Sonic Legends - Season Summaries - Year Three

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Sonic Legends - Season Summaries - Year Three

Note: Each Season will have an Opening and Closing Theme, as well as Insert Songs. The Intro Season (Season 1), Crossover Seasons (Seasons 8 and 14 respectively), as well as the second "film" (Season 15) do not have any of these.

Season 7: Introduction of the Werehog, Dark Gaia, Light Gaia, Perfect Dark Gaia, and the Light Gaia Colossus.

Opening Theme: Endless Possibility

Ending Theme: Dear My Friend

Insert Songs: Cutscene - Opening, Cutscene - A New Journey, Empire City - Day, Empire City - Night Apotos - Day, Apotos - Night, Mazuri - Day, Savannah Citadel - Day, Mazuri - Night, Savannah Citadel - Night, Holaska - Day, Cool Edge - Day, Holaska - Night, Cool Edge - Night, Boss Battle - Night, Spagonia - Day, Rooftop Run - Day, Spagonia - Night, Rooftop Run - Night, Chun-nan - Day, Dragon Road - Day, Chun-nan - Night, Dragon Road - Night, Shamar - Day, Arid Sands - Day, Shamar - Night, Arid Sands - Night, Adabat - Day, Jungle Joyride - Day, Adabat - Night, Jungle Joyride - Night, Eggmanland - Day, Eggmanland - Night, Super Sonic vs. Perfect Dark Gaia, Cutscene - To the Surface, Cutscene - Rekindled Light - Save the Speech!, Cutscene - Always

While taking a small vacation in Spagonia, Sonic notices Mephiles and chases after him without any kind of help, ending up in Green Hill. Knowing that he can't defeat him in his base form, Sonic summons the Chaos Emeralds to turn into Super Sonic. However, Mephiles was hoping for this outcome, with Sonic becoming trapped by Mephiles in an energy field that deactivates his Super form.

Mephiles then forcefully takes the Chaos Emeralds out of Sonic's body and absorbs their energy. Using the energies of the Emeralds, he proceeds to fire a gigantic energy blast from orbit, which splits the Earth into seven pieces, releasing the goddess of darkness Dark Gaia (and as a result of Mephiles absorbing the energies of the Chaos Emeralds to do something with so much negative energy, they are now completely drained of their power).

However, some of Dark Gaia's energy inadvertently goes into Sonic, and Sonic is transformed into a creature known as a Werehog whenever it is nighttime. Shadow and the others go to Sonic, seeing his new transformation. At first, the only ones who believe him are Shadow and Amy, but Sonic manages to convinces the others by saying that Silver and Blaze were from the future, as well as stating Knuckles’ real name.

Mephiles disappears, but not before telling them that the world is about to be plunged into an era of darkness. Suddenly, a small imp-like creature appears before them, not remembering anything aside from a few key details. The main detail is that he reveals that the Chaos Emeralds can be restored at certain temples around the globe. While they make a pit-stop for fuel in the country of Apotos, the small creature takes a liking to a type of chocolate-chip ice cream. Because of this, Sonic names the creature Chip.

After the fuel stop, they proceed to go around the world and restores the Chaos Emeralds. However, once the sun sets at a Temple they go to, they encounter creatures that Dark Gaia created, and thus have to defeat them in order to restore the Emerald, as the Temples can only be entered at night.

At the temple in the country of Adabat, Chip finally remembers who is is, revealing himself to be Light Gaia, the God of Light and the counterpart to Dark Gaia. Once the final Chaos Emerald is restored at Jet's old fortress (who had built his base over the final temple), they all go to the center of the Earth to stop Dark Gaia. However, they find Mephiles already there, who awakens Dark Gaia. Dark Gaia, however, does not listen to Mephiles, and attacks him. This causes Mephiles to retreat for the time being.

Dark Gaia absorbs the energy from Sonic, restoring Sonic to normal (but weakening him incredibly) and Dark Gaia to her full power, transforming into Perfect Dark Gaia as a result. In order to combat this, Light Gaia summons all of the Gaia temples around the world to create the Gaia Colossus. Using the Chaos Emeralds, Sonic, Shadow, and Silver turn into their Super forms in order to stop Dark Gaia before the entire planet falls into an eternal era of darkness (restoring Sonic to his full strength). During the battle with Perfect Dark Gaia, Silver restrains her with his psychokinesis, with Light Gaia beating Perfect Dark Gaia senseless. Shadow, meanwhile, fires hundreds of Chaos Arrows (quicker but much weaker Chaos Spears) at her. Once she is severely weakened, Sonic rams through Perfect Dark Gaia's head, killing her. Before she dies, however, she fires a huge blast at Light Gaia, effectively killing him as well.

Before dying, Light Gaia sends them all back to the surface of Earth, just before the center seals. As they arrive back at Green Hill, Sonic notices a bracelet on the ground (as it was the same necklace that Light Gaia wore around his neck). Sonic puts the bracelet on his wrist as a reminder of their adventure.

In an post-credits scene, Dark Gaia and Light Gaia are both revived into Immortals. They are both given their Time Stones once they are revived, parting their separate ways once they are given to them.

Season 8: A crossover Season with the Mega Man series, and the introduction of Mega Man, Zero, Albert Wily, Thomas Light, all of the Robot Masters, Bass, Treble, Vile, Proto Man, Rush, Super Mega Man, and Corrupt Mega Man.

In Gear City, Mega Man and Zero are alerted to Albert Wily's presence in Empire City and go after him, meeting the Delta Strike Force whilst there. Mega Man tells them that Wily is using all of his Robot Masters in a last ditch effort to defeat the two of them. This leads to a team-up between the two factions. Once Thomas Light, Mega Man's creator, learns of the situation in Empire City, he leaves Gear City and heads to Empire City to help, reuniting with Ivo Robotnik, his old friend from college and the creator of Mega Man.

One by one, Wily sends the Robot Masters in one at a time in set teams, with each team having a theme to them (Heat Team, Time and Space Team, Explosives and Implosives Team etc.). In one incident, the Cutter Team managed to destroy Amy's hammer, and nearly kill her as a result. This incident caused Sonic to turn into Dark Sonic, nearly destroying them, but calmed down once he saw that she was okay. Robotnik and Tails then make Amy a new hammer, one that would not be broken by blades (as it is metal) and can extend. With each defeat, Tails, Light, and Robotnik reprogram each of the Robot Masters to not serve Wily. As this is done, Zero trains Shadow in all kinds of weaponry during their downtime (whether it be something physical like a sword or a long-ranged weapon like a rifle).

When it seems that Wily is to be defeated, he unveils three new Robots that he created, dubbed Bass, Treble and Vile, who have been built in with hardware that cannot be reprogrammed without the creators consent. With Bass and Treble combing into Super Bass, on top of the firepower that Vile possesses, they prove to be a challenge for them, and are nearly defeated. However Proto Man and Rush then come in to assist them (as Doctor Light informed them of the situation), with Mega Man combining with Rush to transform into Super Mega Man. With the combined strength of the Delta Strike Force, Zero, and Super Mega Man, they are both destroyed.

However, when Bass is killed, Mega Man absorbs his ability, which turns out to be the exact same one as Mega Man (copying one’s abilities when defeated), causing his programming to malfunction and become Corrupt. This causes Mega Man to become incredibly aggressive and hostile towards the others, nearly killing Wily as a result. Sonic defeats Corrupt Mega Man as Super Sonic, with Wily being apprehended by Zero and the now calm Mega Man. Mega Man and Sonic part ways, but not before Mega Man tells Sonic that if he ever needs anything, he'll be there.

Season 9: Introduction of Various Robotnik Robots, Dark Shadow, Dark Silver, Amy Unleashed, Encreas, the Super Emeralds, Hyper Sonic, Emerald Knuckles, Burning Blaze, Hyper Shadow, Hyper Silver, Hyper Knuckles, and Super Tails.

Opening Theme: Free (Crush 40 Version)

Ending Theme: Catch Me if You Can (Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity version)

Insert Songs: N/A

Jet makes his return by taking over G.U.N.'s robotic army (includes variety of Robotnik's robots, including the G.U.N. Emperor, G.U.N. Dragoon, G.U.N. Nega Wisp, G.U.N. Viper, G.U.N. Wyvern, G.U.N. Lancer etc.). During the battle between the G.U.N. forces and the corrupted robots, Jet captures Sonic and holds him ransom unless he is given the G.U.N. Fleet access codes. Eventually, Shadow and Silver are forced to give him the codes (with the codes being 91-01-06-11-16). Jet, however, does not give Sonic up and instead snaps his neck. Enraged by this, both Shadow and Silver turn into their Dark forms and try to kill Jet with no mercy. They nearly succeed, but Jet barely manages to escape. Shadow and Silver return to normal, returning Sonic's body to G.U.N. for everyone to see.

On a side note, during the robotic attack, Metal Sonic is deployed and discovers that he can in fact absorb the parts of other robots temporarily and use them to his will and Amy discovers that she has psychokinetic abilities (with the explanation being that Amy's supposed magical abilities were actually her psychokinesis all along). Once Amy learns of Sonic's fate, they go out of control, with Silver and Blaze forging psychokinetic restraints for her (similar to Silvers).

Meanwhile, while all of this is happening, Sonic awakens in the afterlife and Tikal greets him, with Sonic needing to get back to life. Tikal tells him that there is a dangerous way to do so, which is undergoing a test of worthiness given by the God of Time and Space, Encreas.

Encreas asks Sonic three questions: How the Chaos Emeralds are powered, who the Immortals are, and who his true love is, with Sonic replying Amelia Rose. Encreas then returns him to Earth, bestowing him with a gift that can Super charge the Chaos Emeralds, as well as the necessary energy to initiate a new type of Form never seen before. The energies that Sonic is given allows him to transform the Chaos Emeralds into the Super Emeralds, with Sonic sent back to Earth as Hyper Sonic.

While all of that was going on, Jet used the G.U.N. Fleet access codes to launch the Fleet and destroy Station Square. He also sends all of Robotnik's Mechs (who managed to repair themselves thanks to Jet's reprogramming) to destroy the others. Shadow and Silver tell the others that they'll hold them off, but they both know that this is their last stand. However, Hyper Sonic appears, destroying the mechs and making a command to the two astonished Hedgehogs: "FALCO. NOW."

The team attacks Jet in the G.U.N. Fleet, with Knuckles aiding the team as Emerald Knuckles (a form achieved by absorbing energy from the Master Emerald). Blaze, using the Sol Emeralds, transforms into Burning Blaze (a transformation that amplifies her pyrokinesis severely and gives her Super Sonic-like abilities), and Amy transforms into Super Amy (a normal Super form like Sonic's).

Hyper Sonic makes his appearance in front of Jet, alongside Hyper Silver and Hyper Shadow. Tails then uses the Super Emeralds to become Super Tails and Knuckles uses them to amplify his Emerald Form into Hyper Knuckles. To combat this, Jet proceeds to absorb all of the remaining parts of the main G.U.N. Fleet ship to transform himself into a form similar to Metal Overlord, which he dubs "Ultra Jet". Eventually, they stop him and Jet is brought into severe custody. The Super Emeralds are locked away once again, and Sonic and Amy finally rekindle their relationship.

Okay. So I bet your curious to what this is. This is a fan-fiction of the Sonic the Hedgehog universe, but with my own take on it, called "Sonic Legends". Read on to find out. Enjoy.

Season Basis:

Season Seven: Based off of Sonic Unleashed. Green Hill remains exactly the same as its in-game counterpart, with some urban areas. The locations around the world are exactly the same as Unleashed (Mazuri, Holoska, Chun-nan, Shamar, Spagonia, and Adabat, with Eggmanland replaced with Jet's Lair from Season Five)

Season Eight: Based off of no particular game in mind, as it is a crossover season with Mega Man. Mega Man will not be getting a separate series. If you want, the timeline is all of the Mega Man games go in their normal order, with Bass being replaced by Zero (but eventually coming over to Mega Man's side). Profiles will not exist for the Robot Masters, as there is a published book dedicated to it.

Mega Man and Zero will have different appearances, but still the Mega Man Classic series chronology (Mega Man's appearance before this Season is his original Mega Man X appearance). The only change is that Mega Man and Zero are near destroyed in their final fight (i.e a battle taking place after Mega Man 10), both being rebuilt by Dr. Light. Sigma and the Mavericks were originally planned to appear, followed by a massive battle between the Robot Masters and the Mavericks, but was scrapped due to the fact it would've been HELL to write up. This is what I imagine Mega Man and Zero to look like:

Mega Man:…

Zero: ultimatemaverickx.deviantart.c…

Season Nine: Based off of no particular game in mind. Any of the Eggman Mechs with the title "Egg [insert other name here]" is renamed "G.U.N [insert other name here]. The best example for this is the Egg Fleet, which has been renamed the G.U.N Fleet.

The part where Shadow and Silver try to hold off the Robotnik mechs, as well as Hyper Sonic coming back to life was inspired by the "Avengers: Earth's Mightest Heroes" episodes where the team first encounters Ultron where Thor is killed but brought back to life, as well as Hawkeye and Black Panther holding off the corrupted Iron Man suits, with Thor saving them and asking (and I quote): "WHERE. IS. ULTRON".

NOTE: Long-time readers and watchers may remember all of these Summaries being in one document. Due to an apparent text limit, I have decided to condense these into separate documents, with around three seasons per year. 

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