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I like how you did this. The colors are perfect, most of the jewelry is good, you forgot the necklaces and the hair pieces. Other than ...

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Ancient Draca
Cloud - All Rights Reserved - F2U Cloud - Disclaimer - F2U 

General Info

⦁ Civilian Name: Morgan Holley
⦁ Name Meaning: "Fighter by the sea" "Tree of Sacrifice"
⦁ Other Aliases: Draca
⦁ Titles: Ancient Draca, Princess of Spirit Dragons(Shen-longs)
⦁ Birthday: 11/26
⦁ Zodiac: Scorpio
⦁ Age: 28
⦁ Species: Dragaon
⦁ Nationality: Chinese
⦁ Ethnicity: Black-Chinese(Past Life Black-Greek)
⦁ Gender Identity:  Female
⦁ Sexual Orientation: Demiromantic

Physical Traits

⦁ Body Type: Endomorph
⦁ Height:  5'9
⦁ Weight: 179
⦁ Skin Color: Black
⦁ Hair Color: Brown
⦁ Hair Length: Shortish
⦁ Hair Style: One side is shaved and the other side goes down the face with a bang hanging down
⦁ Eye Color: light brown
⦁ Disabilities / Injuries: none
⦁ Casual Clothing: pink tank top, black capries and pink/black sneakers
⦁ General Physical Description: A bit chubby, but fit for her body type when she isn't in dragon form.

Psychological Traits

⦁ Ethical Alignment: Usually good, will be evil if she has no choice

⦁ Positive Traits: athletic, spiritual, leader

⦁ Negative Traits: little trust, very protective

⦁ Mental issues:  none

⦁ Goals:  to protect her kind and be a great boxer

⦁ Fears: her kind dying out

⦁ Spiritual Beliefs: Dragonoph

⦁ How others perceive them:  Strong, Loyal, brave

⦁ How they see themselves: protective, hides easily, not trusting

Background Info

⦁ Hometown: Ancient China

⦁ Where they currently live: Tokyo

⦁ Social Class: Rich

⦁ Education: Learned almost all forms of marshal arts except sumo, degree in swordmanship, degrees in animal and nature

⦁ Occupation: boxer

⦁ Favorite food: bacon

⦁ Hobbies: boxing, making nests for animals(and herself), watching over the fellow Ancients

⦁ What they love: boxing, animals, exercising

⦁ What they hate: lazy, animal haters, nature haters

⦁ Family: Holleys
⦁ Mother: thetis
⦁ Father: Original Shen-long
⦁ Pets: labador retrevier

⦁ Friends: Lucia, Kura, and Canalie

⦁ Lovers: n/a

⦁ Enemies: anyone that distrups nature

About the Sailor Senshi

⦁ What they represent: Spirit Dragons

⦁ Colors: Pink, Dark Pink, Black, Brown

⦁ Their mission: protect dragons

⦁ Animal Companions / Guardians:  Lilac the Espeon

⦁ Other allies they affiliate with:  Ancients and Avon's sisters


⦁ Ancient Form
⦁ Name: Ancient Draca
⦁ Phrase: "Ancient Draca, Shine up!"
⦁ Transformation Item: Scale ear cuffs
⦁ Wand / Weapon: Scales
⦁ Description / Image: Scales that can be thrown as featheres


⦁ Element:
⦁ Spirit/Dragon

⦁ Attack #1: Spirit Shackles
⦁ Shackles made by dragon's hide that cuff beings down.

⦁ Attack #2: Breath of the Dragons
⦁ Breath shot out that damages the following: spirit/dark/ying-yang does some damage to everything else except fairy that does no damage to

⦁ Attack #3: Spirit Scales
⦁ Scales that can damage the soul/spirt

⦁ Attack #4: Dragon fire
⦁ Fire that stings the skin

⦁ Taboo: Giving the scerets of spirit dragons out
⦁ Will stay a full dragon and no longer after to speak nor have humanity

⦁ Other Abilities:
⦁ Changing into all dragons except sea dragons, changing into all repetiles that are still alive(can't into dinosaurs.)


⦁ Armor:  Scale armor


⦁ Setting
Lived in the Ancient Greece when some of her kind moved to greece to hide from dragon hunters. Now lives in modern Tokyo

⦁ Summary
Ingeir(past life name) lived in Ancient Greece with her mother. Zeus was mad at her mother for falling for a dragon so he cursed Draca to change from dragon to human with none of her mothers powers as punishment. Before Draca was a naiad with dragon features. No one knows how she died.(Or do they...) Morgan lives as a nature presever and boxer in Modern Tokyo. She had a nest hidden in the mist that she allows plants and animals of all kinds to grow. At home(near the nest) she has a greenhouse that her and Zeina grow plants that Zeina got seeds from her mother then she was wakened at one point.

(… for the temple)
I don't feel well. My meds are acting up and it's effecting my mood and desire to do anything. My art might be slow(and take a long time to do) because my inspiration is dry. Please note I love you all and I will try and get some more stuff done. 

I'm posting more adoptables of more then just Pokemon at some point. I might do cutie marks, badges, transform stuff..etc.

If you do request anything, hit up the commisions and we will talk it out. Please note all my prices are 100 points.(I don't like the charge much because my art reflexes my mood and skills(which suck most of the time.)

Any questions hit up the comments.

Love Planet 
Fallen Blue Angel Base
I worked hard on this base. It's my first one with skin tone/shading.

Please credit me if you use it. 

Can be used for art, points and point based commissions. NOT CASH.

Please no Frankendollings. Genderswaps and changing into creatures is fine as well.

Marianasweet Do not steal my art 1Marianasweet Do not steal my art 2 
Adoptable Zorua
4 little Zorua up for adoption

1: Amethyst Zorua
2: Rose Zoura
3: Ice Zoura
4: Jungle Zoura

Each one is for 100 points. Comment below which one you want(i'll post the non watermark for you after you pay the 10 points.)

Once one is adopted it is no longer up for adoption.
Marianasweet Do not steal my art 1Marianasweet Do not steal my art 2 



Made with pride by the DeviantArt community BROWSE ALL ART

What's up my little ones, it's been a very long time. I decided to update you all on my life.

What's new:
I try and make my art 2-3 times a week.
I'm going to try and make more bases.
I'm going to try and learn the secerts of the adoptable(making them.)

Why I haven't posted a journal in while:
Three words

Fucking Mental Sucks

My meds are fucked, my shizoeffective disorder is fucked as usual.

Shadow/Saturn loves you all.

Love Planet 


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This will help me get to use new brushes/bases/textures and I will start adding short stories.

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Hi, I'm...well you can call me Shadow or Saturn. Clique I know but meh. I'm a girl with shizoaffective disorder that loves animes, reading, writing and drawing. Feel free to check out my stuff. It's not that good though.

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