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He Needs a Name

My little grim reaper guy I came up with a while ago. I just finished my last sketchbook and this is one of the first drawings it my new one. :) (Smile) He needs a name though!! Name him, please?
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Wow hes really cool another good idea for a comic or cartoon like furious george

HIS NAME SHALL BE ------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------ ---------------------------------------CONSWAYLA------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------???????????????????????????????????????????????? ????????????????
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oh yeah... name... McEvil? meh... i tried take care n God bless
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jus followed ur link from ur comment randomly n i find this!!! this is really cool... love his composition very imaginative, n this character has alot of... character... no wait b4 i lose credibility!! lots of personality heh... take care n God bless
oneiro's avatar's like Todd MacFarlane by way of Jhonen Vasquez...very cool, very'd be great to see in soemthing like Nightmare Before Christmas or especially Johnny the Homicidal Maniac. :D (Big Grin)

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LOVELY!! name him Smiff!
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I would name him Reapy... since "his" dad is Death The Reaper "his" sons name gotta be Reapy... if you think that sounds gay it isnt since he's like death's only child... Laughing my ass off!
hmmm name him Evil's Prodigy. or call him that and name him Alfonzo!
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Mike stole my great name! Laughy McChucklestein! I invented that name! Grrr! umm how about Darlec, Bringer Of Dark. but none the less its a cool drawing rob, yeah new sketchbook!
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Ephraim. =D (Big Grin) ITs so cool man. NEw sketchbook huh? Looking forward to the stuff youll fill it with!!

(Thanks for the latest comment to man!) =) (Smile)
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Laughy McChucklestein, Tim, Larry, Dave, dude de rob, funny man, that guy that does that thing, mr. niceguy, cheese.
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Oooo, coolness. Name him Travis! NO! Flea, the coolest bass plarer EVER! AHHHHH! NOOO!! Jack! Jack is the coolest guy's name in the world!
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Heart Deviation.
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Jonas, Harold, Apolyon, Dexter, Dambala. I dunno...he's neat
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Name him Mohammad, or something.
very cool, i second the name jimmy.. (seeing how my name is james)
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paranoide, i will be his uncle
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me likes... very cool... how about naming him... um... JIMMY!... yes the perfect name... call him jimmy... :D (Big Grin)
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