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Hardcore Gamer's IQ Test

By shadow502t
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How hardcore are you, when it comes to gaming? This poster layout features 375 games and more than 425 characters from gaming's past, present, and future. There are a series of hidden elements to find as well.

After a while, I may post the list of all included games, but it's fun to test yourself (I think).

This design is the result of 8 months of work, and more hours carefully cutting out characters than I care to remember. All artwork used here is from the developers or official promotional material. That way it stays closest to the original as possible.

The Download link gives you a lot larger version to look at, as some of the details are small.

This is available as a poster as well, and it goes great in a game room or office.

If you wish to have the hi-res digital file, and print it yourself at a local print shop, it's available at: [link] This will help yours truly with some student loans, so it's for a good cause too. :-)

The standard print size is 30 X 20", and you can scale down with no problems (if needed). Any Kinkos or Staples, or similar place can print it quickly and easily for you.
(The online store is giving me issues, so that link is down for the time being).

Thanks to ~BencY for the use of the background image.

Comments welcome.
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Oh you know the ninja turtle game I used to play. I see ninja turtles at the very bottom.
Player-Designer's avatar
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[link] hi i hope its ok i added your pic and a link and a push 4 people to buy it, too my hard core gaming blog. please say i if not ok.
I paid the 4.95 for the hi-res digital file where is the link to download??
Extra-Dan's avatar
how long did it took for you to tag em all?
jojogape's avatar
I can't find Spyro in there. This is a problem.
Gamebanana's avatar
my result is 27, how is that?
TheLookingForGroup's avatar
How are you selling this poster? Did you get permission from all these publishers? Creating the art is one thing, but selling for profit? That's a line
In-Dust-We-Trust's avatar
my result is... 42.
Dhaundre's avatar
Horror Vacui! Well done! x)
MorguLord33's avatar
no one from lotr games?
0p1Tx's avatar
wait... wheres waldo?
DooomWolf's avatar
Omg... I can name a bunch of these. I kinda wanna name all of them now.
Your missing King Graham for King's quest, Kane or a C&C reference from C&C, Also I don't see Minecraft's Steve in there. If I am wrong I'm sorry but C&C was my childhood and you have Starcraft references.
If you add more at some point add Kane. I know 10 people I would tell to buy this as a poster. Also I would get one.
I found the Tanya you used. Why did you not use the one that was on slider from RA2?
herabec's avatar
13 characters I don't know the names of, 4 ship things I don't recognize.
chichom27's avatar
Who is the giral on the Fifth level under the bear?
BROKENCOX's avatar
i do not se here Jc Denton fron Deus ex. WHAT A SHAME!
Vasarcdus's avatar
Is that not JC Denton in the final row hiding behind the fallout gasmask guy and the Call of Duty soldier?
AutumnFire13's avatar
Is spyro in there? Dont see him
Lord-Nytmare's avatar
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