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I really love the concept behind this drawing. Needless to say you're absurdly talented.
yakiroba's avatar
beautifully done! I really like how it doesn't take up the whole area :)
Shadow-Trooper's avatar
Thank you very much! That was the idea - to create a Paranoia painting that's busy, but not too heavy... Glad it worked for ya!
Mafiosa-Puppy's avatar
Neat designs! Very dream-like.
The-AE35-Unit's avatar
Fantastic piece. I really love the details.
secretladyspider's avatar
Perhaps there is a feeling of something being finished... for once and for all.
I also think this paper would look better with watercolour.
Shadow-Trooper's avatar
Thank you very much for commenting.
And yes, this paper is much better for watercolors.
secretladyspider's avatar
You're welcome.
how much watercolour do you do?
Shadow-Trooper's avatar
Hehe, so far pretty much none... But I've tried some ecoline in the past and am planning on doing that again, but that's only gonna happen when I'm in the mood, and I'm in a big pencil mood right now.
secretladyspider's avatar
Well, when you do try watercolour, you might want to start with watercolour pencils... they're nice.
Shadow-Trooper's avatar
Good idea, since I already have some lying around.
secretladyspider's avatar
I hope to see some of it soon... I don't think I've seen anything by you in colour yet.
Shadow-Trooper's avatar
Hehe, that's because I haven't posted (or created, for that matter) any yet!
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Lord-Kain's avatar
A great piece to add to your paranoia series! I especially love the church steeple made into a masked clergyman. I find it interesting that if the piece had been with larger borders, the questioning part would take up most of the land, and the other half of the piece is blank. As for the paper, I think the texture adds to your piece, but if you feel it's time to switch papers, I'm sure you can find another with such texture :)
Shadow-Trooper's avatar
Interesting you should find this figure a masked clergyman, I didn't mean for it to be that way, lol.
Thank you very much for your comment!
Lord-Kain's avatar
you are very welcome XD
Voltarrens's avatar
That\'s quite an amazing little piece of artwork :)

The paper gives a texture quality to the artwork that goes with it well, so I wouldn\'t change that. There is a lot of symbolism in the image which is very interesting. It\'s interesting how it fills only half the page too, as if you don\'t want to look at it in it\'s entirety . . . I think you\'ve put the message across symbolically well, and I\'m sure some of the more mysterious symbols mean more to you personally.
Shadow-Trooper's avatar
Yes, I guess some of it is more personal than the other parts. Thank you very much for your kind comment!
ArtistTool's avatar
Interesting and unique
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From gimmefeedback

I really like this piece from the tiny little figure to the overall composition. I really like your use of empty space. Originally I thought the empty space wouldn't work in a piece entitled Paranoia but I found myself wondering what would be in that space and so I guess it made me a little paranoid which worked really well. Definately effective.
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