, other half depends on the situation.

⦁ Positive Traits: Calm and Caring

⦁ Negative Traits: Emotional and Problematic

⦁ Mental issues: Some call her schizophrenic because she sees auras

⦁ Goals:  To help make life easier on people struggling with problems

⦁ Fears: Being made to eat souls to make her demon side come out

⦁ Spiritual Beliefs: Unknown

⦁ How others perceive them: Scary, freaky, unnerving

⦁ How they see themselves: Calm, helpful, shy at times

Background Info

⦁ Hometown: Unknown

⦁ Where they currently live: In Lilac's store/spa

⦁ Social Class: Homeless most of the time

⦁ Education: None

⦁ Occupation: Gypsy/Seer

⦁ Favorite food: Fish-sticks

⦁ Hobbies: Reading auras and books for the blind

⦁ What they love: family and magic

⦁ What they hate: dark auras and tense situations

⦁ Family: Lucia and Kura(in this life)
⦁ Mother: Morrigan
⦁ Father: Hodr
⦁ Brother: Unknown
⦁ Sister: None
⦁ Pets: Unbreon named Rings

⦁ Friends: Lucia, Kura, Lilac, Morgan

⦁ Lovers: None

⦁ Enemies: Unknown

About the Ancients

⦁ What they represent: Darkness and Future

⦁ Colors: Black, yellow, purple

⦁ Their mission: They don't have one really

⦁ How your character relates to Sailor Moon canon: Helps out senshi if needed

⦁ Senshi who are a part of their team: Sailor New Moon

⦁ Animal Companions / Guardians: Rings and Lilac

⦁ Other allies they affiliate with:  Ancients


⦁ Ancient Form
⦁ Name: Ancient Moth
⦁ Phrase: "Ancient Moth, Shine up!"
⦁ Transformation Item: Chocker with a pearl on it
⦁ Wand / Weapon: Stars
⦁ Description / Image: Stars that absorb darkness to be thrown


⦁ Element: Darkness and Spirit
⦁ Mainly uses darkness, unless she is upset

⦁ Attack #1: Star shot!
⦁ Shoots stars that come back to her as a boomerang

⦁ Attack #2:Dark Star Beam!
⦁ A beam of darkness with stars mixed in

⦁ Attack #3: Spirit Slasher!
⦁ Allows her to damage the spirit/soul at 5% of one's health

⦁ Attack #4: Future Sight!
⦁ She sees an attack happen and it hits 2 rounds/posts later.

⦁ Taboo: Turning into a demon
⦁ If she turns into her demon side, her soul will be trapped keeping her as a demon. Light can't turn her back unless it's pure innocent light

⦁ Other Abilities: mishapen wings
⦁ Description: grows mishapen wings to fly with when her light and dark is 50/50


⦁ Armor: None

⦁ Technology: None

⦁ Other:  Her seer items


⦁ Setting: Celtic Past
⦁ Canalie being the daughter of Morrigan and Hodr, she is a demi-god with some witch powers, that being her seer magic. She lived with her mother in the Scottish Isles. After witches were hunted down her mother sent her to another dimension where she was adopted as the cousin of Lucia and Kura. Unfortunately she died in an accident and wasn't seen again until she was reborn on Earth.

⦁ Summary:  Present Day
⦁ She lives in in present day Tokyo mostly as a homeless fortune-teller. Most people are scared of her because most things she 'sees' are almost completely accurate. She usually  stays with Lilac, but that's when she has no where else to go. If she isn't with Lilac she is usually wondering the streets.




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What's up my little ones, it's been a very long time. I decided to update you all on my life.

What's new:
I try and make my art 2-3 times a week.
I'm going to try and make more bases.
I'm going to try and learn the secerts of the adoptable(making them.)

Why I haven't posted a journal in while:
Three words

Fucking Mental Sucks

My meds are fucked, my shizoeffective disorder is fucked as usual.

Shadow/Saturn loves you all.

Love Planet 


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Cortney Painter
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Hi, I'm...well you can call me Shadow or Saturn. Clique I know but meh. I'm a girl with shizoaffective disorder that loves animes, reading, writing and drawing. Feel free to check out my stuff. It's not that good though.

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