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  • Feb 9, 1985
  • United States
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Colorado local, full time freelance illustrator, cat servant, tea addict! Commissions open every 1-3 months, keep an eye out for announcements posted to my gallery and other pages.


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Photoshop, Intuos 3 tablet, acrylic etc...

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1 min read
I am utterly disgusted with DeviantArt's pro ai stance, propping up blatant art laundering and bragging publicly about how much money they make ripping human artists off. Despite this, I am extremely hesitant to leave a community I've been a part of for so SO many years, especially since it's integral to my business to continue posting here. I have, however, started deleting items from my gallery for the first time ever. I wanted to warn followers in case you want to save anything, as this is my most extensive gallery online. In case you all are outta here, you can follow me here: Bluesky - https://bsky.app/profile/eskiworks.bsky.social Tumblr - https://eskiworks.tumblr.com/ FurAffinity - https://www.furaffinity.net/user/wolf-nymph/ Website (new and slowly building) - https://www.eskiworks.art/ If I do decide to deactivate my account, I will definitely give ya'll a heads up.
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