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I like how you did this. The colors are perfect, most of the jewelry is good, you forgot the necklaces and the hair pieces. Other than ...

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Underworld Sisters
Cloud - All Rights Reserved - F2U Cloud - Disclaimer - F2U 
These are my OCs.

Avon and Haruki's sisters.

There magical girl names are Deafened Summer and Muted Fall

Kirie, Witch Fairy of Miracles
Cloud - All Rights Reserved - F2U Cloud - Disclaimer - F2U 

This is my oc Kirie Tsukino.

She is a witch/fairy that doesn't know her about her magic yet. She is a student at a school for wiccans.

Base at
Ancient Phoenix
Cloud - All Rights Reserved - F2U Cloud - Disclaimer - F2U 
General Info

⦁    Civilian Name: Sara-lin Kasai
⦁ Name Meaning: Princess Forest Fire
⦁ Other Aliases:  Ancient Phoenix
⦁ Titles: Princess/Gaurdian of Love and War
⦁ Birthday: 7/4
⦁ Zodiac: Cancer
⦁ Age: 16
⦁ Species: Love Angel
⦁ Nationality: American
⦁ Ethnicity: White
⦁ Gender Identity:  Female
⦁ Sexual Orientation: Bisexual

Physical Traits

⦁ Body Type: Ectomorph
⦁ Height:  5' 3"
⦁ Weight: 118 lbs
⦁ Skin Color: Peach
⦁ Hair Color: Red
⦁ Hair Length: Long
⦁ Hair Style: Long flowing straight hair with buns at the top on each side
⦁ Eye Color: Green
⦁ Disabilities / Injuries: Tumor in the throat
⦁ Casual Clothing: Pink dress with matching heels
⦁ General Physical Description: Skinny girl that is alethic when not in classes or singing pratice

Psychological Traits

⦁ Ethical Alignment: Light

⦁ Positive Traits: Happy, cheerful, hyper

⦁ Negative Traits: Shy, little to bouncy, over acheiver

⦁ Mental issues: None

⦁ Goals:  To become an idol even though she has a tumor

⦁ Fears: Not being able to sing anymore

⦁ Spiritual Beliefs: Believes in the Greek/Roman gods

⦁ How others perceive them: Hyper, can be irritating, sickly

⦁ How they see themselves: Happy, Shy, Athletic

Background Info

⦁ Hometown: Venus and Mars(depending on the time of year)

⦁ Where they currently live: Tokyo

⦁ Social Class: Student

⦁ Education: College Student

⦁ Occupation: Beginner Idol

⦁ Favorite food: pudding

⦁ Hobbies: Singing, dancing, and and sewing

⦁ What they love: Idols, making things, Raely

⦁ What they hate: Bullies, her tumor, doctors

⦁ Family:  Venus and Mars royal families
⦁ Mother: Aphrodite
⦁ Father: Ares
⦁ Brother: Unknown
⦁ Sister: Minako and Rei
⦁ Pets: A tiny fox she rescued

⦁ Friends: Mossie, Yukina, Zeina

⦁ Lovers: Raely

⦁ Enemies: Hate Devils and Youma

About the Ancients

⦁ What they represent: Love and War

⦁ Colors: Red and Green

⦁ Their mission: To protect the love of people in the world

⦁ How your character relates to Sailor Moon canon: She is the sister of Minako and Rei

⦁ Senshi who are a part of their team: None

⦁ Animal Companions / Guardians: A litten named Miko and Lilac the espeon

⦁ Other allies they affiliate with: None at the moment because she is shy


⦁ Basic Ancient Form
⦁ Name: Ancient Phoenix
⦁ Phrase:  "Ancient Phoenix, Shine up!"
⦁ Transformation Item: Heart Cameo on a necklace
⦁ Wand / Weapon: Heart Wand
⦁ Description / Image: wand that send a heart shaped beam of love


⦁ Element: Love and War
⦁ She uses mainly love/desire, and some war attacks

⦁ Attack #1: Love Beam!
⦁ Pink heart beam that heals hate

⦁ Attack #2: Flame of Desire!
⦁ A flame that comes from her wand that burns the enemy

⦁ Attack #3: War Boost!
⦁ A flame that gives whoever it hits a bit of power boost

⦁ Attack #4: Love Wall!
⦁ A wall that half's the damage of physical attacks

⦁ Taboo: Never use her magic for Negative manner
⦁ Will be turned into a stone angel(like you see in graveyards)

⦁ Other Abilities: Can change into an angel
⦁ In her Ancient form she can have angel wings for up to 5 minutes


⦁ Armor: Metal sleeve like stuff that attacks to her sleeveless leotard and a short skirt and knee high boots with the love on the left and war on the right

⦁ Technology: heart wand that turns into a staff in angelic form


⦁ Setting: Born on Venus and lived some parts of the year on Mars. Currently lives in Tokyo

⦁ Summary: Was born 10 years after Princess Venus and Mars. She was put as the guardian of the war side of love. She looked up to her sisters and was always training so that she could protect those that wanted to protect there love. After the war she was sent to another dimension so that she could learn about how to control the positive sides of love and war. When she came to Earth she learned about idols and wanted to be one despite the fact she was born with a tumor in her throat.




Made with pride by the DeviantArt community BROWSE ALL ART

What's up my little ones, it's been a very long time. I decided to update you all on my life.

What's new:
I try and make my art 2-3 times a week.
I'm going to try and make more bases.
I'm going to try and learn the secerts of the adoptable(making them.)

Why I haven't posted a journal in while:
Three words

Fucking Mental Sucks

My meds are fucked, my shizoeffective disorder is fucked as usual.

Shadow/Saturn loves you all.

Love Planet 


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Cortney Painter
Artist | Hobbyist | Other
United States
Hi, I'm...well you can call me Shadow or Saturn. Clique I know but meh. I'm a girl with shizoaffective disorder that loves animes, reading, writing and drawing. Feel free to check out my stuff. It's not that good though.

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