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Tribal Skull

Doing regular tribals like this one is a lot easier for me than doing celtic tribals like my Celtic Tribal
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Hey this is su h a cool skull I want to get this on my arm!! Is there any way you could draw me a design to go around d it?? 
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Sorry I don't really do commissions or anything like that at the moment but sure you can get it as a tattoo if you want.
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very good Skull! Can I use it? 
You have incredible talent! How long does it take for you to come up with a design and put down on paper?... 
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Thank you! Coming up with a good idea is probably the hardest part cause you need to think of something that could look good in tribal form. And second thing, I usually start with a regular sketch and then try to work the tribals to fit in it.
You can see my process here: Demon Skull Tribal Process by Shadow696
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As I am working on a website for a tattoo artist I stumbled upon your skull. It attracts me very much, but I don't know why, because I don't know anything about tribals. I only know what I like or not :-)
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Funny thing is you don't have to know something in order to like it. ;)
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That is so true!! :-) :-) And I know nothing, I am from Barcelona...
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I always say the more you know the more you realize you don't know almost anything.
And the less you know the more you think you know everything.

Admitting you don't know something makes you smarter than you think. :)
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Hahaha, I like you!!!! But that's the trouble that I learn and see so much that I indeed realize how much I don't know. How frustrating! ;-)
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Frustrates me too. But on the same time inspires me also. :)
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Yes. And so we'll keep learning all the time :D
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This is very cool!
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nice. reminds me of a skull i did about 20 years ago. but mine was from side.
too bad i cant show mine, lost alot of drawings when i moved.
But, memories beats pictures... =)
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Thanks. Gotta back up everything, you know. I lost a few of my PS brushes when I my old computer went blind (graphics card died).
can i use this an an base for my upcomeing tattoo?
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What do you mean as a base.
And please answer me in a note, thanks.
This is an amazing tribal piece, love it.
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