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Well I know I haven't been doing much for DA but I am going to post some throw away art I been doing since I want to start drawing again.  I know I said that at the past but I am getting more time in my hands to draw everyday at least even if it's only 30 mins xD...
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SFM Projects: (not in order) 

"Blaze Trap Up A Tree (main project)" 

(Blaze gets trap up a tree and has no way of coming down..) 

"Tails Vs Luigi After Death Battle."

(Did sonic's training help tails win?! yeah alot of you know the answer but still what happens after the battle?!!)

"Charizard Reason for Joining Super Smash Bros"

(The thing that poped into everyone's mind.....where is pokemon trainer?) 

Shadow And Silver Watch (A Summer Movie?!)

(I feel like shadow and silver should watch a movie for summer...Me and Silverknux are writting a script where they watch a full movie that most of you might know what it is.) 

"Shadow And Silver Watch Sonic Commercials"

(Shadow gets a brand new wide screen t.v and wants to watch stuff with it.)

"Shadow And Silver Watch Sonic Boom"

(This will come when sonic boom comes out.)

(note to you all the shadow and silver watch stuff is very little sfm since I want them to watch the stuff right away.) 

"Fighting Character intros."

You know things like street fighter 4 on those character openings before a fight?  yeah I am working on some of those on my own style for some people. 

"Zelda Cross Sonic cinematic."

(This was something I been working on a bit, then I saw sonic lost world zelda... now I feel like I have to get this done.) 

MAYBE A sonic cross zelda...

Zelda SFM youtube interactive game (demo coming soon) 

(I always wanted to do an interactive game and thought zelda would be the best way to go! since I am a huge zelda fan) 

"Sonic Cross Haruhi Green Hill Runs"

(A video of haruhi and friends and sonic running passed green hill, maybe will come out for the public viewing when 100%.) 

"Sonic Cross Haruhi dance"  

(just messing with them dancing.)

"Sonic Cross Haruhi Full Intro." 

(Just a full intro. )

"Sonic Cross Haruhi"

(A mini movie on two worlds crossing.) 

"Sonic Vs Knuckles" (working title working with sonicXrules123 cross video) 

Sonic Vs knuckles in a full out brawl who will win?! 

"Batman Feeding The madness." 

(Some people just can't be saved from there carzyness.) 

"Maxwell Helps Batman" 

(based on a true story on me playing Scribblenauts Unmasked 3ds that ended pretty bad...)

"Shadow And Rouge GUN Training video" 

(Ever wanted to join G.U.N? Here's Shadow and Rouge to tell you the step by step needs to join G.U.N!) 

"Mario Sfm videos"

(I have some made already that I been toying around with so maybe will be shown in the public one day.)

"The Ballad Of ???"

(working title but I always wanted to do a Ballad but unknown if this will be gmod or sfm.)

"Sonic Reminiscent The Final Battle"

(The big boss fight is going to be done in sfm! annnddd I can't give any more info then that.) 

"Sonic The Hedgehog Wonderful World (movie)"  

Christmas draws near and Sonic has been troubled about this holiday that no longer brings him joy.. Until he met someone from his past that he once loved Sally Acorn and has gone missing with her. Tails seeks the aid of Amy to find out where is Sonic?

(This is something that I will be working very hard on in sfm I am also getting some help from people who know sfm to make sure this project runs smoothly) 

  • Listening to: The floor with my foot taping the floor.
  • Reading: Psych books
  • Watching: College stuff.
  • Playing: With the computer
  • Eating: nothing.
  • Drinking: nothing.

Keep in mind this was something I just type I rarely follow what I type.

Some things may seem off on the story on this script but this was a throw away script. 

Reason why I didn't do this is because I just didn't think it was "Knuckles" Enough. 


Knuckles fear

Knuckles wakes up sitting down 

Knuckles: Where am I? *looks around a class room and a teacher is there* 

Teacher: Did you sleep in class again?

Knuckles: Who? 

*Knuckles gets hit at the head* 

Knuckles: Ow! 

Teacher:  Quite.

Teacher: Now class it's time for your test. 

Knuckles: Test? 

Teacher: Indeed a test *drops a big book at him* 

Teacher: You must answer  this within 20 minters.. Anyone who does not pass must keep taking tests after class for the rest of there lives. 

Knuckles: I am not staying here. 

Teacher: Are you afraid that you are dumb? 

Teacher: Even these kids know they can pass my test.. Can you? 

Knuckles: Rrr NO I AM NOT SCARED! *gets pen* 

Knuckles: Lay it on me! 

"Knuckles reads some wtf things to answer" 

Knuckles: Ahh I don't know any of these… *looks at the paper 

Kids are done.  Knuckles finds him self alone. 

Knuckles: Grrr. 

Teacher: Your still not done?

Knuckles: Working on it! 

Teacher: Hpm such a simple test. 

Knuckles keeps taping his pen on the paper. 

Teacher: Time is up. 

Knuckles: ….. 

Teacher: *takes paper* 

Teacher: Not one single thing right. 

Teacher: *drops more books at him* 

Teacher: You will keep at this until you get it.

Teacher: So your going to be trapped here for a long time.. Per-phase the rest of your life.

Knuckles: please I…Just don't know how to do all of this.. I need help. 

Teacher: How sad. You are a failure that will get no where in life if you can not understand how things work in this world of ours. 

Teacher:  Such a waste of life. 

Knuckles: I'm trying. 

Teacher: That will get you no where. 

Knuckles: ….*Knuckles looks sad and his head on the book*  

Teacher: Mmmahahaha


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  • Watching: Tails spining around.
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Is now out for viewing.. unless the watch thing has already showed you but oh well here's a journal thingy to tell you all.  So yeah... Next issue next friday. 
  • Listening to: The quiteness that's making a sound.
  • Reading: Psych books
  • Watching: Tails spining around.
  • Playing: With the computer
  • Eating: nothing.
  • Drinking: nothing.… here is the start of a weekly (fridays)  it's not going to be a long story mostly because I want to see how people would enjoy this cross over comic on it's first chapter so it will be like 12 issues or so.
  • Listening to: The quiteness that's making a sound.
  • Reading: Psych books
  • Watching: Tails spining around.
  • Playing: With the computer
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Well it's been awhile since I did anything for DA sorry about that. 

I been thinking about to do for DA  to post some of the random art I been drawing or photoshoping lately and also a sprite comic on "Silver saves maria"  I had an issue here on DA on that but never did anything about it until now, I have the whole story thought up and said eh why not make this into a whole comic, since I always been a comic book type of person. 

  • Listening to: The quiteness that's making a sound.
  • Reading: Psych books
  • Watching: Tails spining around.
  • Playing: With the computer
  • Eating: nothing.
  • Drinking: nothing.
Please note none of this is really in order and showing everyone this list to see what people would like as well.  (And to me and MrZetudo18 too talk and see what we want as well.)

Sonic Videos:
Sonic the hedgehog Reminiscent videos.  (SFM, A bit of Garry's mod)


At least to be done with Dream war this year.  Soooooo up to Sonic Reminiscent 9 I believe.
Shadow The Hedgehog Meets The Wolverine (garrys mod)

Info: Just like the title says.

Shadow And Knuckles Watch Sonic Commercials (SFM)

Info: Shadow and Knuckles gets bored and then the commercials play when they try to watch a movie.

Shadow The Hedgehog Is Happy.  (working title) (SFM)

Info: After seeking some help on a feeling that shadow is not familiar with, he finds out he is happy and wants to spread this happiness to all his friends.  

(Based on comments from the fans who talk about how shadow is no longer the same person he was a few years back and how shadow can be happy now)

Written by both me and my girlfriend.  


Sonic Wrestling With Waluigi (unknown if Garrys mod or SFM)

Info: In the olympic games Waluigi wants to wrestle with sonic to prove how much better he is.


Shadow The Hedgehog The man Who Killed Maria (SFM)

Info: A drama video where Shadow finds the man who killed Maria.


Amy Rose Dr.Papper Help.

Info: Ehh the video is almost out so wait for it.


Blackdoom Life with Cream The Rabbit (SFM)

Info: The first day Blackdoom Takes over the mind of cheese the chao and finds out he has a master he must obey in order not to give himself away.


Silver And Knuckles Welcome Back Shadow. (SMF and Garrys mod)


Time is broken as the son of Silver from the far future goes back  in time to  prevent Silver and Knuckles from time traveling from changing a moment in time that can not be changed.  


Blaze Trap up a tree.  (SMF)


Blaze gets tricked up a tree by Eggman and is forced to stay up the tree until someone saves her from the evil wrath that is a tree.


Knuckles Gets A pony.  (SFM)


Knuckles gets a Pony which Shadow disapproves of.

(Based on what I hear from friends who either like or hate the ponies….Me I just don't care lol but it's such a big topic might as well..)  


Sonic Reads a book. (garrys mod)

Blaze the cat with that hat.

Hunger Games Catching Fire!

How to wish on a fish without getting fished?

The Life Of Miles Tails Prower. (SFM)


Everyone wonders what Tails does so we will see his life in the start of the day up to midnight.  


Team Chaotix Origins (SFM)

Vector: In the year 1930 Vector leaves with his mom and dad just to learn what true evil is when she was at the streets.  

Episo: He's a ninja from Japan…..Nuff Said.

Charmy Bee:  The year 759,000,000 Ad Charmy looks back in history to learn about the gear heroes back in the year 2000 years.

Mighty:  The things that happen to him.

Sonic And Sora PSA'S: (SFM)

Sonic Helps Sora Smoke.

Sonic Helps Sora Texting and Driving.


Sonic The Hedgehog Meets Honey The Cat.

Info: Still unknown since I am still writing the story on what I could be happy with.


Shadow And Knuckles Become Super heroes 2 (SFM)

Info: Holy Batbutts  it's been so long and they are trying to become heroes…..


Some kind of Fighting Arena video thing would be sweet!! xD


Shadow and Silver Watch (Trailers)  (SFM)

Info: Getting to it but I must speak to Silverknux on what we want to do, Sadly he is very busy but whenever he is free we will see what we can do for these videos)

Maybe A remake on a shadow and silver watch.

Random videos:

Haruhi Suzumiya Videos: (SFM or Garrys mod)


Haruhi Suzumiya And The Strange Fair.

Info: Haruhi Checks out a fair that is run by many anime/Video game people!!  =D


Haruhi Suzumiya Quest To Save Kyon from RPG Nerds.

Info: Just like the title says, So Haruhi Needs to beat the nerds in there own game by dressing up with her team to save Kyon in this RPG Quest.

Zelda (working Title)  Awarked Link (Funny/Drama video)   (SFM)

Info: Can't tell the joke here.

Batman Can't Get Over It (SFM)

Info: An Ex Robber gets out of jail and feels Batman just keeps following him and will not leave him alone.

Batman Vs old school (Working Title.)

Info: After Batman stoping a bad guy a portal opens up and *Batman Brave and the bold* Comes out.


Batman Vs Old School bad guys (Working title)

Info: If you ever saw adam west batman movie.. then you will know what I am talking about.


Mass Effect Shepard Gets Joker. (SFM)  

Info: Shepard proves to joker that there is nothing and no one he can't have sex with.

Angels Escape. (Angel Beats)  (SFM)

Info: Written and voiced by my girlfriend.   This is a poem type video.


Sonic The Hedgehog 2006 Alternate Timeline (SFM)


The true timeline that took place in sonic 2006! (Ok not true fan made story)

Besides that… I try to tell the story on what could have happen in 2006 that leads up to  become Silver the hedgehog's timeline.


Silver The Hedgehog Origins (SFM)

Taking place after the Alternate timeline story many years later…
Silver lives his tough life fighting the flames of desire and also meets a girl named Blaze the cat  the 2nd.


What if videos:


Sonic Dark future quiet before the storm. (SFM)

Info: Written by Silverknux1991 Based on shadow759's What if Dark Future video.

Silver steps up to shadow to talk to him  to understand why the blackarms and him are doing everything they do.


What if? Eggman Won Sonic Generations. (SFM)

Info: What if Eggman won the battle using Time eater.


What if? Shadow The Hedgehog Was Successful? (SFM)

Info:  A What if story on Dr. Gerald was never attacked by G.U.N  And Maria lived and shadow was shared to the world.


What if? Sonic stayed as a fugitive?

Info: After the events of Sonic Adventure 2 battle sonic comes to earth just to find out he is still a fugitive to be taken to jail.



Shadow And Silver The Sonic.EXE
Based on the creepypasta story.
Shadow and Silver get a package from there friend Knuckles giving them a warning about a evil game he played.

??? Ben Drowned or  Lavender town
Based on the creepypasta

Cast: Unknown

Sonic The Hedgehog Wonderful World (Movie)

Sonic is feeling down this christmas year, Alone and not knowing what to do a women calls out to him… Sonic believing he knows who this mystery women is walks to her and disappeared.

After some time pass Tails and Amy go in a search for Sonic wherever he may be.

Shadow And Silver Christmas Rhyming Adventure!

Eggman attacks the world with Rhyming.

Shadow and Silver having no choice but to live with the Rhyming or stop eggman.  

Eggman Gives Sonic 12 Pains Of Christmas.


A music video on Eggman giving 12 pains of christmas.

Sonic And Tails Build A Snowman.

Like the info says…but epicness happens
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  • Reading: Psych books
  • Watching: Tails spining around.
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I need to do something badass for this site one day but for now it's these words that I type.

I am really busy with my life like running a company with my brother and also going back to college...girlfriend things..  so very very busy  but thanks to my friend MrZetudo18…

With this great deal we made I am able to tell him my video ideas (Like Sonic The Hedgehog Reminiscent and other video ideas that will come soon but we are making a to do list and keeping things in order on what to do.)

when he needs help on what do I mean lets say a fight in sonic reminiscent I take photos for him in g-mod and show him how I want things to go down  (like a drawing board)

So yeah Sorry on the wait but thanks with this team up with MrZetudo18  more videos will be on there way! =D
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I noticed I haven't written a journal thing of a bober in awhile so here's something fast.

It's been two weeks since my garrys mod did not work but now it's working but it's being a pain by closing by it's self for no reason.  

So far so good hey at least I can work on Sonic The Hedgehog Reminiscent 6 which is long over due.

Drives me a.bit nuts knowing I am working on the same photos I did before already but like I said I am taking more photos to make up for the wait to add a bit more story.

Ok that's the news on Sonic reminiscent 6 now on to Sonic The Hedgehog Reminiscent Prologue To Shadow.

Prologue to shadow is will...Prologue to Sonic reminiscent 7, I showed the shadow video a.bit early was because when I posted the video it was my birthday and the plot on shadow was he was pissed that sonic must have stoled his birthday because sonic was having a birthday party, it was at the day that it was his birthday since that's the day Tails gave Shadow.

Sonic reminiscent 7 is something I am sure MANY people want because it's Shadow finally coming into the story. (Next to Silver.) So this is a spacial episode and you will see why at the end of Sonic reminiscent 6.   (Big battle video woot!)  After 7 will be the start the Dream war event  aka part 8 which might be a 3 part video.    

Ok done with that news off to Sonic Wonderful world.

In case you don't know I posted a video idea sheet comic thing In DA  giving my idea of wonderful world which I based it off somewhat on "Wonderful life" but I added some twists to it.  Here's a preview I posted:…

The video was a.bit off because well... I was talking to my friend about this project who agreed to make it into a Source Film Maker video so I don't have to make it pure stop motion. (which I already worked on but maybe one day I will post what I had)  I asked him if he didn't mind because I would like to see how my idea would look in SFM because I am still too poor to buy a new PC lol.

Sorry I went off topic there lol, the video was a.bit off because when I said to make what he saw in the comic I made  (not a christmas stage because I didn't want snow yet in that part of the story..)  

He said ok and told me he was going to start working on it, (somewhat rushed just to give me a good idea) so that's why it doesn't look that great and the lips was off because he worked on that whole video before I gave him my lines and the girl lines I was shocked it was barley 3 days or so. lol

Overall I liked it and didn't want to keep it for myself and wanted to show people this christmas video idea is not dead so I posted it.  The final script is almost done 85% done and the video has a deadline until december but if it gets done before that then well great lol like I give a damn if it's not Christmas lol.   For real though I do want that guy to take his time with it to make it look good and I will do some effects to it to give it a movie feel like widescreen etc.  Since this script I have is the length of a mini movie.  

Also note: No the girl is not Elise in this story.  This is a whole new person written for Sonic's past, maybe Sonic really does know her or not I will not say.

Well... I hope you enjoy this read. =D
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Hey great news everyone, Well this is news I wanted to say for awhile but I been so darn busy.. I have pretty much all the old models I use to have back, so you know what that means! sonic reminiscent six is being worked on!  However here is some news that might bug some people maybe. Sonic Reminiscent will not being a stop motion video (well not 100%)  Sorry but stop motion EATS up alot of time! it's a pain and maybe I will make a video showing my it's a pain one day. I want stop motion to be used in shorts mostly not long videos unless it's for a special moment or something.

Sonic reminiscent well be like past videos just many photos  as possible telling the story (Hey I try my best not to stay in one photo too long lol I always move right to a new photo when someone is done speaking to a new line.) BECAUSE Sonic reminiscent is such a heavy story telling video and very long so there's no way I have time to work on it with all moving knowing I work 42 hours a week and babysitting etc.. on things I do with my life.  

I think it's fair that short videos like 4 mins at best videos will be moving videos, knowing what a pain it is.


What I mean on not moving 100% is that I will be fair with all of you and have movements when the story really needs it for an example sonic doing a kick it won't just be a photo anymore, I will show sonic doing a kick.  So yeah I think that's fair we won't see actions in photo we will see movement on it (Shadow's story has a.lot of fighting so there lol.)    

Is Rouge going to have a women voice or guy voice?.....

I won't lie...I dislike rouge she's pretty boring to me, so I made her have a man voice to lighten things up for me on making her funny and make her say old women things like "Oh butter buckets" I don't think a women voice would make that funny and in truth I have nothing for her, But for sonic reminiscent I put past my feelings on her and really went deep in writing for her to be fun and her ties in sonic's past on which sonic didn't even know about, I had to rewrite it like two times...I really enjoy the back story I gave her so far and I am ok with her now but giving her a women voice is something I am thinking about giving her...I could careless honestly lol. I mostly don't want to give her a women voice because I know for a fact this is mostly boys complaining about rouge not having a female voice and I just find it creepy so I like to be a c**E** blocker and  did the voice myself, that's mostly why I always gave her a man voice but for sonic reminiscent I could careless,I guess I will give it to a female lol I had to re-write some jokes because of that thought sadly lol.

I am trying to have more females in my videos, they lack them.      

I know what a.lot of you are thinking right now!

"Shadow759 why don't you use source filmmaker it will be so cool"  

Oh trust me it looks cool (and looks like it could be a pain but I saw some things but looks fun to do)  Here's the thing... I have a Mac laptop 3 years ago my Final P.C died on me and I started to use my Mac laptop (which I use for college) became my everything, I do not have enough money to buy a new a new P.C even if I did I need to make room for it somewhere in my house which will not happen for some time maybe some where in the middle of 2013 when I get my room straighten up..

like I said many to be poor.  D=  XD

Well that's all I have to say, I wasn't sure if I was going to make this into a video update or not but I don't think there's a need.

I am happy to have these models back really there's so MUCH I want to do for sonic reminiscent story, I did bring this up in sonic reminiscent 5 video, Rouge and sonic was going to be sonic reminiscent 5 and not city escape because I didn't even make a story about city escape, I made it because of so many people said "Yyyyeeeaaaahhh! city escape is next!!"   to be honest I just made sonic tell rouge a city escape joke and that was it and my tie in to talk about a well loved stage but seeing as how EVERYone was commenting being hyped for city escape I just had to come up with something and then I thought "Oh story about G.U.N I love those guys how did I never write them in the story"  So I have to thank you all on that part for the story lol.

As you all know there was no sonic reminiscent 6 for awhile because of garry's mod 13 removing pretty much everyone's ragdoll list. Now that it's back it's finally time to bring back this story, but that small break was for the best in some ways, I had time to edit around the story.  

I am mostly hype to work on the big event I wrote since I started this story the build up to "Dream war"  there's a.lot going to happen in that part when the shadow battle is over.
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I got my power back after 2 weeks without having no power at all....and I have it now and still busy with my life.. yay.  That is all =D
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I hope you all are not getting annoyed with all the g-mod photos I been posting lol but I hope there fun to look at least.  (I will post hand drawings one day...I just don't like to show it off XD)  

Well here's the thing I been working hard on my video 600 and I am just waiting for friends of mine..

I been testing alot of things on brushing up my skills on other software and stuff, and I been thinking For DA on the garrys mod photos besides the whole preview things, I think there should be more fighting :O ever since I posted that photo of knuckles punching sonic.  

I was thinking maybe some photos of cross over fights or something idk what would you all like to see?
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As you all know, I been getting back into drawing. However I notice something pretty sad (in my last drawing) It's been FOREVER since I drew sonic so much so I am somewhat rusty on him. So I asked Idol to pretty much re-teach me how to draw the little guy. All my art has been nothing but Street fighter and Zelda, kingdom hearts, Marvel and dc super heroes and soon going for tatsunoko Super heroes. but yeah alot of human people, that I am trying to re learn how to draw the un human people.

I am working on:
A batman picture for the movie.
Classic sonic and Link drawing for missyuna.

Sora from kingdom hearts since I am hype for the 3ds game. (my 3ds needs more game love XD)
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I am writing for the sake of writing mostly XDD

Well I been looking at more and more idol's work and missyuna and ladygt and man they have great work XD but I been lazy as hell on drawing mostly because I am so busy with my job and other things and then there's video work, what can I say but "Busy busy busy"  

But I have been drawing again in my art book at my break time at work (when I work the whole day)

So far I drew neku (the world ends with you)  and Link (zelda) I might draw more but I have no idea what to draw half the time, but I might draw my one idea on a cross over drawing on Amon having his hands on Superman to take away his powers away.   Why? Because crossover are epic damn it XD I wanna try to do some cross over type art....Mostly fighting because let's face it when it comes to cross over's we just wanna see people beating the crap out of each other XD
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I am working (kinda missyuna is keeping me from being lazy on it. Lol)  drawing Ryu Vs sonic comic.

I have the pictures done but I need to color them... god my laziness. XD

But anyways sorry I don't do much in this site, what do you all want me to do in this site?
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  • Watching: all of you.
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Well...I need to do more stuff on this site... I wonder what?

P.S: Hope you guys are enjoying some of my art work I been posting lately.
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Read the info for the full story, I know I haven't used Da in like.....forever... But I will post more stuff one day.
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Well I posted that photo of blaze which turn out better then I thought it was going to be...

I don't know... I might draw some Vs photos next some day.

Anything any of you wanna see in my gallery? I will read it and think about it whenever I feel like drawing again
Should I do prints? Or Nah?  

Ps: Damn straight this is good enough for  journal.

Pss: I have no idea how to do the whole pole vote  thing so yeeahhh xD
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I am thinking... the days I work day to night.. the nights I come home a bit early is monday and friday so how about that?  every week monday and friday nights will be new issues?  

Some of you may be asking....
1:Will this get in your way of video making?

No.  The whole reason I am doing this is because some nights when I am done with my job or college projects for a other job etc.. I am normaly bored and can't work on recordings  because I am back home late at night.

2: How long are you at your job?

    Lets say sometimes overtime over 40 hours...

3: How is working on this comic easier then on a video?
Well for the following reason

One: I don't have to act lol.

Two: I don't have to go though my song list to pick what song would fit this.

Three: No Tails background battle (sorry but the videos have to keep something over a comic lol)

Four: Since there is no background stuff I can just keep focus  on whoever the story is on.

4:You suck at typing..

Damn right I do =D ok not really I am just lazy...... That crap is for school >=O  or business.

5: Where is "Who has the master emerald!"  And since were on the topic where is "Shadow and knuckles become super heroes 2!"  

I have my reasons... WAY too many issues that needs clearing up.

and uhh..yeah.  that's pretty much it..   

I read some great comments so far!  

Glad you are all enjoying so far
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