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Nevari Moonleaf, the Banshee of Kaldrassil by Shadow-Wolfen Nevari Moonleaf, the Banshee of Kaldrassil by Shadow-Wolfen
Ever since her death, Nevari Moonleaf rests in peace in the Stormwind Graveyard... until now.  A high elven apprentice and a master human warlock sought to try an experiment, an experiment that went horribly wrong!  After targeting Nevari's grave, knowing her reputation of being a Moon Priestess, harnessing great powers of Elune, they had realized that the Kaldorei's body was too decomposed for reanimation.  Regardless, the malevolent duo continued on with experiment, attempting to call forth the Kaldorei's soul from beyond with success.  The Quel'dorei stared in awe to the beauty of the Kaldorei soul which levitated before her.  The captivated elf began to reach out towards the soul, her master failing to intervene in time!  In a flash of bright light, the Quel'dorei's body slumped over, eyes open, staring mindlessly into the skies.  There was no expression, her soul no where to be found.  Every power he knew could not bring his apprentice's soul back.  He panicked.  Gazing up to the hovering soul of Nevari, he decided to conceal his tracks by binding her soul to the high elf's body. 

The warlock's spell bound Nevari's soul to her vessel so well, she could not escape such a fate as we was unable to leave her newly acquired body.  Soon enough, the bodily needs came to the Kaldorei once more.  She was alive again, in a body which was not her own!  Remnants of the necromancy stays with the Kaldorei's new being.  Her eyes had that of an icy, death-like gaze which were a signature trait to that of a death knight's.  Her hair became silvery, glimmering in the moonlight, and finally, her own voice from time to time would have a haunting echo. 

Regardless, Nevari Moonleaf, has returned...


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February 5, 2016
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