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U.I. Shaggy and God of Destruction Scooby

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Species: 1/2 Meme god 1/2 Shaggy (he is his own species)

Superhuman Physical Characteristics
Energy Manipulation
Energy Projection
Afterimage Creation
4th Wall Awareness
Enhanced Senses
KI Manipulation
Power Absorption
Power Nullification
Superhuman Speed
Superhuman Strength
Genius Intelligence
Illusion Creation
Mind Manipulation
Expert In Combat
Mangekyo *left eye*
Rinnegan (world of the Mighty) *right eye*
Rinnegan *top eye*
High Reality Warping
High Toonforce
Godly Regeneration
Energy Absorption
Forcefield Creation
Superior Reactive Evolution
Superior Adaptation
Instinctive Reaction
Hyper Mode
Total Resistance against Time Based Attacks
Able to Move in stopped time
Able to stop Accelerated/Reverse time
Able to stop a timeline from splitting
Cosmic Awareness
Omnipotence Negation
Durability Negation
Omniscience Negation
Ultra Instinct
All powers
All previous powers get boosted by Infinity and Beyond (when in U.I. form).
All Metapowers, Powers, Nonpowers, Omnipowers, and Beyondpowers.
All previous abilities get boosted to another infinity
The Power to beat your character with indefinite strength (He's Fought Aqus to a stand still after both became board and decided to call a draw).
Same powers but exponentially stronger.
Stand Generation
*What's New With The Doo
•Distructive Power: ♾
•Range: ♾
•Durability: ♾
•Speed: ♾
•Precision: ♾
•Developmental Potential: ♾
Special Powers
1.Ability Mimicry: can mimic the abilities of any other stand by seeing the stand or the stand making contact with the user (i.e. Shaggy)
2.Stat Stacking: after mimicking another stands' abilities it can stack them increasing its own power, speed, precision, etc.
3.Reality Manipulation: given its ties to Shaggy it has many of his powers reality manipulation.
4.Stand Immunity: it is immune to the powers of other stands.
5. Destruction and Reconstruction: a single hit using this will destroy an opponent but can be reconstructed if Shaggy chooses to do so.

God of Destruction Scooby

Species: 1/2 God of Destruction 1/2 Sapient Great Dane

have all the abilities of a God of Destruction except has a different Hakai.
*Omni-Dimensional/Omniversal Haki (erases entity's from all universes and dimensions).
Dimensional BFR
Same Powers as Shaggy

Trivia: They are more meme characters but these are two of the council of memes from the Prime Universe
-There's a meme council it is run by 10 of the most powerful Memes
10.Most Interesting Man in the World
9.Super Crown
8. Chuck Norris
7.Ugandan Knuckles
6.Kai Velma (Velma Velma but a Kai)
5.Angel Daphne (Daphne but an Angel)
4.Berserker Fred (Fred but styled like Broly).
3.God of Destruction Scooby
2.U.I. Shaggy
1. Jelly Filled Donut (because nothing beats a Jelly Filled Donut).
*I will be drawing them but not lesser memes
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Ghost Captain Caveman.
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Im guessing you mean from an anime I'm thinking

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Ok I understood that

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