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In the universe, there are ancient Relics that have the ability to transcend time and space, as well as reality itself. These Relics are normally heavily guarded, although some are not.


-Chaos/Super Emeralds: Created at the very start of the universe, the Chaos Emeralds are ancient relics guarded by the Echidna tribe, or more specifically, G.U.N. These gems used to be guarded by the Echidna Tribe, until Chaos absorbed them to transform into Perfect Chaos. Tikal Steele then absorbed the energies from the Emeralds, killing herself and sealing Chaos in the Master Emerald, as well as spreading the Emeralds all around Angel Island in the process. The Emeralds were eventually recovered by Jet Falco, who used them to transform Chaos into Perfect Chaos (who was then defeated by Sonic Rider).

The Emeralds then went into G.U.N's custody, and then out of them, and then back into them (see Season Summaries). The Emeralds have many abilities, although their main power is to transform thoughts into power. This is because the Emeralds are the link between the cosmos and the primordial chaos, which is why they were originally called the Chaos Emeralds (as they gain their energy from the fabric of the universe).

The laws of the universe do not apply to these Emeralds, and as such they be used to perform various "Chaos abilities", as well as be used in machinery (when used in combination with machinery, the machine it is used on will become supercharged). They can also be used to elevate one person into a more powerful state (often dubbed a Super or Hyper Form).

Additionally, the result of the desired elevated form depends on the users emotions. For example, if the emotions are positive, then the result will represent that (for example, a Super or Hyper form), and vice versa when negative (which is represented by a Dark form). They were later enhanced into the Super Emeralds by Sonic Rider, who was able to do this when given the ability by Encreas.

-Master Emerald: Created alongside the Chaos Emeralds at the start of the universe, this is possibly the most powerful relic. The Master Emerald's power surpasses that of even the Chaos/Super Emeralds. Long ago, the Echidna tribe used the Master Emerald to keep their home, Angel Island, floating in the sky, so that their tribe would be out of view of "the selfish and power hungry humans", as well as use it as a prison for a being known as Nazo Kaos. However, the tribe leader, Pachacamac Steele, then decided to weaponize the Master Emerald, causing Chaos (an aquatic creature that lived among them) to use the Chaos Emeralds to transform into Perfect Chaos. Tikal Steele, in a last ditch effort, absorbed all the energy from him and spread the Emeralds around the island, with Nakbé "Knuckles" Steele sealing Chaos inside the Emerald. As the only Echidna left, Knuckles became its guardian.

Eventually, Chaos was released by Jet Falco, with Jet stealing the Master Emerald, causing the island to fall into the ocean. Knuckles and the Delta Strike Team managed to get the Emerald back (after a fight with Perfect Chaos), allowing Angel Island to return to the sky. Years later, Nazo Kaos emerged from his prison inside the Master Emerald and absorbed the energy from the Emerald, causing the island once again to fall into the ocean. The energy was eventually returned, causing the island to go into the sky once again.

The Master Emerald can give or nullify the Chaos/Super Emeralds power, create a 3D holographic image (to communicate with others or show the location of an object), create a force field around Angel Island (so that when it's guardian is away on personal matters the island is still defended), and like the Chaos/Super Emeralds, can transform thoughts into power, although to a much stronger extent.

-World Rings: The World Rings are relics that are considered to be a myth to all those that have heard of them. They were created by the emotions of all those who lived on the planet. As such, the Seven World Rings contain various different emotions within them: Blue contains Prayers/Hope, Purple contains Sadness, Red contains Rage, Green contains Hatred, Yellow contains Joy, Cyan contains Pleasure, and White contains Wishes/Desires.

As a result of this, when in possession of one of the rings, one may feel that type of emotion whilst holding it (depending on the ring, of course). They were originally used to seal Doom and his army into a sealed prison, with Mephiles the Dark gathering them to unleash them. Once used to unleash Doom's Army, the Rings themselves vanished without a trace.

Years later, Mephiles would gather the Rings once again and use them to trap Sonic Rider into a world where the likes of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table were real. Once he broke out of the world, Mephiles left the Rings as a gift for him, alongside the four Sacred Swords.

-Time Stones: Created at some point towards the beginning of time itself, the six Time Stones are relics of great power guarded only by the most worthy of beings. Guardians of the Emeralds are known as Immortals, who possess great power and cannot truly die. The Stones themselves have the ability to thrust the user throughout time by using Chronos Control.

-Sol Emeralds: The Sol Emeralds are relics that act very similarly to the Super Emeralds. Passed down from generation to generation in Blaze Prince's family, it is stated that the one who is born with a red bindi on their forehead possesses the Sol Emeralds and must defend them until their last breath. While their true power is unknown, it is known that, like the Chaos/Super Emeralds, they can transform thoughts into power, although the extent of this is unknown. These are the Chaos Emeralds of another Dimension, as Blaze's family, for unknown reasons, came into our dimension to live here. However, this fact remains unknown to everyone, even Blaze herself.

-Sacred Swords: The Sacred Swords are a quartet of swords that have the ability to form the greatest sword of all, Excalibur. Guarded by certain Knights of the Round Table, the four Sacred Swords are Caliburn, Arondight, Galatine, and Laevatein. The swords themselves can do things depending in the sword, such as cast fire or shoot bursts of energy.

Although the swords originated in the fairytale world that Mephiles the Dark created, they were brought out of said world once Sonic Rider broke free of it's grasp. Mephiles would give the latter the Sacred Swords as a gift, alongside the seven World Rings.

-Phantom Ruby: Created at some point towards the beginning of time itself, this was Encreas' first attempt at a Time Stone. Encreas initially intending to create something that was akin to that of the modern-day Time Stones. However, after it's creation, he realized that he had created something that could alter the space around oneself, and not something that would allow one to travel through time.

Seeing as he could not simply destroy a Relic without catastrophic effects on the Universe, held onto the so-called "Phantom Ruby" until a being was strong enough to protect it. Eventually, the God of Dark Energy, Infinite was created. However, as Dark Energy was chaotic in nature, it did not allow for a God of the traditional sense to be created, as the energy could not be molded into a form. Because of this, Encreas gave the Phantom Ruby to Infinite, allowing for the Dark Energy to form into a being.  With the Phantom Ruby in his possession, Infinite's already godly power was doubled, allowing him to become one of the strongest beings in the universe. Because of this, he was able to seamlessly travel from planet to planet and infuse the core with Dark Energy, allowing for his power to increase tenfold.

The Phantom Ruby's main ability is to allow the user to manipulate the reality around them, which can include giving one strength and abilities they did not possess before, creating objects that were not in one place before, create illusions, and travelling anywhere instantaneously.
Well, here's the last entry in my series, the Relics. It's been fun doing this. And with that, I bid you all adieu.
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