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Drew this over a night. The butterfly has a major fuckup in it - the black Ecoline I used was blended with the orange, because I didn't wait for it to dry. I still like it.

Hope you like it as well!
Sincerely yours,
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Wow this is really good! ive been meaning to do a piece like this just not got round to it yet!
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Go for it! I'd love to see it
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Will do! :D got a lot of other drawings to get done first but I'll get it done eventually! haha
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Although the other Paranoia drawing is more detailed and technically accomplished, I think this one convey that feeling of paranoia.
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Thank you very much (:
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very intriguing, the butterfly and the cage are thought provoking
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wow. There is definitely a lot to look at. and it's all amazingly done so you have to take a closer look.
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Wow, the complicatedness and the color scheme (or lack thereof) in this picture really caught my eye. It's really cool, sort of indie. But it is a little hard to tell the shapes and features apart, yes. If this is done in pencil, maybe go in and darken the outlines with a black pen, and erase some of the other parts to make highlights? More contrast would make it stand out even more.
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I think previous commentators have said almost all.

Maybe I'll just throw in my random personal vision: in order to make it more powerful, I would add more general conflict to the composition. I would add some diagonal dynamic there, like a few coloured thin lines on the background, or spitting out from the cracks of the figure. Something like that :D
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I'm sorry, and thank you very much for your comment, but adding any more color to this kind of work is out of the question for me. I normally never really color my drawings, so this butterfly was bizarre and out of the ordinary enough that I just couldn't think of adding any more color, especially since it's so noticeable.

Thanks anyway!
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From Gimmefeedback:

another amazing piece and one I could stare into for hours - the only thing I think it may need is for the black to be even darker where it's used?
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Thank you very much!
And yes, I kindly agree with you. I think there should be more contrast. Some day I'll take it out of its frame and fix it.
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If you do then be sure to upload it
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i would make the details alot sharper, plus in some areas there is too much going on where as in others there isnt so much, i do like the contrast between the butterfly and the rest of the surroundings. over all its a great picture, keep up the great work
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Now I know exactly what I should fix seen as all you guys have a sort of consensus.
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From gimmefeedback.
I was really lost when I saw this picture - I couldn't see anything, but the butterfly. I think, details would be more clear, If you made this with ink, or something like this, because it would give more contrast...
Anyway, nice idea)) Good luck!
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Thanks! I've never tried working with ink, could be interesting.
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from :icongimmefeedback: :D

This is such a unique and interesting character. Right now, the mood it's giving off is one of depression -- I mainly say this because what my eye takes for his head (the butterfly in the cage) is sagging downward, and the overall atmosphere of the picture is gray.

What would probably help most to make it more powerful is to add some contrast. Right now everything feels very... gray. So erase some of those highlights, dig down into some of those shadows and make them really dark. Don't just emphasize the black objects that seem to be on him (stuck to him?), but start rounding out his shape, so he doesn't look so flat.
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Ah, yes, I know what you're talking about. I will take the time to fix what's wrong, but I'll tell you that in reality it doesn't seem so flat to me. Maybe it's my scanner, some of them have the tendency to swallow subtle shades.
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