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Falling in Suspension by Shadow-Glassen Falling in Suspension :iconshadow-glassen:Shadow-Glassen 1 4
Glassen's Dossiers #10: Cadence von Brandt
Name: Cadence    Last name: Brandt
Height: 5'10 (177 cm)
Weight: 135 lbs
Gender: Female
Species: 'Pure' Vampire
Age: 566 (Late teens in appearance)
    Biography: Cadence was 'born' in mid 1400s Germany to perhaps the most powerful vampire clan in existence at the time, the Brandts. She didn't get to enjoy the position very long, by vampire standards... Right when she was supposed to ascend to leadership, in 1495, a rival clan and their Hunter allies began the last stage of a plot that effectively destroyed most of the other clans from the inside out. Forced to go into hiding to preserve what remained of her bloodline, Cadence vowed to do whatever it took to seek out the descendants of the turncoat clan and bring them to justice for destroying her life. Her mission began when she emerged into society proper nearly five hundred years later, in 1987.
    Personality: Cadence is, as her
:iconshadow-glassen:Shadow-Glassen 1 4
Glassen's Dossiers #9: Blank
Name: Blank
Height: 5'0'' (152 cm)
Weight: 118 lbs
Gender: Female
Species: Android
Age: Mid teens (Physical appearance)
    Biography: Blank started off as an obvious short-term endeavor by the owner of the fledgling Candy's Burgers and Fries in 1964, but she quickly became almost as popular as her old stage partner due to her ability to draw, gentle demeanor, and (as an animatronic) easy-to-decorate 'skin'. Unfortunately, a jealous predecessor and his forced lackey took notice, and her popularity took a nosedive after Old Candy (simply Candy then) was manipulated into harming one of the patrons through a loophole in his code. Both were promptly confined to their respective areas, and by the time their replacements were built and introduced, Oldy had been decommissioned, leaving Blank to deal with massive changes mostly on her own. What little progress she would make would be swiftly cut come the second night of the
:iconshadow-glassen:Shadow-Glassen 3 0
Hunters and Hunted by Shadow-Glassen Hunters and Hunted :iconshadow-glassen:Shadow-Glassen 2 0 Howling Aurora by Shadow-Glassen Howling Aurora :iconshadow-glassen:Shadow-Glassen 3 4 Contrast by Shadow-Glassen Contrast :iconshadow-glassen:Shadow-Glassen 3 0 Frostfall by Shadow-Glassen Frostfall :iconshadow-glassen:Shadow-Glassen 1 0 By Moonlight by Shadow-Glassen By Moonlight :iconshadow-glassen:Shadow-Glassen 4 4 Blackscale Archer by Shadow-Glassen Blackscale Archer :iconshadow-glassen:Shadow-Glassen 1 5 In Flight by Shadow-Glassen In Flight :iconshadow-glassen:Shadow-Glassen 2 0
Glassen's Dossiers #8: Chester
Name: Chester
Height: 6'2'' (188 cm)
Weight: 200 lbs
Gender: Male
Species: Simian android
Age: Early twenties (Physical appearance)
    Biography: Chester as an android had a rougher time with his chosen audience than the others, even Blank; many seemed to prefer them over him and his 'creepy', nigh-permanent smile. Because of that small fact, he was put out of commission long before the twins were (1989) and thus very vulnerable to an attack orchestrated by CAT, using the latter's former stage partner (RAT). As of 2007, he lives with the others in the factory they all came from, unable to leave.
    Powers and Abilities: Being a chimpanzee, Chester lacks the ferocious fangs and claws possessed of the twins... Instead, he has astonishing strength, easily rivaling that of Freddy; this comes in very handy for breaking down doors and the like. Oddly enough for a chimp, he also has a very prehensile tail, whic
:iconshadow-glassen:Shadow-Glassen 3 4
Eyes in the Dark by Shadow-Glassen Eyes in the Dark :iconshadow-glassen:Shadow-Glassen 5 4 Basement by Shadow-Glassen Basement :iconshadow-glassen:Shadow-Glassen 3 2 S M I T E by Shadow-Glassen S M I T E :iconshadow-glassen:Shadow-Glassen 8 8 Cadence von Brandt by Shadow-Glassen Cadence von Brandt :iconshadow-glassen:Shadow-Glassen 3 0
Glassen's Dossiers #7: Cindy the Cat
Name: Cindy
Height: 5'7'' (170 cm)
Weight: 130 lbs
Gender: Female
Species: Feline android
Age: 17 (Physical appearance)
    Biography: Cindy was, like her twin brother, the result of a horrible incident in a robotics factory; specifically, a factory belonging to Rowboatics Corp. After the child bound to her was murdered in the assembly line, she was commissioned to perform alongside her brother and two companions during the day... And hunt down the hapless guard during the night, seeking vengeance for a perceived act of neglect in the factory.
    Powers and Abilities: What Cindy lacks her brother's flexibility, she more than makes up for with her ferocious attitude and uncanny balance. The former allows for vicious strikes with her claws and low kicks, while the latter allows her to effortlessly run across railings and wires.
    Trivia: -Cindy is, as partially st
:iconshadow-glassen:Shadow-Glassen 5 6


Believe it or not, some people like both genders by FluffyKyubey42 Believe it or not, some people like both genders :iconfluffykyubey42:FluffyKyubey42 91 199 I really need to get this off my chest by FluffyKyubey42 I really need to get this off my chest :iconfluffykyubey42:FluffyKyubey42 65 23 Keep on Following the light by LorDeimos Keep on Following the light :iconlordeimos:LorDeimos 624 67 Sacred Ground... by LorDeimos Sacred Ground... :iconlordeimos:LorDeimos 644 33 In the darkness... Light. (Star Wars edition) by LorDeimos In the darkness... Light. (Star Wars edition) :iconlordeimos:LorDeimos 444 20 Eternal Scarlet by pcmaniac88 Eternal Scarlet :iconpcmaniac88:pcmaniac88 3,798 190 yuyuko by pcmaniac88 yuyuko :iconpcmaniac88:pcmaniac88 3,032 148 reimu and marisa by pcmaniac88 reimu and marisa :iconpcmaniac88:pcmaniac88 3,623 167 The World Begins To Turn II - Skyrim by WatchTheSkies45 The World Begins To Turn II - Skyrim :iconwatchtheskies45:WatchTheSkies45 394 18 Angel's cry by Mnomemetic Angel's cry :iconmnomemetic:Mnomemetic 23 7 Sketchdump 9 by LittleSnaketail Sketchdump 9 :iconlittlesnaketail:LittleSnaketail 35 5 Stendarr's mercy be upon you - Skyrim by WatchTheSkies45 Stendarr's mercy be upon you - Skyrim :iconwatchtheskies45:WatchTheSkies45 141 14 Freddy Fazbear- Source filmmaker by ThePirateCoveMan Freddy Fazbear- Source filmmaker :iconthepiratecoveman:ThePirateCoveMan 32 2 Whiterun Fields - Skyrim by WatchTheSkies45 Whiterun Fields - Skyrim :iconwatchtheskies45:WatchTheSkies45 360 22 Deep in The Woods - Skyrim by WatchTheSkies45 Deep in The Woods - Skyrim :iconwatchtheskies45:WatchTheSkies45 914 48 Hijiri Byakuren -touhou by Marksfps Hijiri Byakuren -touhou :iconmarksfps:Marksfps 40 2


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    I've been kinda floundering for a while on my own, so I'm just gonna leave this here for those who are curious as to what I've got so far when it comes to story ideas, universe rules (how things work), and the Multi/RP-verse. Of course, if you want help with some of your own ideas, I'll be more than happy to lend a hand~
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Anyone tried any of the Touhou games on Lunatic? XD
Y'know, it occurs to me that despite Other M being a huge awkward flop nobody wants to talk about in the public eye of gaming, as far as actual gameplay and music goes, I really don't think it's that atrocious. Sue me. Now, if we're talking about the story, well... I honestly wouldn't mind if Samus was more emotional compared to the robot she was in previous games if they'd left out the whole 'subservient to terrible former CO pandering to Japanese culture' bit. I get that Nintendo is a Japanese company, but since most of the Metroid fanbase consists of Western people, giving Samus sudden PTSD issues and having her blindly follow her former CO's questionable orders in life-threatening situations was a terrible move, especially since the sales in its homeland didn't come close to making up for the lack thereof in the West.

As for me regarding her character, I'm still waiting for someone to write a good balance between super angsty and completely robotic in her actions. :P
Continuing the theme of the last post, I found a really cool mod that makes Skyrim's nights darker and has the night vision actually let you see better! XD



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