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Morgan's new hair for Lotus

Lotus showed me a picture of Morgan's new hairstyle and I wanted to draw it too :paranoid:
There it is :iconimadorableplz:
It's shorter and with bangs instead of a straight fringe :iconimadorableplz:

Morgan (c) :iconlotus2503:
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Morgan's new hair looks so pretty C:
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:iconimadorableplz: Lotus had a good idea with the new fringe^^
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the :iconiloveyouplz:
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Your Welcome! :iconfurryglompplz: ^^ so, how is life? :3
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life's pretty boring here -___- I have absolutely no idea what to do and I spend most of the days with being bored.
How about you?
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oh. I'm sorry to hear that. I'm sure that you'll find something fun to do soon. ^^ As for me, same thing for now. I'm at home eating lunch & watching Tom & Jerry. -w-
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I've already checked the websites -__- there's nothing around here which might be fun and for shopping it's too warm...
I suggested mom to come to Paris with me because it's only 1h45 with the ICE to Paris, but she didn't want to -__-

Tom & Jerry :dummy: *slams head on desk*
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I have no idea what the ICE is, and maybe plan a trip with your close friend to Paris instead? :shrug:

:XD: *puts ice on your head* here, Ice to soothe your head from head slamming.
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ICE is a very fast train :paranoid: It only stops at the main stations^^
And the problem is that my friends don't have time this week >_>

XD I doubt you can rescue my head with ice anymore :paranoid: as often as I slam my head on my desk, it's already dead.
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