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The Loneliest Song

I was very inspired by the myth about the 52 Hertz whale, who wanders the oceans alone, searching for a mate who is not able to hear him due to his song's low frequence, so he will remain alone forever ;-;

It's just a little piece I drew last night to try and start drawing again - I seem to be very inspired, but not motivated at all, so as soon as I start drawing I just give up again :c but this one made it through, and I'm quite happy that I was able to finish a drawing :dummy:

I just love drawing underwater scenes! I enjoy working with the blue colours :heart:

I still have a lot of unfinished drawings I started in the spring and I hope I will continue working on them again soon X.x

go away perspective u drunk...
I hope you all had a great summer :sun::heart::peace:


Art © me/Malou K.H.G.

Do not copy, edit or use without my permission! Thank you.
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This is REALLY cool. I wish I could shade this nicely
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This just made me remember that one time my biology teacher taught us about the Kakapo species which has a similar issue :/
Grand artwork still. Great to see you are still at it, since I'm having a similar issue with the inspiration/motivation balance recently, I know how you feel (:
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Oh really? I've actually never heard about the Kakapo :o
I am glad you liked it ^^ and I'm sorry about your motivation, I hope it will return soon :ohnoes:
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You've probably seen it though. It's this guy ;)
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A, yes I know that one :XD:
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You re welcome😊
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Instantly got a Finding Dory vibe from this hahah

Ahhh yes the 52 hertz whale :) omg why you make the story sound so sad ;n; 

Gahh you make me wanna try draw underwater stuff now XD Underwater always looks so peaceful and isolated, in a good way though
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Hahah I haven't seen it yet, but I guess you're right :XD:

It IS sad :c

Yea, I know what you mean! And it's quite fun to draw too! c:
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Nuuu you must go see it, its a fantastic film :D

Don't worry he'll get a mate some day XD

My water skills aren't good though so i'm always nervous to try :c
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I'm not sure if it out in my country yet :ohnoes:

Just try it! It wouldn't hurt, and it's always fun to experiemnt, if you ask me ^^
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Really? I thought Denmark would be one of the first European countries to release it.

I actually recently drew an underwater scene, it was fun
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Can I see it? Didi you post it? c:
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I did :) Knock yourself out lol
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Oh yeah, I've heard about this whale, it's awesome that you made a drawing about her, and it looks spectacular and realistic. I really like how the whale came out, it's fantastic, the anatomy is excelent, and all the details are amazing, plus, it's great to see you draw things like this, not the usual stuff, which I like a lot too. Good job making the pose of the whale, and I like all the little bubbles. And I'm stunned with the way you made the ocean, I love the colors and how you used them, specialy the ray of lights. Seeing the water like this always gives me a dreamy feeling, it looks so peaceful.
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Thank you so much! ;A; I'm really glad you liked the anatomy, I struggled a lot with that! I tried to find a photo as a reference but I had to give up and just go with my intuition :shrug:
I'm really happy that you like other stuff than my dragon drawings, because I feel like I have to explore my abilities and learn new stuff once in a while c:
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You're so welcome!:hug: It was worth the hard work. 
Well, it ended up looking great.
Of course, it's important that the watchers support all the stuff that the artist comes up with.
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Super super flot!
Jeg har hørt om hvalen, men jeg kender ikke sangen, jeg kigger på den her efter denne kommentar.
håber du får din motivation tilbage, jeg kender det når man slet ikke er motiveret til at tegne, det er virkelig irriterende, eller er det når man ikke har ideer? begge ting er surt.
Jeg har haft en super god sommer, håber du også har haft en god sommer!
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