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Run to the Light

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Skyla13's avatar
Awesome drawing. Good work on the detail.
The-Perennial-Dani's avatar
i love your way of drawing, it's absolutely amazing! you can look at it for ages and still find things you haven't noticed before. it's so detailed...well done!

... and i'm sorry for your loss :(
Shadow-Trooper's avatar
Thank you very much! I really appreciate that.
My motto is - God is in the details (:
The-Perennial-Dani's avatar
good motto :)
and you're welcome :)
yakiroba's avatar
wow, thanks a lot to look at!! :faint:
beautiful! :D
Shadow-Trooper's avatar
Haha, that you very much! ;)
TheDevilsBlush's avatar
wow! :wow: .. omfg WOW!!
ShaharKeren's avatar
ציור מדהים. הסתכלתי בו כמה דקות ואני בטוח שעדיין לא קלטתי הכל... =)
Mafiosa-Puppy's avatar
Sorry for your loss. :(
This is amazing! I mean, really! So much detail!!
Mind-Illusi0nZ's avatar
Hello there wonderful work I featured this here [link] :D
Shadow-Trooper's avatar
Thank you very much! I really appreciate that!
Suzanne-Helmigh's avatar
this piece really shows paranoia.
Very good.
I don't really have any critque on it I'm afraid.
But I would love to see this one colored, it would make it so much more stronger.
Shadow-Trooper's avatar
Really? A colored version of a Paranoia drawing is an idea that's never occurred to me. Maybe some day I'll try. I still don't feel that I've mastered the graphite pencils so colors are still out of the order (:
Mind-Illusi0nZ's avatar
Very nice work love the amount of detail you put into this.
Shadow-Trooper's avatar
Thank you very much!
Mind-Illusi0nZ's avatar
my pleasure :D It's a wonderful drawing
Mafiosa-Puppy's avatar
Striking! That's so amazing detail in there! Kinda dream-like! Beautiful work!
Shadow-Trooper's avatar
Whoa, thank you very much buddy!
Gabriella-Fraser's avatar
Firstly...sorry about your father and grandfather, thats awful and in the same week :(
This piece is great....soooo much detail, I have been looking for quite a while and its great how much you crammed into this, whilst still managing to keep the style and shading consistent. I'd say this is quite abstract, I can only pick out several recognizable objects and forms, I love the little teddy! I really do like the big teeth...though I think the white space in that area is too should have been either smaller or bigger to balance the overall image out more.
Nothing really bad to say...definitely keep this up :)
Shadow-Trooper's avatar
Thank you very much...
Well, about the white space - I think that's a good thing! If the picture is unbalanced - it makes it disturbing, and that's definitely something I'm glad about, that it's disturbing.

Thanks once again, that's a very kind comment!
AniMal-e's avatar
especially the bear looks very cruel great work
arwen1112's avatar
i like it because it's so full so things and each thing has a particular meaning for you. The overall effect is amazing ^^
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