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Glassen's Dossiers #8: Chester
Name: Chester
Height: 6'2'' (188 cm)
Weight: 200 lbs
Gender: Male
Species: Simian android
Age: Early twenties (Physical appearance)
    Biography: Chester as an android had a rougher time with his chosen audience than the others, even Blank; many seemed to prefer them over him and his 'creepy', nigh-permanent smile. Because of that small fact, he was put out of commission long before the twins were (1989) and thus very vulnerable to an attack orchestrated by CAT, using the latter's former stage partner (RAT). As of 2007, he lives with the others in the factory they all came from, unable to leave.
    Powers and Abilities: Being a chimpanzee, Chester lacks the ferocious fangs and claws possessed of the twins... Instead, he has astonishing strength, easily rivaling that of Freddy; this comes in very handy for breaking down doors and the like. Oddly enough for a chimp, he also has a very prehensile tail, whic
:iconshadow-glassen:Shadow-Glassen 2 4
Eyes in the Dark by Shadow-Glassen Eyes in the Dark :iconshadow-glassen:Shadow-Glassen 5 4 Basement by Shadow-Glassen Basement :iconshadow-glassen:Shadow-Glassen 3 2 S M I T E by Shadow-Glassen S M I T E :iconshadow-glassen:Shadow-Glassen 8 8 Cadence von Brandt by Shadow-Glassen Cadence von Brandt :iconshadow-glassen:Shadow-Glassen 3 0
Glassen's Dossiers #7: Cindy the Cat
Name: Cindy
Height: 5'7'' (170 cm)
Weight: 130 lbs
Gender: Female
Species: Feline android
Age: 17 (Physical appearance)
    Biography: Cindy was, like her twin brother, the result of a horrible incident in a robotics factory; specifically, a factory belonging to Rowboatics Corp. After the child bound to her was murdered in the assembly line, she was commissioned to perform alongside her brother and two companions during the day... And hunt down the hapless guard during the night, seeking vengeance for a perceived act of neglect in the factory.
    Powers and Abilities: What Cindy lacks her brother's flexibility, she more than makes up for with her ferocious attitude and uncanny balance. The former allows for vicious strikes with her claws and low kicks, while the latter allows her to effortlessly run across railings and wires.
    Trivia: -Cindy is, as partially st
:iconshadow-glassen:Shadow-Glassen 4 6
Change by Shadow-Glassen Change :iconshadow-glassen:Shadow-Glassen 1 0 Stalker by Shadow-Glassen Stalker :iconshadow-glassen:Shadow-Glassen 3 14
Mature content
Judgement :iconshadow-glassen:Shadow-Glassen 1 9
Mephiles by Shadow-Glassen Mephiles :iconshadow-glassen:Shadow-Glassen 8 4 Iblis (Aggressive) by Shadow-Glassen Iblis (Aggressive) :iconshadow-glassen:Shadow-Glassen 4 4 Iblis (Passive) by Shadow-Glassen Iblis (Passive) :iconshadow-glassen:Shadow-Glassen 4 9 I Still Believe by Shadow-Glassen I Still Believe :iconshadow-glassen:Shadow-Glassen 5 3 The Blood Moon by Shadow-Glassen The Blood Moon :iconshadow-glassen:Shadow-Glassen 7 10 Watching the Rain by Shadow-Glassen Watching the Rain :iconshadow-glassen:Shadow-Glassen 2 5 Blue Night by Shadow-Glassen Blue Night :iconshadow-glassen:Shadow-Glassen 4 2


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I'm Glassen. Pleased to meet'cha!
I love to write, and I'm happy to say I'm getting back on track! :dummy:
I'm open to one-shot suggestions... Of course, I'm also available for conversation if you just plain wanna talk. ^^
Amethyst (and the rest of Steven Universe) belongs to Rebecca Sugar. ^^
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My family on DA: :iconthepiratecoveman: (Brother) :iconsparklyren: (Big sister) :iconmotherofrobots: (Little sister)
:iconazhanonymous: (Little sister) :icongeekygirliegirl: (Childhood friend) :iconnatashazm: (Cool aunt)
I'm sure there will be more to come, but for now, these are the people I treasure most. If you mess with any of them, I will give you the worst verbal beatdown of your life, shortly followed by a prompt block and report.

Besties(no order): :icongeekygirliegirl: :iconmeritaz: :iconthepiratecoveman: :iconsparklyren: :iconmotherofrobots: :iconnatashazm: :icongoldeneye000:

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    I've been kinda floundering for a while on my own, so I'm just gonna leave this here for those who are curious as to what I've got so far when it comes to story ideas, universe rules (how things work), and the Multi/RP-verse. Of course, if you want help with some of your own ideas, I'll be more than happy to lend a hand~
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Because no day is truly complete without a hardcore 'atheist' troll posting on your profile. x) I marked it as the spam it is, but here's a screencap:
-_- by Shadow-Glassen

I had been trying to say that they shouldn't be painting Christians, Jews, and Muslims (listed in the order brought up in their other comment) with such a huge brush based on the people who obviously haven't read their respective holy books. Bible-thumpers, Jihadists, and other zealots are not valid examples to use when you go bashing various religions. See the original comment here:…
Am I the only one unimpressed by things like the CE/BCE date system and 'cisgender'? I mean, think about it: The first of those came about because butthurt atheists didn't like the original BC/AD (which involve Christ). They didn't actually change the year the 'era' began, just the name. And 'cis' anything only came about because they didn't want to say 'normal', which implies that the people using the word are outside the norms, a minority (and they are). :roll:
I don't know how many of you have heard by now, but net neutrality is officially dead. Has been for almost a full week... And guess how long it took for AT&T and Time Warner to merge? x)

I'll give you a hint: Net neutrality died on the 11th of June. AT&T revealed that the merge was greenlit on the 14th.

LITERALLY less than four days passed before at least some of what we feared would happen came to be... Shall we bet on how long it'll take before people start complaining about not being able to stream from Netflix or Amazon because they're being throttled?
Consider what happened earlier as a lesson. I might be seen as transphobic, but the same person who slammed me on that topic has shown themself to be incredibly misandrist (saying that men are horny animals with no respect for women and should just leave them alone), yet somehow snagged a boyfriend. They have proven themself unwilling to accept that the reason the way things are today is because they've always been that way, and that physical fact does not support their argument. They've also shown themself incapable of thoroughly reading through someone's messages, choosing to call me homophobic, transphobic, and anti-LGBT despite me never once actually insulting any of those members. All I said throughout the argument is that what's physically between your legs is what you are, regardless of who you're attracted to. If you think I'm mistaken, look up 'gender' and 'sex'. They're literally defined as synonyms. Axris also accused me of victim blaming and gaslighting, which should show you just how well they respond to objective facts (which challenge their perceptions of reality) when shown to them.

I still respect you as a human being, Axris, but you really have a nasty habit of blowing things out of proportion and pulling terms out of your ass to make yourself sound smarter than your opposition. Blocking me only after you get in the last word as a poor effort to make me sound uneducated is also incredibly immature. Think about that.…



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