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For the last time, these infidels had defied the will of his King and Queen. And so, just as ruthlessly, he would distribute their wrath. The massive, hooded black figure rose on the height of the storm. The night air and the black clouds making his silhouette almost useable... until the flash of lightening across the sky caught and ignited the blade of his scythe. With glowing red eyes he swung his blade and cut through the first foe. Before anyone could recognize the situation. He cut down two more splashing their blood across the walls of the city. Soon they saw him, his cloak shining crimson. They leveled their blasters and their rifles,

Chaos Embraced (Early Rough Draft)


Chaos Embraced (Early Rough Draft)

Chapter 1                All around the lone worrier are bleeding, bullet riddled corpses. Each spilling its’ life blood into the dead, grey world. This massive worrier fires his desecrated bolt pistol into another of the filthy Xenos, as the bolt pierced its armored hide its very momentum seemed to cease, and in moments so minute that not even the worrier can comprehend its neck explodes into a liquid cloud of hot ichor. Its body flying end over ends as it falls on the ground. But it is not alone, the lone worrier turns on his heal and fires another five bolts into another Xenos, his every skill put to the test to keep them away unti

In The Eyes of The Dragon (Part 3)

In The Eyes of the Dragon

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Yo. Editing and Updating the Profile after like... six years. Place is bound to change and move around a bit. Down to talk if you like.

Random guy on the internet, practicing in the hopes of getting good at de arts one day. Had a lot of written stuff here that i decided did not age well, plus, didn't really feel like it went with this site.

Still around. Also on a couple other sites. Not much to tell other than that.

I liiiive in a constant state of fear~ And Misery~ Duuuuuu ya miss me anyone~ (insert weird wheezing) -An I don't even notice when it huuurts anymore~ Anymore~ Anymoooooore~        Please don't take this seriously I am actually doing quite well, just...

I Don't Understand Modern Art

I Don't Understand Modern Art

The issue I have with modern art, is that it just seems like images, all stuck together with little rime or reason. And we as the viewer are expected to game some kind of inner meaning from it. I recently went to an art exhibit and I while one of the displays was really breathtaking, another showed a lot of impressive skill at technique but ultimately it was just squares and blocks. I'm sure there was some deeper meaning, but I as a viewer couldn't really understand what i was supposed to take from it. The last one was a bit of a cluster fuck, felt like I would have been better off just going to a rave with all of the shining lights and noise
Take a note from me folks; if your really sick, and have to do some hard work the next day, prepare to clear your weekend for sleep and recovery. 

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That ID is so cute.
Thanks for the watch:)

GOD bless
John 3:16
Eyy for sure my dude. 

And hey! Thanks. :) I appreciate it. 

Listen there’s something important that I’m trying to raise awareness on.

Could you please check out this journal entry I posted? I'd appreciate it.

And spread the word if you can


GOD bless

John 3:16

Hello Old Friend, It's been a long time since we had a conversation. How have you been?
Been a very long time. :) 

Good... almost done with college now. Been incredibly stressful but, I am managing. 

Indeed it has. It's been a struggle with, education, mental health, etc. I'm almost finished high school might do an extra year. I've mostly kept to myself on my discord server, say by any chance you use discord?