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Cyrus the (Hedge)Jackalpine

::EDIT:: Fixed the shading, the first time it didn't save or something .n.'

Hopefully one of my final new FCs .n.'

So, here is Cyrus the (Hedge)Jackalpine, yeah 3 species. :iconmegustaplz:

Here is his bio~
Name -- Cyrus the (Hedge)Jackalpine
Full Name -- Cyrus T. Krane
Nickname -- Sai, Cy
Age -- 20
Sex -- Male
Orientation -- Bisexual
Siblings -- Older brother, 29
Birthdate -- March 19th
Birthplace -- Bandscoon, Mobius
Language/background -- English-Japanese/Japanese born
Accent -- American

Height -- 5' 4"
Weight -- 127 lbs.
Zodiac Sign -- Pisces
Relationship Status -- Taken by Thumper the Kangaroo
Theme -- Too Close--Alex Clare
Personality -- A dick, complete kill joy, but gets distracted very easily by things in nature.

Species -- (Hedge)Jackalpine

Interests -- Nature, Thumper, reading even though doesn't very often, playing card games with his nephew.

Hates -- People, massive amounts of red, people who think that eating dog food is cool

Eye Color -- Deep Purple
Fur -- Green, burnt orange, light blue
Skin -- Sandy Tan

Style -- EPICWIN; Creds to [Classified]

Backstory -- Just an average, everyday mobian. No special powers, has both parents who have never been divorced. Had a good school life, made about average grades and the only thing special about him is that the blue fur on his chest (NOT CHESTFUR >:UUU) glows due to a genetic trait that carries on throughout his family. He had a pretty normal life.....until he met Thumper that is |D

Thumper (c) [Classified]
Cyrus and Art (c) :iconshadow45367:
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oh no its another one it looks good. 8D
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welcome~ why is there another one
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Because I am selling about half of them
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oh thats right
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is he Strider's new rival? : DDD
Shadow45367's avatar
He can be if you want, but I actually had someone else XD You can choose him if you like though~
vexxedd's avatar
I'll just wait until the next one comes and I'll choose : DDD
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I can upload him tomorrow~
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Pfft he looks awesome :'D
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