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2525: Face Rigging by Shadow-Corp 2525: Face Rigging by Shadow-Corp
After finalizing the body, I am now focused on a face rig that I hope to get finalized very soon. I've tried working with shape keys and drivers but it's too much of a hassle for very little result. As much as I hate weight painting, it's working out better (for me) than trying to figure out how to get a driver to "drive" a shape key the way I want. Like too much maths and stuff.

Right now these are subtle expressions as the weights aren't fully fleshed out, before this I had manually modified vertices onto shape keys to store them. Now it's just a few alterations of some bones to get the same results.

I still need to model the inside of her mouth with some gums and a tongue. But I do have some basic teeth to show.

The eyes have their own Armature and are made up of three textures that are projected onto the white planes in her eye sockets. I am not using the sphere technique others have used, just simple little planes that never move. The eye textures overlap each other, like decals, which I can move around and scale up and down. They consist of iris, pupil and "shine" textures.

In the first expression her eyes are scaled down. The second expression is the normal scale. And the third expression has the pupil scaled down revealing more iris. When I get around to adding some bones and weight painting around the eyes this effect should be more convincing.

It looks like I'm getting more done in early 2017 than I did in all of 2016!

Modeled in Blender. Rendered in Cycles. Enhanced with Freestyle.

For my project:…
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January 19, 2017
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