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*Revised app/art*

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~Team Night Wish~

Type: Journeyman
Yes, it's another generic Eevee. Yay. Going to do writing entries mostly since I have rare time to draw.
Mayple is the founder of her current "Solo" Team. She found
and egg while on her travels. She stayed around for days seeing if the parent would
return, and when they didn't she took over as it's caretaker. She doesn't know
what is inside of it, but is very motherly and protective.

Team Info:


Name: Mayple
Species: Eevee
Type: Normal
Gender: Female
Nature: Quiet
Trait: Loves to eat
Age: Adult (basic)
Ability: Adaptability
Accessories: Blue Ribbon Given to her by the Researches for joining
Moves: Covet, Wish, Attract, Detect
Personality: Having a horrific past, Mayple chooses not to remember it and only dwell in the present. Any attempt to make her remember what happened will result in her crying and making her very insecure. Otherwise, she is very calm and collected. She's protective and very sweet natured. She hates fighting and wants to make the world a peaceful place. She hopes to befriend lot's of pokemon and make a positive impact on those she meets. Currently she is traveling in search of a new place to call home and join an official guild. She loves tending to others and would make a great nurse.
Extra's: When she's not helping others she treats herself to berries and poffins, and often has a sweet tooth.

Things Available to this Team: One free use of Chantelle's Accessory Customization Service & One Evolution Slip

Co - Leader

Name: Kai
Species: Poochyena (shiny)
Type: Dark
Gender: Male
Nature: Mild
Trait: A little quick tempered
Age: Child (Basic)
Ability: Rattled
Accessories: None
Moves: Sucker Punch, Poison Fang, Facade, Rest
Personality: Likes to observe Mayple. Likes to copy and mimic her actions. However, unlike her he's got much more of a fighter spirit to him. He likes the idea of becoming stronger despite Mayple's strong disbelief in violence. He tries not to get too bored with being a part of the reserchers guild. He's very much a dreamer.
Extra's: When he's not acting like a clown, his battle style and ferocity is to be reckoned with, despite being a child. He secretly wishes to join the Hunter's guild.



Errand #1:

Errand #2:

Errand #5:

Main Task #1:

Errand #6:

Errand #7:

Basalt Halls: PMDU - Basalt Halls Cover Page


**Free to cameo anywhere, anytime!  Just be sure to inform me via comment or note.** <3
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Love these two. Cute Kai is cute.