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bi0nic-rapt0rsHobbyist Traditional Artist

Aye thanks for the watch!

Rainbows2424Hobbyist Digital Artist
Howdy. Just wanna know, why you don’t actually make your own art, but you keep commissioning others, even the expensive ones? I’ve seen this thing happen with a couple other people, but they block me when I ask them!
Not sure why they block you for such a simple question ^^'
I simply can't draw and since others have a nice style and I get nice ideas, I rather spend money and get it done well, than trying it myself and getting frustrated about it. 
While I can edit images pretty well and know a few things here and there in Photoshop to alter the art I commissioned a bit to fit screens like phones and such and do Telegram stickers out of the images for myself, I lack the ability to draw. I mean I can do a few simple lines, but I'm never satisfied with it.
Rainbows2424Hobbyist Digital Artist
Well, for me, I do everything myself because first of all, I don’t have much money on me most of the time. Second of all, I feel proud of the work I did if I did it successfully. Also, tip for you, you should watch furry art tutorial videos. They should give you a boost in drawing your OC. Also, I’m starting to get into the furry fandom, wondering what creature to choose for my furry OC that I’m working on. And another thing, I really, really liked your most recent YCH picture, I actually was hoping to trace the base YCH pic, but I realized that that was frowned upon the fandom and I could even get banned from the community. So, should I trace it or not?
I also don't have much money, but there are a lot of artists offering good quality for a rather cheap price.

As I said, I don't have too much motivation to learn how to draw properly. I tried tracing the art I got for private use, but it always didn't really look like I wanted to go further into it, plus as I said the motivation simply isn't around for me for something like this.

About tracing itself, I wouldn't recommend it for online use. If you use it privately on your computer only, it might not be much of a problem, but I wouldn't do it publicly, since people spent money on it and it's been the artists idea in the first place. I know a few people who did this and it most likely just destroys your reputation and leaves you back as an art thief of some kind.

But thank you that you like the YCH. When I saw it on FA, I knew I definitely needed to get a slot :P
VestibulumNocturnisHobbyist Photographer
Hey there!. Big thanks for the watch there. :D
RedClawTrazaProfessional Artist
Happy birthday ^^