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Welcome to hell ~
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[OC] hanging out by Shadow4kuma, visual art

Beatuiful art, made for me


[+Video] Commission - Cold Stardust by Hyanna-Natsu, visual art


Smol chibi headshot commissions [1/3 OPEN] by Shadow4kuma, visual art

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Yin c) riuuzu without bg

German | English | (trying to learn russian and japanese) Hello. You're in hell. Yes. That's my running joke but... nah this time literally i freaking hate eclipse I don't have other words to describe it. *sigh* Now, if you're new to my profile, I'm Akuma, I'm a devellish perfect artist (whoever disagrees will be banished from the luxurious part of hell and sent down to the pits of hell to burn in eternity) I'm especially well known for my productivity *cough* and endless motivation *cough cough* I invite you to join me on my very beautiful discord server: Teufelspakt (yes, that is german for pact with the devil.) ((~~and yes we're actually just nerds and otakus lol pls don't take this too serious~~)) Other (more or less) useful links: | To do list | Picarto | osu! Commissions, Art trades, requests etc. are CLOSED Except I make a journal that says otherwise (~~do feel free to note you if you're interested maybe I happen to be in the mood and make an exception lol~~) _________ Friends: TangIed han-cii Cychrom Lucina-Waterbell Deermoth Yumemin reojin

Inspirations/ amazing artists: Hyanna-Natsu ZenithOmocha Darkavey RimaPichi TamplierPainter Likesac Cashile kawacy ONCHA Ashewness ToKoooi CHARIKO sasucchi95 rinihimme alma-rowan Aikorn Akayam ShiyumiChan hieihirai Valentina-Remenar

And more...

Sorry if you were on the list before but not anymore i tried to reconstruct from memory because eclipse decided to take a very old version of that list ... great. Whatever, I'll probably add more as i remember them.

Picture on top: My OC Yin, drawn by the amazing @Alma-rowan <3

Favourite TV Shows
No game no life, Hoozuki no Reitetsu, Fate Zero, Natsume Yuujinchou and many more
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Blutengel, Terminal choice (chris pohl), ASP, Marilyn manson, and many more
Favourite Books
Wave runner trilogy - if manga counts (NOT Light novel), jobless reincarnation, I'm a spider so what?
Favourite Writers
Kai Mayer (haven't read in a while tho ;w;)
Favourite Games
Aion (RIP), Osu
Favourite Gaming Platform
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First off why isn't there a single banner that looks good here lol. Ok so how do i start this??? I wanna say thanks to everyone who's reading that (if there is anyone) for actually checking notifications or my page. However if you don't and somehow came across this anyway, I totally get it - I'm just the same. But first, let's quickly summerize what i do with this account now. Future of this account: Honestly... No big changes here. But small explanation of why I'm not uploading art: So... As you may or may not know i turned into a genshin impact addict (thus there's your reason why i don't upload that much lately) + uni started etc. However i am working on things although slowly and with massive breaks. So I'm hoping to fix this and finish some more art including the last one of the contest prizes which is NOT forgotten although I'm procrastinating it (a bit) currently. Please be patient with me @VexingYA >< So I will continue uploading my art here, for the 1 person
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god damn it My plan was to power through tdl and do some personal art in between, then open comms after I'm done. Which worked. TILL I GOT ADDCTED TO WEBTOONS AGAIN WHYYY I was doing so well for a while xD // I'm so sorry why am i distracted so ea
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Amazing raffle by @LlewsArt please check it out oAo
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Thx for llama :3

I just came in to say that you draw beautifully ^ - ^ have a nice day

oh my oAo

Thank you so much <333

Have a nice day as well x33

ahh zu spät gesehen das du auch aus Deutschland bist, hoffe aber das du mein Angebot annimmst, Und mir einfach hier wenn du möchtest antwortest was Lapsis denn so mag damit ich das im Bild mit verwenden kann. ^^

(Ich antworte mal hier auf beide comments ><)

Jep bin auch aus Deutschland aber englisch wär auch kein ding gewesen xD

Aber ahhhh omg freut mich mega dass du ihn so sehr magst oAo

Und du musst nicht um erlaubnis fragen! Fanart ist immer willkommen <3

(Auch wenn ich nie erwartet hätte tatsächlich welches zu bekommen oAo)

Tatsächlich hat Lapis eine mehr oder weniger vollständige beschreibung auf Toyhouse^^ Aber er mag es unter leuten zu sein, flirten, etc. Sprich er hält sich gern in bars z. B. auf xD Trinkt auch gern wird aber nicht betrunken ~ Ansonsten mag er Vanryth's Schmiede, nicht weil er Schwerter mag, sondern weil er Vanryth mag xD

Ich hoffe das hilft vll etwas^^

Auf jedenfall, freut mich mega dass du ihn so sehr magst, dass du ihn sogar malen möchtest, macht mich stolz als sein designer oAo Vielen vielen dank <33

Ja gut englisch ist jetzt nicht so meins, da bin ich froh wenn wir auf deutsch schreiben können ^^ Ich bin jetzt fertig und hier ist das ergebnis

ich hoffe es gefällt dir ^^

gift for