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Sonic Legends - Season Summaries Year One

Note: Each Season will have an Opening and Closing Theme, as well as Insert Songs. The Intro Season (Season 1), Crossover Seasons (Seasons 8 and 14 respectively), as well as the second "film" (Season 15) do not have any of these.

Season 1: Introductions of Sonic Rider, Shadow Robotnik, Rogue Lopov, Ivo Robotnik, Miles "Tails" Prower, and Amelia Rose.

Sonic Rider frees Shadow Robotnik from his cryostasis (as he is supposedly being paid by an unknown source), who then escapes into the city when G.U.N. assaults Shadow. Sonic also flees, but is apprehended by G.U.N. after a chase. Rouge Lopov, a G.U.N. agent, then interrogates him, with Sonic attempting (and failing) to seduce her. Eventually, Sonic meets with the commander of G.U.N., Ivo Robotnik, who he dubs as "Eggman". Sonic tells him that he was being paid by an unknown source, but Robotnik tells him that the source was lying. He explains that claiming to pay someone to do something when they actually plan to kill the "client" is a common method used by terrorists. A young fox with two tails, known as Miles "Tails" Prower, who is a mechanical prodigy, eventually tells them that Shadow was spotted at a store buying a gun and some clothes (with Robotnik theorizing that he must have pick-pocketed someone).

Sonic asks to go with Rouge, saying that since he released him, he should sort it out. She agrees, and they go to the weapon shop, where Sonic discovers that his ex-girlfriend Amelia "Amy" Rose is working there. Amy remarks that Sonic hasn't changed a bit and refuses to help, but Rouge then tells her that she could be arrested for withholding evidence, with Amy then accepting to help, albeit begrudgingly. After helping, Robotnik has the two of them, along with Amy, come back to the base, with Robotnik telling Sonic and Amy about the Delta Strike Force, which is a team that responds to threats that G.U.N. can't handle, with Tails and Rouge already a part of it. Amy accepts, with Sonic telling Robotnik that he’ll think about it. Tails then reveals that security cameras have found Shadow in West Park. G.U.N. goes to apprehend him, but Sonic insists that he should talk to Shadow (going for a diplomatic solution as opposed to going in with brute force alone).

Shadow attacks Sonic at first, but then stops when Sonic says he just wants to talk (although there is a bit of retaliation from Sonic when Shadow attacks him). Sonic asks him why he is so violent, with Shadow stating that he can't remember anything, except for the image of a girl named Maria and her gruesome death. He tells him that things can get better, and promises that if he comes with him, G.U.N. won't do anything to harm him. Shadow accepts, with Eggman planning to put him in cryostasis. He keeps this from everyone except Rouge.

Once they return, Sonic tells Robotnik that he’ll join the Delta Strike Team on the condition that they don't put Shadow back in cryostasis (with Sonic noting that he’s not an idiot). Shadow then says that he wants in, with Robotnik considering it carefully. He accepts his offer, deciding to have him on his side rather than the enemies. The team is then formed, with Sonic, Amy, and Shadow now employed at G.U.N. full time.

Season 2: Introduction of Nakbé "Knuckles" Steele, the Master Emerald, Jet Falco, Chaos 0, the Chaos Emeralds, the Babylon's, Chaos 1, Chaos 2, Tikal Steele, Chaos 4, Pachacamac Steele, Chaos 6, Perfect Chaos, Super Sonic, and Mephiles the Dark.

Opening Theme: Open Your Heart

Ending Theme: It Doesn't Matter (SA1 Version)

Insert Songs: Unknown from M.E. (SA1 Version), Mushroom Hill Act 1, Lava Reef Act 1, Ice Cap Act 1, Sandopolis Act 1, Hidden Palace, Marble Garden Act 1, Sky Sanctuary, Perfect Chaos Revival

Chaos is released from the Master Emerald, by Jet Falco, who then sends the floating island, Angel Island, falling into the ocean by stealing the Master Emerald, a gem of untold power. For the Team's first mission, they are sent in to investigate the island that suddenly appeared out of nowhere overnight. When they arrive at the island, the team meets Nakbé "Knuckles" Steele, the guardian of both the island and the Master Emerald. He also reveals that the Master Emerald that he guards is the superior to seven smaller Emeralds known as the Chaos Emeralds, gems of the same power, but on a smaller scale. When Knuckles meets the team, he is initially hostile towards them, but eventually forms an uneasy alliance with them, saying that once they apprehend Jet, they must leave and never return to the island.

Jet himself is from a terrorist group known as the Babylon's, and is revealed to have been the one who hired Sonic to free Shadow. His goal is to use the Chaos Emeralds and Chaos to rule over the world. As they search for the Emeralds, Knuckles' sister, Tikal, spiritually guides Sonic, telling him the history of the Echidna Tribe along the way.

As this is their first mission, though, the team naturally flaws (with Knuckles trusting none of them), causing Jet to gather all of the Chaos Emeralds in a short amount of time. At one point, Sonic and Amy have a falling out, with Sonic going off on his own temporarily, although he eventually rejoined the team.

Towards the end of the mission, however, they begin to trust each other and work together, with Knuckles also trusting them, to the point where he reveals his true name (Nakbé), , as well as telling them that Chaos was created via a combination of Chaos Energy and water. He also mentions that he first appeared when the original Echinda Tribe was battling a "demon" born from the raw chaos of the universe.

However, due to the nature of their original relationship and how it ended, Amy still doesn't trust Sonic. That is, until Sonic saves her from a near death experience, something she believed Sonic wouldn't have done previously. Amy apologizes, stating that he's changed. Sonic smiles at this, stating that even the worst of people are capable of change. With each Emerald that Jet collects, he gives a Chaos Emerald to Chaos, causing him to change his form and gain new abilities, eventually transforming into his ultimate form, Perfect Chaos. Once this is done, Perfect Chaos goes to Empire City, flooding it and causing many civilian casualties, even with a pre-ordered evacuation hours earlier.

Perfect Chaos goes out of Jet's control, with G.U.N. being unable to stop him. Eventually, Tikal appears before them all, telling them that the Chaos Emeralds can perform miracles if all seven are gathered in the same place. Sonic uses them to transform into Super Sonic for the first time, and defeats Perfect Chaos. Chaos is returned to his normal state, and ascends with Tikal into the afterlife, but not before Tikal bids a tearful farewell to Knuckles for the last time.

Angel Island is returned to its regular state in the sky, Knuckles begins to accompany himself with G.U.N., who decides that the Chaos Emeralds are better left in the care of G.U.N. than on the island where anyone can take them as they please. He also states that their previous agreement is now null, and that they are free to return to the island whenever they want to. In addition, he gives them a small shard of the Master Emerald, which will allow them to communicate with one another, as well as let them know when he is needed. When they ask how he will get to them, Knuckles smiles to himself and walks away, saying "I have my ways". Unsure of what he means, Delta Strike returns to Empire City and aid in the repair efforts.

In a post-credits scene, Jet is brought into G.U.N. custody, with a being known as Mephiles the Dark appearing before him, seemingly out of the shadows. He states to Jet that he has failed him for the second time (meaning that Mephiles was the one who had asked Jet to get Shadow out of G.U.N.), and also reveals that the Babylon's were a ruse, only creating them so he could use them as minions, or as he refers to them as, pawns. Mephiles tells him that the games are only just beginning, with the camera revealing his appearance to be similar to that of Shadow's, only with gray streaks instead of red.

Season 3: Introduction of the ARK, Gerald Robotnik, Maria Robotnik, the concept of Chaos Abilities, the concept of Chaos Shards, the World Rings, Doom's Army, Doom the Destroyer, Dark Sonic, Chaos Shadow, Rouge's Battle Armor, Super Shadow, and the Time Stones.

Opening Theme: Live and Learn

Ending Theme: Seven Rings in Hand (Crush 40 Version), Never Turn Back (Final Episode)

Insert Songs: (Boss) Mephiles Phase 2, Let the Speed Mend It, The Wicked Wild, The Palace That Was Found, High and Broken, No Way Through, The White of Sky, Unawakening Float, All Hail Shadow (Magna-Fi Version), (Event): Showdown with Mephiles, I Am...All of Me, Event: Madness

Mephiles makes an attack on G.U.N., causing many prisoners held there to escape, including Jet (as there hasn't been any sign of him). Mephiles tells everyone except for Shadow to not follow him. As a display of his power, he shoots an orb of energy at the moon, destroying half of it, which causes weather conditions to worsen at certain parts of the world, though it does not last for long. Shadow finds Mephiles on the space colony known as the ARK, and Mephiles is revealed to be Shadow's brother.

Through ARK footage, it is revealed that Robotnik's grandfather, Gerald Robotnik, created him by combing what Gerald referred to as "Dark Energy" using a shard from the Green Chaos Emerald, with the same process being done with Mephiles. Mephiles, however, was created by using the Red Chaos Emerald shard and had a liquid-like form when being created. Maria Robotnik was Gerald's ill granddaughter, who taught Shadow the meaning of humanity, whilst Mephiles was thought to be a failed experiment and discarded. As for why Mephiles looks the way he does, he tells Shadow that he can copy one's shadow to take on their appearance, albeit slightly altered (hence the grey streaks instead of the red).

When the government found out what Shadow's purpose was, they proceeded to arrest all those aboard the ARK, with orders to shoot those who resisted. The reason for this was that the government feared that Shadow could potentially destroy the world if nothing is done before he could develop fully. As Shadow fought the soldiers off, he was placed into an escape pod by a G.U.N. soldier, who Maria then shot. As she attempted to free him, Maria was killed by the same soldier who had shot her. As the the footage was about to reveal her last words, the feed gets cut off. Shadow falls onto his knees and sheds tears upon this, with all of his memories of Maria and the ARK coming back to him.

As Shadow absorbs all of this information, Mephiles informs him that once he reached the Earth, he was knocked unconscious by the force of the pod impacting with the ground. Once he was found by G.U.N., they cryogenically froze him, leaving him in a secure G.U.N. facility that no one, bar high personnel, knew about. Years later, Gerald was released from prison. Officially, the government cover-up for the incident aboard the ARK was that the ARK was the site of a mass murder caused by Gerald going insane from not being able to find a cure for NIDS, causing the ARK to become abandoned.

Mephiles also tells him that, should he come across any one of the seven Emeralds that aided in their creation, that they can be used to perform acts of incredible power, which have been dubbed by Mephiles as "Chaos abilities". He provides an example, saying that one ability can be used to warp time and space, which he dubs "Chaos Control".

Mephiles finally reveals to Shadow that he plans to gather the World Rings, ancient rings of phenomenal power, to unleash the Doom Army (an empire that used to rule over the world, until they were sealed in a prison by a mysterious being) to destroy mankind so he can rule over it. Before he begins his journey to collect the Rings, Mephiles extends his hand to Shadow and asks him to join him on his quest, saying that humanity will betray him once again, and that they will be unstoppable if working together.

Shadow, however, turns down his offer. Mephiles understands, but warns that should he interfere in his plans, that he will be considered his enemy. Not heeding his warning, he goes to G.U.N Headquarters and tells everyone both his origins and Mephiles' plan. Upon learning this information, the Delta Strike Force proceeds to collect the World Rings before Mephiles can. However, throughout their quest, they manage to lose the Rings they collected, falling into the hands of Mephiles as a result (whether it be through being too late to reach the Ring in question or simply losing the ones in their possession due to unforeseen circumstances).

Because of this, Mephiles succeeds in his plans, unleashing Doom's Army and their leader Doom upon the world once again. However, unleashing them causes his body to appear more crystal-like and for his armor to be destroyed. In order to divert the team from stopping Doom's Army, Mephiles shoots three of the World Rings energies at Sonic, turning him into Dark Sonic, and causing him to attack all those near him. Shadow takes off his Inhibitor Rings to combat him, transforming into Chaos Shadow (a form where he uses all of his extra energy for a limited time), with Amy eventually managing to calm him down.

As Doom's Army makes their way to Empire City, Delta Strike, with the aid of G.U.N's military force, does their best to hold off the creatures that are wreaking havoc. To combat this, Rouge dons her Battle Armor (an armor that she wears when an extreme situation calls for it). As she is about to be struck down by a massive Doom Soldier, Knuckles suddenly appears and punches it in the head, killing it instantly.

As Rogue asks how he got to the City in such a quick time, he reveals that Robotnik contacted him and informed him of what was going on. He also states that he can form a protective barrier around the island when he has to leave the island, repelling intruders as a result. Once Robotnik told him of the situation, he transported to the City via the Master Emerald. He is about to explain how, but Rogue correctly assumes that he used the Master Emerald to manipulate time and space to get here (or, in layman's terms, used the Master Emerald to utilize Chaos Control). Knuckles is about to question her about how she knows this, but Rogue tells him that he's missed a lot since he's been gone.

While the carnage is going on, Doom wreaks the most havoc, flying high above the city. As Shadow attempts to attack him, he is stopped by Mephiles. Mephiles once again offers him a seat next to him in ruling this world, saying that he forgets that the two of them together would be unstoppable. In response to this, Shadow summons the Chaos Emeralds (normally, one would have to be overexposed to the Emerald's energies, such as Sonic or Knuckles. However, since Shadow was created via a shard of a Chaos Emerald, he can summon them at will). As Mephiles' eyes widen in surprise over the fact that he has possession of all seven Chaos Emeralds, the Emeralds circle Shadow, with the latter proudly declaring to Mephiles "You too, seem to forget one thing as well, brother. I live, I learn, I am, SHADOW ROBOTNIK!".

After declaring this, Shadow absorbs the Emeralds to transform into Super Shadow for the first time, defeating Doom as a result of his transformation, while utilizing the Chaos Lance and Blast attacks (the former being a long ranged projectile whose power varied depending on how long the user charged it, the latter being an enormous blast of energy that destroys or injures anything in it's path).

Impressed at the skills Shadow possesses, Mephiles then reveals that Gerald, after Maria's death, programmed the ARK to crash into the planet once a strong surge of Chaos Energy was placed into the main reactors. Mephiles forcefully absorbs some of the energy coming off of Shadow and does this, causing the ARK to fall into the planet. As the ARK begins it's descent into the planet, Mephiles tells Shadow that their battle isn't over, as the games are only beginning, disappearing into the shadows, going off into parts unknown.

Shadow, sharing his Super Energy with Sonic, both go to stop the ARK's descent into the planet. As Shadow and Sonic hold back the ARK, Shadow remembers Maria's last words, with Maria asking Shadow to give to give humanity a chance to be happy, dying just as he was sent down to Earth. With a newfound strength, Shadow and Sonic manage to stop the ARK with a huge Chaos Control, sending the ARK back to its original location. Despite this, because Shadow has never used a Super form before, this completely drains and causes him to fall into orbit. As the Emeralds leave his body, they are scattered around the world due to the uncontrolled strength of the Chaos Control.

However, Sonic (as his body can tolerate the energy required for a Super form now), manages to catch Shadow before he falls to his death, bringing him back to the ground. As Sonic reverts to his normal state, Shadow ponder's over the future, as well as where Mephiles could possibly be. After this, reconstruction on the city begins once again.

In post-credits scene, Doom is resurrected into a crystallized form (similar to Mephiles'), with a mysterious glowing stone falling into his hands (in actuality, he was receiving his Time Stone). As he receives this, he understands what it is and says to himself "Three down, three to go", disappearing in a flash of light to parts unknown.

Okay. So I bet your curious to what this is. This is a fan-fiction of the Sonic the Hedgehog universe, but with my own take on it, called "Sonic Legends". Read on to find out. Enjoy.

Season Basis: 

Season One: Based off of no particular game in mind. It's only purpose is to be a pilot season.

Season Two: Based off of Sonic Adventure and Sonic 3 and Knuckles. Angel Island remains the same as its in-game counterpart, with the Chaos Emeralds being located around the island (AKA the S3&K levels).

The Emeralds are located in a mushroom infested area (Mushroom Hill), a volcanic area (Lava Reef), a snowy hill area (Ice Cap), a desert area (Sandopolis), a secret palace (Hidden Palace), a garden like area (Marble Garden), and a set of ruins high up on the island (Sky Sanctuary). Gamma was originally planned to appear, but was scrapped due to his lack of importance.

Season Three: Based off of Sonic Adventure 2, Shadow the Hedgehog, and some of Sonic and the Secret Rings. Mephiles' first form that we see is the form he first encounters Silver with in the future in 06'. His second is his most commonly known form. His origin form is the form that we see get sealed when he first chronologically meets Shadow in 06' .

The Doom's Army foot soldiers would appear more human than alien, but would still have alien aspects (like some spikes on arms and light grey skin), with the same going for Doom (who would immediately go Devil Doom, but not with that weird lower part of his body, as well as only having one head).

The World Rings are located all around the world (AKA the Secret Rings levels), with one in a desert (Sand Oasis), one in a rainforest that is strangely filled with dinosaurs (Dinosaur Jungle), one in an ancient castle (Evil Foundry), one in a set of ancient floating ruins (Levitated Ruins), one in a chain of shipwrecks (Pirate Storm), one in an ancient graveyard (Skeleton Dome), and one in a palace (Night Palace).


NOTE: Long time readers and watchers may remember all of these Summaries being in one document. Due to an apparent text limit, I have decided to condense these into separate documents, with around three seasons per year. 

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