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Prologue 2: Of the Titan's Anger and Hatred
Prologue 2: Of the Titan's Anger and Hatred
Lightning crosses the sky lighting the rough sea surface. The wind roars causing unforgiving waves to sail across the water. Mixed with the water, pieces of wood that was part of a bigger ship strengthen the waves as they hit the side of a cliff. Along with the wood and water, the bodies of the passengers flowed with the rage of the ocean. Some of them still tried to resist the force that took them ever close to the wall. Among the bodies, He fought for his survival. He wasn't expecting the storm to crash his vessel, but after all this years, no mere storm would stop him. He saw the cliff moving closer with his roar of the wind, and with each wave. He decided his course of action.
Lighting crosses the sky. To his left, he sees a large male amani holding on to a large plank of wood. The lightning fades. He begins to swim towards him. He gets closer in the darkness with each stroke of his arms. Lightning crosses the sky. The aman is stil
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Guild Backstory 1 Draft
The man took a sip of the ale. "It was beautiful" He waves his hand in a chopping motion downwards towards a loaf of bread sitting on a plate. "They were everywhere. Those damn Devas. I have seen cows being cut for food! I have seen hunters skinning their hunt! But these devas. They just slaughtered the remaining survivors. Ruthless, and filled with a controlled rage." He takes a big sip from his drink and smacks it down on the bar with a sigh, with some ale still dripping from his beard.
"But us! The Federation still fought. We stayed together. I was on the back ranks, trying my best to keep them in one piece. I even felt how my own life was seeping into my peers. I HAD to. My own life depended on their survival. That's when I saw her. She looked small, almost scared. But the axe in her hands, connected here and there. She knew what she was doing, but in very controlled way. Then, the person next to her fell. A devas cut right into his throath, spilling blood like a damn waterfall!" h
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Tera: Background Story for my Character Damyan Dal
"Just… concentrate, and imagine your blood leaving through your fingertips and forming a solid sphere in front of you" a tall bearded man tells the young teenager next to him. The sun hits the man's brown hair causing it to turn a shade of caramel. He looks to the front and raises his scepter. Strands quickly form around his arm and concentrate on the tip of the scepter, and just like that, a sphere of orange solid light forms. It falls to the ground with a clank, matching the almost mirror like polish of the surface.
"It's not easy father… especially when I don't have a scepter of my own" the teenager holds his hands up front, forming an imaginary ball. Sweats runs down his face as his body tighten, simulating his focus.
"Son" the father says putting his hand on the boy's shoulders. The boy's body relaxes while he raises his sight to meet his father's. "The scepter is just a tool, just as your hands. We use our body to channel the magic on Arun and Shara's land to meet our n
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The Boy who couldn't Dream
As it goes that day turns into night,
Thoughts turn into dreams.
But sometimes, for very special people,
These thoughts become nightmares.
As it goes, a boy, with not many years of experience
In this field of expertise.
Had a very big problem.
His sleep would never come!
But the nightmares would.
What a predicament the boy had.
The boy laid in the middle of his bed,
Inside his fort of cotton.
For those who dream, there are no noises or sounds.
But for this boy, who couldn't sleep,
The night was full of them.
The rattle of the tails.
The scratching of the claws.
The crunching of fangs.
And the sound of his prayers.
Not really directed at any one.
Just enough to drown the sound of fear.
But as fast as his fear became tangible, they disappeared.
Light emerged from the doorway.
And father stood there with a smile on his face.
Almost like he knew of…
The Rattle, the Scratching, and the Crunching.
The boy let the father into the fortress of cotton.
And almost like being knighted, the fa
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Roses of Eternity: Chapter1
"The voice that breaks serenity"</i>
       The cottage was built in a small valley between two lush green forests. A brown path was formed by human's hand through the forests. At this time of the year, the green of the forests was the highlight compared to the dull colors of the small cottage. Made of wood and stones, with small windows enough for the light to break into the house during the mornings as the sun raised. The humble cottage is contradicted by the car parked to a side of the brown dirt road. The price of the car could surely pay for the entire surrounding land. Birds whistle in the background, and some are seen flying above the trees. The smell of flowers is long gone from spring as summer is entering the small remote area.
Suddenly the birds get silent and footsteps are heard happily on the road. The sweet voice of a girl joins the birds in singing. She is still deep within the woods walking towards the house to notice the exp
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Random Poems 2
Poem 1
A drop falls
Awaken from a Dream
for the time has come
So that you fall too
Poem 2
Fear has
To hope
Poem 3
My knife carves an opening in my mind
The truth slips and breaks in
That mist in my eye is harshly removed
I see my surroundings, I am enclosed
For I now understand where I stand
I open my mouth to speak lies.
Poem 4
Knocking at my door tonight
The ancient sun come to stare at my dark soul
Nothing to fear, I fight alone
Poem 5
Open my heart
Insert your memories
and now, begone
Poem 6
I am           | am I             | Yet Desiring
Confused    | Desiring        | You
Yet Desiring| you, confused| Confused
You            | yet               |  I am
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Random Poems
poem 1
A silence crawled to my wound
It slithers and hides inside
Gaining power and consuming my heat
Poem 2
I think Therefor I harm.
and I harm so other's feel alive.
Poem 3
For Hate:
I hunger your loving pation
Desire the dark salute
And your ability to stay
Carved, burned, scared
into each other's heart
Poem 4
for Love:
I envy your partnership, never alone
since you are always to misunderstood
Causing eternal angst and suffering
Poem 5
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Complete My Misery
Twilight dances with autumn's night sky
Forever changing the time's dream
Angel's crying in remorse of a strange illusion
Mind your tears sweat dark hour
For it will see the day to forgive us
Demons and Gods see us farewell
It is time to see through the well
Of Darkness and Water of cleansing voyage
Elements forgetting how to exist
I shall wait to see a day, a complete day
Time and Years, montly disguises of Lore
I shall wait to see everything gone for more
Cry for me, it's that time again
To complete my misery with pain
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Fire and Emotion Faery Tales
Fire Claimed Anger with sword in hand
Hatred climbed the tower in seek of the princess
Treason grinned how Love cried with despair
and They all fested upon Demise
Hatred saw and couldn't believe
And with Anger went and flee
Treason laughed with total control
and Fire, waited, patiently waited
Hatred rose to Treason's Quarters
Only to see lillies in autumn
and decaying night wishes
Emotions in confusion created a fearytale one day
Funny, it was the same as those that end well
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Tainted Cherry Blossoms
I lay with all my training here
That last sound of river near
Has it been days? Years? mere seconds
The wind blows through the cherry blossom
zephyr like a man's touch through woman's bossom
What a nice and sincere moment to see reality
The real color of this cherry blossoms
Their pink is not true, their white is not pure
My love goes through my sword, nomore
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Stalker: Tenth Visit
Her name was Yumi. She spent days praying on her small room on the Asylum. Since she was a small girl she was devoted to her believes and never strayed from them. Everyone that worked on the Asylum loved her. She always had a smile on her face and blessed everyone that passed by her. She was committed into the Asylum because her devotion had brought her insanity. She said she had to kill her father because a demon was tormenting his soul, and she did it before it was too late. She never seemed to worry about what she did. She lived happily here like if this was God command on her life. It was around twelve on the night when she sat down on the bed and took the bible under the pillow and began to read it. She read the bible on her favorite part. Jesus spent forty days and forty nights on the desert and he was tempted by the corrupted Devil. But he never gave up and continued.
She closed the bible and kneed in front of the bed. Tap And she began to pray. She continued praying until she f
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Stalker: Ninth Visit
The chairs of the small wheel car she moved with different papers from the patients of the Asylum made a sort of squeaky noise that shattered silence into pieces. Silence conquering was always stopped by the whistling that came from her. On her ears some headphones played her favorite song. She passed through the hallway and verified each door. Closing time was near so she decided to stop for the day. She walked to the end of the hallway and talked to the guard. She was so safe in her world. Music was her world. She stepped out of the hall and walked to the stairs to leave. Her hand moved to the handle of the door. Tap She heard, behind the door, behind her, or above her? She did not know, but still she grasped the handle and opened the door. In front of her the stairs that connected all the floors stayed still and damp. She stepped in and stretched as the door closed behind her, with a small glimpse of a dark shadow behind the door.
She began to step slowly whispering the lyrics to th
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Imperfected Shadows
Sweet Imperfections Calling widly the love
Rhapsody of sorrow playing that requiem
The same song of dead lullaby of that lust
Oh dear, it's that time of memories again
Shadows will creep to the sun, Lovely blind Sight!
Singing their red crimson roses they will fight
Fallen wind trying to stop their broken side
Never surrender! Their Anthem rise high again.
Dear allmighty Lord at the horizon's feet
Oh, See all of their dreams like burnt holy books
Oh, See all of their agnst like primal flowers
For this time their shadow values more than life
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Stalker: Eight Visit
Tap… Hello there! I did not notice your entrance. I have been alone for so long that I don't even notice when people visit me. Oh my, do you want some cookies? They are from this afternoon. The people here at the asylum are so good to me. Even though I'm blind and they say I have multiple personality disorder. They still come and give me some cookies. Tap… My my! Impatient aren't we? Well if you don't want cookies, then maybe some water? I don't know if it's filled completely. I forgot to ask the nurse to get it for me. I always forget something! Hah Hah Hah. Well I'm sorry if I'm not looking at you directly. But I am blind as you may have noticed. Scratch… I'm sorry, but are you a cook? I hear that constant tapping, like metal against the wooden chair in front of me. You have a knife or something similar?
You are the first visitor I get in a long while. My family gave up on me awhile ago. They said that I was insane! Don't you find that funny? I'm just a sweet old lady! Can't they und
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Destiny of a Shadow: SS III
She stretched her arms into the air as she walked up the stairwell of the tower. The tallest tower of the castle she resided in. When her age was just six, she sat on the road to the festivities of the King of Mirrors. She was getting late so she sat there overlooking the town eating an apple. She smiled looking when suddenly a sword went right through the apple in her hand. She followed it with her sight and saw a knight in black armor with long white hair and black bangs and a gorgeous face. She could only stare at the silver eyes of the knight as he took a bit of the apple and drop it on her lap. He sheathed his sword and began walking towards the village. She followed him with her small eyes amazed by his beauty. She grabbed the apple and kept eating it and she saw how the darkness was invoked into the town and how the people suffered. But she did not care; she smiled as the image of the knight was engraved into her mind like a photo. After a long while passed she saw how the castl
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Stalker: Seventh Visit
It's late. The clock on my table says it is around 1 A.M. I decided to stay awhile more so I can see who deserves to get out from My Asylum. I was passing through the papers when I heard a noise outside my door. It sounded like something made of metal against the surface of the wall. A soft tapping sound, strange indeed. There's no one probably outside. Tomorrow I'll send the janitors to check for rats or any other pests. I got bored and got my diary out and began writing here. This job as director of the Asylum has me pretty bored all nights. I started this diary on my first day after hours of not doing anything. I will, wait, there's that sound again. It's closer to my door. Strange, never at this hour I have heard that noise before. Well after all the things that have happened on this Asylum. But I won't let it continue. I have made put more guards on every floor. The killer will be caught, for the sake of H.. damn! There it goes outside, there's a tapping out there right outside my
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I actually got some projects going on :O Part of it it's my new short story.

Let's see how those turn out.


Damyan Dalak
Puerto Rico
Current Residence: Guaynabo PR
Favourite genre of music: Metal, Classical, Good Music
Favourite style of art: Pretty Much Everything lol
Operating System: Windows
MP3 player of choice: My PS3
Wallpaper of choice: whatever fits my mood for a long time.


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