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Sonic Legends - Infinite

Name: Infinite

Nicknames: God of Dark Energy, The Mysterious Being, The Ruby User, Black and Red Phantom, Yellow Eyes, One-Eyed Phantom

Age: Ageless

Height: 6'4"

Weight: 200 lbs

Eye Color: Yellow

Skin Color: Black, white, gray

Additional Appearance Aspects: Phantom Ruby (center of chest), one eye (post Season 13, given by Sonic Rider)

Voice Actor: Liam O'Brien


Birthed at the same time as the creation of Dark Energy, Infinite's creation was very chaotic in nature. This was due to the fact that Dark Energy in it's raw form is unpredictable and usually formless, which did not allow for a God of the traditional sense to be created. However, at the time of his creation, Encreas, the God of Time and Space, had been guarding a Relic known as the Phantom Ruby, a Relic that could manipulate and alter the surrounding space of the user, until an individual powerful enough could guard it. Deciding that Dark Energy was one of the strongest substances in the universe, gives the Phantom Ruby over to the God of Dark Energy, which causes the Relic to merge with him and allows for the creation of Infinite.

With his godly power now doubled thanks to the power of the Phantom Ruby, Infinite went throughout the universe and begins to infect the cores of planets with Dark Energy. Eventually, the entire planet becomes consumed with Dark Energy, increasing Infinite's powers with each planet he consumes. More interestingly, he can also infect the cores of planets that were just beginning their creation, causing the Dark Energy to lay dormant for over hundreds of thousands of years, with the planet being consumed out of nowhere (one planet that would succumb to this fate would be Planet Popstar). Infinite would continue to do this without a care for over hundreds of years.

Eventually, Infinite made his way to Earth, partially due to the fact that it was the next planet in his path, as well as the fact that he had begun to sense two beings made out of Dark Energy residing on the planet. As he made his way towards Empire City to locate Shadow Robotnik, he was approached by Sonic Rider, Amelia Rose, and Shadow. Ignoring Sonic and Amy, Infinite approaches Shadow and places him under his influence.

Later during that day, Shadow comes to him, with Infinite enhancing his base strength to that of a Hyper form, stating that he needs no further enhancement to make him as strong as the rest of the Delta Strike Force. He then orders Shadow to return to G.U.N. and act unsuspecting for the next two days, and on the third day, to bring an individual that he believes would suit their needs well. Complying with his wishes, Shadow returns to the base.

On the second day, Infinite goes to Angel Island and easily defeats Rouge and Hyper Knuckles. Once doing so, Infinite absorbs the Master Emerald's energies, causing the island to fall into the ocean once again. Returning to Empire City, he finds that Shadow has brought Metal Sonic to him. Satisfied with Shadow, Activating Metal Sonic, Infinite is dismayed to learn that he cannot enhance Metal Sonic any further due to being a non-natural being (a machine), but states that he can reprogram him to suit their needs. With Metal Sonic restored to his "original" self, Metal Sonic states that he needs no convincing to kill the Delta Strike Force, as his blood-lust for his creators is far greater then they could ever imagine.

Satisfied with his answer, Infinite uses the reality-altering powers of the Phantom Ruby, in conjunction with the energies of the Master Emerald, to revive Zavok and Chaos. At first, they are antagonistic towards Infinite, but once he then enhances their abilities to levels they could previously only dream of, they become cooperative. When asking why he would do this, Infinite states that he needs their assistance in killing someone of importance. When asking for who, he states that they're needed to kill "a certain blue hedgehog". Smiling viciously, Infinite Zavok and Infinite Chaos are put on standby until Infinite states that they are needed.

Eventually, Infinite, Shadow, and Metal Sonic make their way to downtown Empire City, observing the surrounding area. Moments later, they are approached by the Delta Strike Force, who demand to know who he is and what he's done to Shadow. Introducing himself, he states that Shadow's very nature has made him a pawn, and that he didn't even have to ask Metal Sonic to kill them once he restored his programming to its original nature. But stating that they've talked long enough, Infinite asks Shadow to create a distraction, with Shadow creating a Master Breaker. Enraged at Shadow for creating something that could potentially destroy the planet, Infinite senses the Immortals rapidly approaching and states that the Breaker was a fine enough distraction. Requesting Shadow to take them away, Shadow Chaos Control's the trio away from the Delta Strike Force.

As they recuperate, Infinite asks Shadow to call Mephiles to him, as due to the gathered presence of the Immortals, they will need his strength. Complying with his request, Shadow calls Mephiles to him, and almost manages to make him turn to their side. That is, until, Mephiles notices the change in Shadow's appearance, and goes on the attack. Infinite, however, manipulates the darkness that he typically uses, as it is the energy that he generates.

Restraining Mephiles with his own Dark Energy, Infinite manages to corrupt him, turning Mephiles into Infinite Mephiles. With two beings made of Dark Energy now under his control, with one that can control and generate Dark Energy no less, Infinite states that in 6 hours, the Earth will be no more. Infinite then orders Infinite Zavok and Infinite Chaos to play their part and to subdue the Delta Strike Force.

As the two of them attack and are defeated by the combined strength of the Delta Strike Force and the Immortals, Infinite begins to make his way towards the ruins of Jet Falco's Lair and once arriving, finds Sonic and his friends already there to greet him. Infinite proudly declare's that he will be able to consume the planet within three hours. Sonic declares to Infinite that they're not going to let that happen, boasting that he's not the first God they've defeated. Infinite notes that, although those feats are impressive, they didn't have the power of the Phantom Ruby with them, nor the power that he naturally possesses.

With the time for talking having passed, Infinite allows Neo Metal Sonic, Infinite Shadow, and Infinite Mephiles to take care of their foes, allowing for Infinite to continue his generation of Dark Energy. However, his generation is interrupted when Hyper Sonic, having just defeated Neo Metal Sonic, challenges him to a battle. Humoring him, Infinite battles Hyper Sonic and manages to hold back his physical attacks. However, Sonic manages to stun him with a condensed energy blast, and almost manages to hit him with his Sonic Wind: Thousandfold technique. However, before the Wind can hit him, Infinite manages to activate the Phantom Ruby to stop time, moving out of the way of the Wind and putting Sonic in his place.

Before starting time once again, he also creates a gigantic energy blast above him, and once time starts once more, he is hit with both his own technique and Infinite's energy blast, causing him to be greatly injured. Infinite further inflicts pain onto Sonic by summoning hundreds of smaller cube-shaped energy blasts to launch at him, causing him to become even more injured. As Sonic gets angrier by the second, he manages to throw a Chaos Lance into Infinite's right eye. With Infinite stunned by the pain, Sonic pushes Infinite into the sky and uses a massive Chaos Blast on him.

Despite the strength of the Chaos Blast, on top of his new handicap, Infinite survives this, commending the injured Sonic for his display of strength, stating that not only is it the only time that he has had to put up a fight in over a thousand years, but now is the only time that someone has made him put effort into wanting to kill them. As he is healed, Sonic states that it'd be nice if they had a God of their own in the fight. At that moment, all of the Immortals arrive, attacking and managing to injure Infinite.

Infinite states that even with the five Immortals on his side, even if one of them is his own counter, they will not have enough time to stop his corruption of the planet, as the combined power of Infinite Shadow and Infinite Mephiles will overwhelm all of them. Still, even with the enhanced powers of Shadow and Mephiles, the two of them do start to get overwhelmed. And eventually, the two are freed of their corruption via the use of Hyper-Go-On Energy.

With his two remaining minions now having their original morality returned, Infinite begins to get desperate and accelerates his production of Dark Energy, and will have enough to corrupt the Earth's core within twenty minute. In addition to this, all of the Dark Energy that he is generating makes him near impossible to approach without sustaining damage. Eventually, however, Sonic transforms into Dimensional Sonic and opens a portal into Null Space, a dimension in which absolutely nothing exists.

Although he is not sucked into the portal, the intensity of the portal does ground him in place and make him incapable of flight. Infinite notes that the opening of Null Space was a clever tactic, but that it won't be enough to stop him. Soon enough, however, Sonic and Shadow manage to use their Double Boost technique (a technique in which they Boost alongside each other to increase their speed, as well as the strength and overall power of the Boost) to knock him into the portal.

Yet after all of this, however, Infinite manages to grasp onto the edges of the portal, refusing to go into Null Space. In the end, however, the combined energy blast of the Delta Strike Force and the Immortals manages to knock Infinite into Null Space, trapping him there and ruining his plan of corrupting the Earth's core.

Attire: N/A


-Dark Energy manipulation: As the God of Dark Energy itself, Infinite can generate Dark Energy for his own use. In addition to this, Infinite can manipulate Dark Energy to his own will, and is able to utilize it in combat, as shown when he was effortlessly able to deflect Mephiles' attack and trap him with his own Energy.

Additionally, Infinite can manipulate beings made up of Dark Energy, causing them to instantly obey his every order. This was proven by the manipulation of both Shadow Robotnik and Mephiles the Dark.

(To Be Added)


-Phantom Ruby: (To Be Added)

Interests: (To Be Added)

Weaknesses and Fears:

-Hyper-Go-On Energy: As Hyper-Go-On Energy is the natural opposite to Dark Energy, Infinite can naturally be injured by it, or even killed if given a large amount of it.

-Phantom Ruby: As it is a direct part of his body, over-usage of the Phantom Ruby can physically drain him over time. Additionally, the Phantom Ruby can become drained over time as well, and requires lengthy periods of recharge if used to perform powerful techniques in rapid consistency.

Transformations: N/A

Friends: Infinite Shadow (formerly), Infinite Mephiles (formerly), Infinite Zavok, Infinite Chaos, Metal Sonic

Enemies: Sonic Rider, Shadow Robotnik (former minion), Silver Chevalier, Miles "Tails" Prower, Nabké "Knuckles" Steele, Ivo Robotnik, Rouge Lopov, Amelia "Amy" Rose, Blaze Prince, Mephiles the Dark (former minion), Iblis the Flame, Dark Gaia, Light Gaia, Madame Wisp, Doom the Destroyer


"Ah yes, the little blue savior and his merry band. But what's that I smell? Is that fear by chance?"
"Nope, I ran all the way over here. But enough talk! Who are you, and what have you done to Shadow?!"
"You may call me "Infinite", in the brief hours that remain of your life. And as for your friend...well, he has been enhanced. His very nature makes him a pawn. As for your bot...I didn't even have to ask him to join me once I programmed him back to his true self. But enough talk, I have plans, and you're interrupting them."
    -Infinite first meeting Sonic Rider and the Delta Strike Force

"You said to create a distraction, my master. Therefore, I created one."
"I said to create a distraction, NOT A GOD DAMN PLANET KILLER!"
"Shall I destroy it, my master?"
"...No, this shall suffice. We need to leave. Shadow, get us out of here."
"As you wish. Chaos...Control!"
    -Infinite angered at Shadow Robotnik for his use of Master Breaker, sensing the Immortals approaching soon afterwards

"Hey Infinite! Metal-me wasn't enough! You and me, let's go! *turns into Hyper Sonic*"
"A Hyper form? Hmph, fine. I will teach you fear, then pain, and then... well, at least the fear and pain will end."
    -Hyper Sonic, right after defeating Metal Sonic, challenging Infinite to a battle

"Please...for the love of god...tell me he's dead."
"Well...I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but..."
"*laughing* Unfortunately for you, I'm not quite dead yet. Although, credit where credit is due, you are the first being in over a thousand years to actually make me put up a fight. And now, you're the first being that I have ever wanted to put effort into killing."
"Great...I'll take that in stride..."
    -Sonic asking Silver Chevalier if Infinite is dead, with the now one-eyed Infinite answering his question

"You cannot do this! I am eternal! I am everlasting! I AM INFINITE!</em> - Infinite's declaration to the Delta Strike Force as he gets sucked into Null Space
Well I certainly haven't done one of these in a while! I mean, I go back and edit the existing profiles every now and then, but to actually make a new one again is a real blast. But regardless, here is the Sonic Legends profile for Infinite. Enjoy. 
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