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RIP Min-Min by Shadow-Glassen RIP Min-Min :iconshadow-glassen:Shadow-Glassen 3 11
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Glassen's Dossiers #10: Cadence von Brandt
Name: Cadence    Last name: Brandt
Height: 5'10 (177 cm)
Weight: 135 lbs
Gender: Female
Species: 'Pure' Vampire
Age: 566 (Late teens in appearance)
    Biography: Cadence was 'born' in early 1400s Germany to perhaps the most powerful vampire clan in existence at the time, the Brandts. She didn't get to enjoy the position very long, by vampire standards... Right when she was supposed to ascend to leadership, in 1495, a rival clan and their Hunter allies began the last stage of a plot that effectively destroyed most of the other clans from the inside out. Forced to go into hiding to preserve what remained of her bloodline, Cadence vowed to do whatever it took to seek out the descendants of the turncoat clan and bring them to justice for destroying her life. Her mission began when she emerged into society proper nearly five hundred years later, in 1987.
    Personality: Cadence is, as he
:iconshadow-glassen:Shadow-Glassen 1 4
Glassen's Dossiers #9: Blank
Name: Blank
Height: 5'0'' (152 cm)
Weight: 118 lbs
Gender: Female
Species: Android
Age: Mid teens (Physical appearance)
    Biography: Blank started off as an obvious short-term endeavor by the owner of the fledgling Candy's Burgers and Fries in 1964, but she quickly became almost as popular as her old stage partner due to her ability to draw, gentle demeanor, and (as an animatronic) easy-to-decorate 'skin'. Unfortunately, a jealous predecessor and his forced lackey took notice, and her popularity took a nosedive after Old Candy (simply Candy then) was manipulated into harming one of the patrons through a loophole in his code. Both were promptly confined to their respective areas, and by the time their replacements were built and introduced, Oldy had been decommissioned, leaving Blank to deal with massive changes mostly on her own. What little progress she would make would be swiftly cut come the second night of the
:iconshadow-glassen:Shadow-Glassen 4 0
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I'm open to one-shot suggestions... Of course, I'm also available for conversation if you just plain wanna talk. ^^
Pearl (and the rest of Steven Universe) belongs to Rebecca Sugar. ^^
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    Am I the only one who thinks the way the other Diamonds treated Pink makes absolutely no sense in-universe? I'm not saying this as the usual fan defense of a character (though I'd be lying if I said there wasn't a tiny bit of that too), but simply because I see a huge inconsistency that needs pointing out. The Diamonds, as we (well, most of us who watch the show) know, are at the top of a massive pyramid caste system they designed; they're the ruler caste, and the only Gems allowed, even designed, to be different and unique.

    White stands above the others as the absolute pinnacle of authority, Yellow leads the military in conquest, Blue serves as an ambassador and oversees the cultural aspect of Homeworld, and Pink... She's the heart of the group, connecting them all and giving them something to really look forward to with her antics and jokes. Instead of accepting her, though, they treated her as inferior for it. Why? Yellow says she expects Pink to act like a Diamond, but all of the examples she could site (including herself) are hugely different, and the only thing White has in common with them is sovereignty; even then, she's on a completely different level.

    No, Pink isn't the only Diamond, but she is the only Pink Diamond, in the same way there is only one Yellow Diamond and one Blue Diamond. They all have different roles to play, but for some reason, they ignore Pink and act like she's some kind of freak, punishing her kindness toward her subordinates (such as her first Pearl) and 'correcting' it with things like locking her in a dark room and giving her what amounts to a robot for company (she grows out of it thousands of years later, but you get my point).

    The two straight-up equals of the Diamond Authority, Yellow and Blue, are total opposites in terms of temperament and what they preside over, so it's not like they have everything in common. All that to say... The Diamonds are unique. They're supposed to be. They're supposed to have different jobs, because one ruler cannot possibly do absolutely everything in an empire that size. So why is Pink picked on for being different when none of the other Diamonds have all that much in common?

    They're huge and they're rulers, but that's about it.


Quick tip: If you have the Dragonborn DLC for Skyrim (and after eight years there's really no reason not to) and you don't want to have to go to Solstheim and try to track down the Frostmoon pack, just type help "Frostmoon Hunt" into the console (accessed by ~) and add the spell while in human form. You'll then have a permanent effect that allows you to regenerate health in werewolf form, and it sticks even when you leave.
People these days like to chimp out over pretty much anything they think has even the slightest chance of being true, even if it turns out to be utter bullshit (like vandalized Wikipedia pages). Dunno about you guys, but I think I'm starting to like Snopes more than ever.
I've been slightly more active on Tumblr, so if you wanna go there instead to talk to me or see what else is going on, it's the same name as on here. I'm not abandoning this account completely, since I'm still gonna check on here for notes and stuff, but I probably won't be uploading much in the way of writing here anymore.



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I did get quite a few pics, though I've narrowed them down to the top three:

One of the eclipse itself (normal lens, max zoom (which isn't much))

One of a plane that passed by on the ground (Normal lens, shot includes the moon)

One of the eclipse near the end (mounted telescope)
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