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The GREAT WAR between the AUTOBOTS and DECEPTICONS was finally over.  When Megatron disappeared, the various factions within the Decepticon Army disagreed on how best to carry on.  The Autobots, too, were divided, but their disagreements were in methodology rather than goals.  RODIMUS PRIME, with help from his predecessor OPTIMUS PRIME, convinced the disparate groups that now was the best chance to end the war.  Together, the unified Autobot forces took advantage of their enemies' confusion and defeated the Decepticons, many of whom were tired of the fighting, but were afraid to speak up.
Though the truce was uneasy at first, as many still held grudges.  But ultimately peace won out.  With all sides working together, the SPACE BRIDGE NETWORK was repaired and contacts with former Colony Worlds of CYBERTRON were restored.  New technology, discovered by some of these other worlds was shared, and slowly Cybertron was rebuilt and repaired.  Energy concerns became a thing of the past thanks to the new technology and the sharing of resources.  Now, some time later, the official peace treaty has been signed, and celebrations are about to begin.

(The city of CYBERTROPOLIS, where huge crowds have gathered, for the celebrations as well as the ceremonies to follow.  Fireworks are going off and several Cybertronians fly high above the city, in their alt modes, taking in a bird's-eye view of the festivities)

SLAMDANCE: "This is Slamdance reporting live from Cybertropolis, the first city built after the Great War.  Cybertropolis was built over the ruins of Iacon City, former home of the Autobot forces as well as the Cybertronian Council.  Today, a new group, the first group of elected officials in over four million years, will take the reins of government.  The Primes, having long been a symbol of Autobot leadership have been retired, out of respect for the former Decepticons.
Rodimus Prime has returned the Matrix of Leadership to Vector Sigma, leaving his predecessor, Optimus, Prime in name only.  Optimus had offered to retire the Prime name, but leaders from all factions, including Rodimus himself, requested he keep the name, as he brought hope to all sides after the war."


(OPTIMUS PRIME stands in a nearby doorway as RATCHET, paces back and forth)

OPTIMUS PRIME: "Nervous, old friend?"

(Ratchet glares at Prime)

RATCHET:"Not at all!  Just not sure why I'm here!"

OPTIMUS PRIME: "You're here because the people need you.  Your people need you!"

RATCHET: "Ehhhh! I didn't want any of this...Wheeljack dragged me kicking and screaming.  I'm too old to be messing around in govenment and all that!"

OPTIMUS PRIME: "You'll do fine, Ratchet."

RATCHET: "Says you!  This is old hat for you, but I'm new at this!"

(BUMBLEBEE walks in)

BUMBLEBEE: "It's almost time."

RATCHET: "I suppose it's too late to back out?"

(Prime laughs and puts his arm around Ratchet as the trio prepare to leave.)

BUMBLEBEE: "Relax, doc.  Knowing Prowl, he'll do most of the talking!"
Scene from a story idea I had.
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