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Windows Metro Wallpaper



A set of 6 wallpapers that I created. You can use them if you want. I wouldn't mind some helpful critisizims or request for changes. I plan on making another set like this, put having the backgroung a gradient of white, and making the text in different colors. If you think thats a good/bad idea, please let me know.
I decided to make this pack, because i have recently started using a Metro theme for my Windows 7, and I really like it. If for some reason you want to use these images for other than your wallpaper, such as in a theme, or really anything besides its direct intended use, you want to share/publish, I would appreciate a credit, or atleast send me a link to it.

Resolution is 1680x 1050
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I really like you yellow wallpaper, that color is just incredible, really nice art!!!

Now a little request, Do you think you can share your great wallpapers with no logo? Honestly, I would like to use it on a desktop application that I am creating...

Thanks in advance!